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RGL Highlander S2 QF: Rewind vs Space Force
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Monday, Mar 4th
9:30 PM EST

The season 2 quarterfinal matches have started with a matchup between Rewind and Space Force on koth_ashville_rc1, cp_steel, and koth_product_rc9.

In the first meetup that these two teams have played each other in the regular season, Rewind took a convincing 2-0 over Space Force on pl_upward. While Rewind has maintained a consistent roster throughout the entire season, Space Force has shuffled their roster, most notably placing feint on spy, fluffy on scout, and spotlightR on medic. Rewind has also come in strong into this postseason with a 4-1 record and claiming the first overall seed for the division.

With this strong momentum going in Rewind's favor, will the players on the side of Space Force have what it takes to stop them or will Rewind continue their run all the way into the Grand Finals?

This matchup will be casted by Alto and zagron with DolphiN on production on RGLgg.

Match Page | Space Force | The Flow
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