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#38 we got youtube rewind into the negatives in Off Topic
nykDoesn't matter whether or not gypsy is a racial slur, you called them subhumans u absolute mong

In a thread entitled "Why are so many people in tf2 sub-humans?" where people were making jokes about various groups of people being subhuman. I was making an edgy joke.

posted 6 hours ago
#35 we got youtube rewind into the negatives in Off Topic
twiikuuI don't see anything breaking the rules to the extent where a nuke/ban is necessary ("fkn autist" probably should have been nuked but that's a bit too late for that now); when I mention offense in my previous thread, I'm not laying down new rules that aren't written down in the site rules (, I'm explaining why using racial slurs, even in a context where the offense is not meanMankyBrits are subhumans

But you have no problem with that post because I wasn't the one who posted it even though he is calling Brits subhuman! Also, Gypsy is not a racial slur, maybe read about it here, I did not use any racial slurs.

twiikuuThat's right, you do get special treatment and that's because you've been granted a second chance against all odds, not because you're sheepy_dogs_hand. I actually went out of my way to give you a literal third chance when I could just have permabanned you on the basis that you broke the deal you've made with whoever you talked to.

I've been granted a 2nd chance against all odds (after being banned for 4 years) and you could have just permabanned me again for making a mildly edgy joke in a thread full of edgy jokes so now you've given me a THIRD chance to not get permabanned again.

What is wrong with these tftv admins

posted 9 hours ago
#31 we got youtube rewind into the negatives in Off Topic
twiikuuI never intended for the warning I sent you through private message to sound like I'm preventing you from using dark/edgy humor within the rules of the forum. I've warned you against using racially charged slurs and discouraged you from discussing social issues, as you have a history of antagonistic behavior.
Yes, I'm aware that it sucks getting punished for purposefully using racially charged slurs ironically or in whatever context where no actual offense is meant.
The issue is in that, this being a public forum in textual form, it's easy for anyone to misinterpret what you're saying for actual offense and do their best to avoid the forums because of that. It is stupid and unfortunate but it's also how we prevent the forum from becoming a literal dumpster fire.
Yes, I agree, it's tiring dealing with people, especially when they refuse to take your point of view.
You have to understand, we're not trying to make this place a "safe space", TFTV definitely wouldn't be the same if we stopped being lax on moderation, but there's a balance we have to aim for.
I don't enjoy playing police, I wish it wasn't necessary and it takes a toll on my mental health, I'm sure you (plural) don't enjoy 10 page long threads about really stupid drama, it's not hard to avoid this from happening altogether, but it's up to you to make sure it doesn't.

On this thread ""; Yes, a thread titled "why are so many people in tf2 "sub-humans" which is pretty offensive to begin with and something I wouldn't even make myself I decided to post a joke in the context of the thread. I posted the joke and it got nuked and I got sent the following message from twiikuu:

"Hey Sheepy,

We had a deal, you get to come back if you don't engage in that shit again, and here I find this post:

"Everyone is created equal in God's eyes, apart from british nunya and gypsies."

It's not exactly ban worthy but your case is different, you're already on your very last chance.
I can assure you nobody in Moderation is exactly keen on you tackling social problems already.

You've been warned, don't fuck up."

Now if you actually take some time to read the thread in which I posted this, you may see that people are making far more offensive jokes than the one I had made. Nobody else in that thread got a PM from an admin that they are about to get banned if they post anything else that somebody might find offensive but because it was me, I get my very last warning to once again be perma-banned from posting on tftv.

Not that this has anything to do with TFTV, but the last time I posted something insightful when kaidus was streaming Twiikuu was quick to reply with a lol sheepy post comment saying:

"you've made the mistake of reading a sheepy post kaidus"

Based Kaidus was quick to reply to him telling him i'm not trolling and actually trying to provide insight.

Twikkuu obviously has some sort of personal beef with me maybe for something I said like 4 years ago and it definitely does make me feel like I cannot say anything that may offend somebody (especially an admin like him) on these fourms and despite it being years since my ban I still have to check everything I post to make sure it won't offend since if I do offend someone I am banned again for another 4 years.

posted 20 hours ago
#28 we got youtube rewind into the negatives in Off Topic
Spritealmost like youtube is controlled by advertisers that give them money lol who'dda thought

They are giving zero warning to people before permanently shutting down their channels and destroying their livelihoods. Instead of investigating videos that might offend and giving warnings to remove them, they are just deleting channels without giving any warning whatsoever. Its not about advertising youtube are just a piece of shit.

posted 23 hours ago
#3 Recommend movies with Letterboxd or IMDB in Music, Movies, TV
StylaxPaths of Glory is a classic. Back when Kirk bossed it.

Favourite film from that era is probably 12 angry men or rear window though.

Paths of Glory and Lolita are my favorite Kubrick films. Lolita is super underrated. Rear Window is also a 5/5, I need to watch 12 Angry Men, i've only seen the remake a long time ago.

posted 1 day ago
#1 Recommend movies with Letterboxd or IMDB in Music, Movies, TV

Dunno if anyone else is really into movies. I usually use letterboxd as its more simple and you can just import your imdb ratings into letterboxd. I can also give and accept recommendations based on what you or I like. - Here's my profile, you can see my 4 all time favorites here which I must recommend to everyone. - Here are my 5/5's sorted by popularity first.

