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TFConnect 2019 - Day 2
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Sunday, Dec 15th
1:00 PM EST

TFConnect is a weekend-long event on the 14th and 15th of December from 1-5pm EST (7-11pm CET) on both days.

Three main events will be brought to your screens: a Highlander tournament, a KnightComp showmatch, and MvM with YouTubers, all to help raise money for SpecialEffect, an organization which provides for gamers with disabilities to help them play video games.

Schedule for day 2:
- Operation Madness vs. Machines with YouTubers; brought to you by potato.tf with PyroJoe
- Conclusion of the Highlander Tournament with the 3rd place game followed by the Grand Final; featuring players such as demoknight tf2 SolarLight, DudeTheNinja, Chloemew and LazyPurple

Help spread the word, donate or just join the chat this weekend to make sure everyone is able to game!

Donate | Charity: SpecialEffect | TFCo. Twitter
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