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RGL Main S3 QF: Hairline Treatment Centre vs Rodney & The Stangers
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Wednesday, Aug 5th
10:30 PM EDT

RGL S3 Main quarterfinals wrap up with #2 Hairline Treatment Centre vs. #7 Rodney & The Stangers. The former were comfortably (at least on paper / record) the 2nd best team in the division all throughout the regular season, while the latter had a string of super close losses that could've turned their 10-6 record into something like 13-3. Of course, I'm gonna bring up that this is gonna be exciting because of the storylines. The Stangers are trying to create an upset as the lower seed to advance to semfinals, and would be the only non-top 4 seed to do so. If they want it though, they have to go through a familiar face. HTC's alfredodan was the Stanger Demoman during their S1 campaign in which they became IM champions. Now with some up-and-comers alongside a TF2 boomer such as flatline, both rosters have a mix of old and new. If things go all the way to Clearcut, that should make things hella interesting. This is because these two teams met up on that map during the regular season, with HTC taking a 4-3 victory. Will alfredodan get his "revenge" against Rodney? Will Abstand hit every single rollout? Will I confuse Asi4n and Kore4n's names? Tune in tonight at 10:30 EST to find out.

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It’s Stangers

It’s Stangers
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rodney and the strangers

rodney and the strangers
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