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TFConnect 2021: Day 2
posted in Events
Sunday, Dec 12th
7:00 AM EST

TFConnect is raising money for SpecialEffect in a two day event on the 11th & 12th of December, this year also powered by scrap.tf for item donations!


This second day will feature the 3rd round and conclusion of the TF2 content creator chaos round robin, where your donations will impact what happens on the server! Make the players tiny, put them in bumpercars, spawn Merasmus or a bunch of skeletons, or change how the players experience time and gravity.

The return of Market Gardner Arena (MGA) this time with a jump segment, as well as Dewill's minigames, complemented by Dispenz0r's minigames should keep you entertained, if the Team Fortress: Source 2 team can't keep you glued to the stream!

For more information check out TFConnect.org and their Twitter @TF_Connect and find out more about the amazing charity, where to donate, the donation incentives, stretch goals and what merch is up for grabs!

Charity: SpecialEffect | Donate money | Donate items | Merch | TFConnect.org | Twitter: @TF_Connect
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