I would HIGHLY recommend all of these but I would start from top to bottom on the first page as some of the ones on the 2nd page are much less accessible (like 4 hour long 90s Taiwan movies).

Post yours or if you only have an IMDB post it as well and I can give recommendations based on what you like. I would also would love to get recommendations based on what I like as I have a massive Watchlist and dunno where to start.

posted 1 day ago
#25 we got youtube rewind into the negatives in Off Topic

Youtube are removing my favorite channels. They have completely removed mumkey's channel because he makes edgy jokes. The guy has literally lost all of his income and his entire job due to this. Thousands of hours working on videos only to have everything removed because he made a few edgy jokes. They are now giving strikes to other youtubers like E;R for making edgy jokes and are already removing his videos.

Its all so tiring. I'm not allowed to make any edgy jokes on here or I will be perma-banned again (twikku promised me this). Why can't people make edgy jokes anymore.

posted 1 day ago
#11 How do you deal with stress? in Off Topic

masturbate or join mge servers and own mge tryhards sometimes i do both at the same time

posted 4 days ago
#18 blue album vs. pinkerton thread in Music, Movies, TV
SpaceGhostsCoffeesecond half of pinkerton > blue album > first half of pinkerton

but best song on pinkerton is Tired of Sex.

also I still prefer Pinkerton

posted 1 week ago
#55 At what age did you grow out of anime? in Off Topic

New Anime is bad primarily due to financial reasons. With film and music there is a lot more money for independent artists. Currently with anime there is no investment in anything other than your standard manga adaptations or standard fan service garbage that is guaranteed to sell. Anime studios are completely unwilling to take risks nowadays due to past financial failures. There is still a lot of great manga nowadays simply because talented writers and artists don't need a studio to get their work out there.

posted 1 week ago
#38 At what age did you grow out of anime? in Off Topic
ScrewballTriga I have to say all the newer anime, or at least the majority are trash. Nice rose tinted goggles m8. The majority of old anime is trash.
Hell the majority of everything is trash. Music, games, other forms of television? Mostly trash.
The ones that are actually good are just easier to remember while the shit ones are lost to time.

This isn't entirely true. Most art forms go through certain periods where is a high occurrence of artistic innovation resulting in a high quality and influence. For example during the late 1800s and early 1900s several artists (Cezanne, Picasso ect) completely changed art from being realistic to expressive. In a couple of decades in the late 1700s there was a massive number of classical composers who are still remembered today as the most influential musicians of all time (Mozart and Beethoven being the most famous). Same with the 1960s and 70s where there were numerous highly influential bands.

Its not just that the best stuff is remembered, its also that the best stuff comes during times of innovation.

posted 1 week ago
#34 At what age did you grow out of anime? in Off Topic
ScrewballWhen will you grow out of caring about what others do with their free time?

When my life finds meaning

posted 1 week ago
#28 At what age did you grow out of anime? in Off Topic
wtzgraveyard of fireflies and some studio ghibli movies dont count as anime on the virtue that they're good

Studio Ghibli don't count. Every single movie they have made has been quality. Isao Takahata in particular made three of the greatest movies ever made Grave of the Fireflies, Only Yesterday and most of all The Tale of the Princess Kaguya which I wish more people would watch. He made it while he was dying and its basically about him accepting his impending death.

aratingayour life will improve even more if you stop caring on what people do at their free time

I'm just trying to help people here

posted 1 week ago
#80 spotify 2018 in review in Music, Movies, TV
highpersheepy_dogs_handI hate hip hop, not all hip hop but almost all of it. Everyone here has terrible taste as far as my taste is concerned apart from
zeFrostysorry for bad quality
not sorry for abba being top played 2 years running

ABBA have some good songs and
charisall 5 of the top songs are by same artist lol

Ween are a fantastic band.

I only sometimes use spotify so i'll post my lastfm as well

Spotify here - The top tracks are from Johnny Greenwood's soundtrack to Phantom Thread, highly recommend the movie and soundtrack.

Heres my
u have shit taste

No I have great taste I just don't like (most) Hip Hop.

posted 1 week ago
#1 At what age did you grow out of anime? in Off Topic

In 2016 I began to grow out of anime, it was soon after the release of "Kimi no na wa" aka "Your Name". It was immediately declared by "Anime Critics" as a cinematic masterpiece. I realized that the last Studio Ghibli movie came out in 2014, there hasn't been anything close to it's quality since. Isao Takahata has died and Miyazaki is probably never gonna make another film and I think he has given up hope on anime also.

TV anime has become full on product otaku trash, you can't even look beyond the popular trash anymore, its ALL popular trash now. Once I moved on from anime I understood that Studio Ghibli were the only reason anime had any artistic integrity. There is nothing anymore and anime has become completely devoid of any artistic innovation. There is no room for investment in originality or quality because anime fans have such incredibly awful taste.

Its time to grow out of anime, stop watching it and move on to literature, theater or cinema. My life drastically improved once I grew up and stopped watching anime.

posted 1 week ago
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