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Meet Your Map Cup: Day 2
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Sunday, Apr 29th
12:00 PM EDT

With ETF2L Season 29 almost wrapped up the time has come to announce a brand new cup! Prepare for two action packed days featuring three brand new, never seen before maps selected by none other than Beater himself. Signed up teams will be assigned to a random non-seeded group with 4 teams in total. Fear not, all teams that sign up will go through to the playoff stage. Due to some gracious donations a 150€ prizepool will be available for the finalists of this cup. After the cup each team will be able to vote for their favourite map. Only teams participating will be eligible to vote, team leaders will be contacted for further information after the cup.

The cup will feature cp_cardinal_rc1a, cp_propaganda_b3 and koth_synthetic_b5. Prizes will go to teams that end up partaking in the upper playoff stage with 1st receiving 100€ and 2nd 50€.

Trailer | Announcement | Signups | TF2Maps thread | Written by -Greenghost-
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