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#3 cp_shrub in Map Discussion

hey b4nny here, where are the shrubs? add some shrubs and itll be 10/10

posted 6 days ago
#11 Demoman vs soldier in TF2 General Discussion

play on those 4 dm servers which are full/empty all the time

posted 1 week ago
#431 Ban Pred and Degu in Off Topic

most people are just white males who never experience any form of harrasment and cant feel empathy for others getting harrassed. also its mostly caused by the racist/transphobic/homopohibc society they grew up they cant reflect what they did wrong and see it as normal

posted 1 week ago
#3 Bare minimum for a server? in Q/A Help

pretty sure an i3 6th gen and some ram can suffice for one single server

posted 2 weeks ago
#26 i63 predictions? in LAN Discussion

everyone on froyo will moderatley od on adderal and thus are inable to urinate which wont let them focus on matches and thus place 4th

posted 2 weeks ago
#8 whats yo cm/360? in Off Topic

stop downfragging its my correct 360 sens =(

posted 2 weeks ago
#3 weird mumble issue with new pc in Q/A Help

i had a lot of problems with mumble too e.g my mouse moved like delayed for 5 seconds and going all over the place after opening mumble i fixed that by making opening as admin a default for mumble maybe you could try that

posted 2 weeks ago
#5 what are "frags" i have negative in The Dumpster

no u

posted 2 weeks ago
#4 New dangerous scam everybody can fall for in TF2 General Discussion

oh lordy this sure is smart

posted 2 weeks ago
#6 Nod to the rhythm... in Off Topic

oh ffs this will haunt me

posted 3 weeks ago
#4 Nod to the rhythm... in Off Topic

posted 3 weeks ago
#36 Crosshair (again) in Customization

boop :3

posted 3 weeks ago
#12 why is granary and badlands still in the pool?? in Q/A Help

because they are the only 2 maps which bring balance in the scout dominated meta and that is good because scout isnt really fun to play against

posted 4 weeks ago
#2 Best PC Build to spend 500-600 $ Max on in Hardware

posted 4 weeks ago
#12 Amazon Prime Day deals in Off Topic

hope an amazon worker shits in your package tbh

posted 1 month ago
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