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#13 who is the greatest e-sport caster of all time? in Off Topic


posted 1 day ago
#19 Best med ever? in TF2 General Discussion

mirelin 100%

na fanboys getting it wrong as usual

posted 3 days ago
#21 ESEA Scams user out of $30,739.85 in e-Sports
aim-This just in multimillion dollar company refuses to shell out 30k. If they allowed this to go through; imagine Mario deciding to make a guide or something similar to getting esea referrals for people who aren't popular. They'd literally be running themselves into the ground if they let this through.

Have to draw a line in the sand somewhere

because it's so hard to amend the terms and conditions of the referral program to make it clear it isn't appropriate in the future. The issue is that you can't do that shit retroactively. They're going to get their asses handed to them in court for this.

posted 4 days ago
#19 ESEA Scams user out of $30,739.85 in e-Sports
gemmesea were more than fair on this: they offered him $5k plus the cost of the advertisement, and let him keep the original $3.5k he took out.

fair is paying him the amount he is owed. If they didn't use google adwords themselves beforehand that's their own damn problem, he legitimately made them a shit ton of money and the only reason they didn't pay out was because they owed him $20k and then spent months trying to find a technicality to avoid paying him in full.

If they had an issue with the way he was making them money they should have brought it up before he made them so much money. It's just such convenient timing for them and it's incredibly scummy no matter what way you look at it.

posted 4 days ago
#38 Sigafoo and presents - Uncle Dane vs Stabby in TF2 General Discussion

the biggest tragedy in this thread is stabby's loadout

posted 6 days ago
#11 Puoskari joins Arctic Foxes in TF2 General Discussion
AdebisiDuMmTmRemember when that was a german team1944?

too soon dude

posted 1 week ago
#10 post ur ideal gf in The Dumpster

posted 1 week ago
#16 AMD vs Intel + Questions in Hardware

Quake Champions is in its first open beta stage. It might get optimised heavily before its full release -- you just don't know. I personally am not up to date on benchmarks for it either, partially because it's so new that there might not be any reliable ones yet.

Actually this is the place to ask these questions -- at least, the pc build thread is, but you're just not even giving the most basic information for people (read: setsul) to help you.

SpaceCadetThe tone of the answers seem like angry Geek Squad employees from Best Buy annoyed at people who don't know all the technical details of computers.

You're more like someone's technologically incompetent parent who has vaguely good intentions but everything you say makes it obvious that there's no real point trying to educate you, because it just won't go in.

Expecting people to predict what performance you'll need for future games is impossible, especially when you have given literally no information about target framerates or graphical settings! It's impossible for current games without that information. If you really want a build that can smash quake champions, wait until it hits its full release first so that people know what cpu + graphical power it requires.

posted 1 week ago
#13 AMD vs Intel + Questions in Hardware

The point is that the topic is complex and it's a waste of people's time to give you the entire history of modern computing when if you just say what you want setsul can give you a full explanation of all relevant information and example build if needed.

For example, saying "I want to play high end games" doesn't help. Say what sort of games, what framerates and what graphical settings you'll be targeting.

posted 1 week ago
#304 sigafoo tf2 league in TF2 General Discussion
GentlemanJonnopeMM isn't currently helpful except in the sense that it legitimises 6v6 as a format. It's meant to be a competitive matchmaking system but it's currently not competitive or any good at making matches.It is potentially useful in that a new player that is competitively minded will go there first. Players that play MM will at least have some interest in playing a structured format with the focus on the objective. They may even stop playing pyro long enough to actually help their team. Essentially they are self selecting potential competitive players, it seems obvious there should be a focus on converting them.

yes except that mm is cancer and is more likely to turn people away from tf2 altogether than to show them the fun inherent on 6s

posted 1 week ago
#290 sigafoo tf2 league in TF2 General Discussion
FzzyAlso, Valve MM isn't as helpful in that position as you might think. The first MM match I played, I was on a server in a different continent, and in the second match I was against a sniper who is now VAC banned.

MM isn't currently helpful except in the sense that it legitimises 6v6 as a format. It's meant to be a competitive matchmaking system but it's currently not competitive or any good at making matches.

posted 1 week ago
#209 sigafoo tf2 league in TF2 General Discussion
hooliWhatever happens I genuinely want sigafoo to give this his all. There will be 1 of 2 outcomes. A) The league is a major success and the format is proved to be an fun and enjoyable experience or B) We will have another example of why the game that we have developed over almost a decade is superior and we will have better understand that nothing will blow life into this game other than dev support, sponsors and $. Only good can come from this.

C) It's shit but retard class mains will use the bad feedback as an example of why '6s players are elitist'

... oh wait

posted 1 week ago
#148 sigafoo tf2 league in TF2 General Discussion

sigafoo you're retarded

that is all

posted 1 week ago
#77 May Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion
Tino_ Now compare that to the stick. You get to run away faster. That's literally it. Its downside is you take minicrits, but that doesn't matter because you would be dead with or without them on you in 99% of the situations that you pull the stick out in. At the same time you could also be using the paintrain, (for backcaps) or the MG, (for memes) but the fact is that there are at least 2 other viable side grades to the stick, most people do run it 99% of the time, but not because they are forced to, more because the would rather have the extra survive ability chance. The same can be said for the saw and gunboats, yes they are "best" in slot, but there are other viable options and they don't add massive power to the class. With gunboats you trade firepower for more efficient rocket jumps, but you lose out on the shotty or banners. Ubersaw you might be able to get cluch ubers off because of it but if you have to pull it out you are more then likely dead either way, and (not many people use it) but the amputators taunt AOE heal is actually really good for post uber fights on lasts. So yet again, you are not forced to run either the boats or the saw, they are the better option the majority of the time but they are not a must.

similarly, the xbow isn't the best option 100% of the time either. Sometimes you might want the overdose if you expect to be baited on high ubercharge, or you might just want to run stock syringes for close range sections of maps, eg granary which according to thefragile in one of the myriad xbow focused threads recently suits syringes much better for most of the arena than the xbow.

As for machina, I don't personally like the weapon but it's not a straight upgrade either. There are times where you're gonna want to be able to bodyshot without scoping.

posted 2 weeks ago
#48 May Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion
barefoot_banditi think all those should be banned execpt crossbow

you did it dude, you finally made a useful post, well done

Tino_My point was about how subjective the bans are. There is zero constancy when it comes to things being banned and the reasoning behind it. xbow, piss, and mach all are objectively the best choice for that slot without question, all of them increase the power of the class with almost no, or very little drawbacks but yet only one of them is banned. We are not banning things with an objective viewpoint, it is being done subjectively and with, as you have said, personal opinions on the matter.

My point was that the bans should not be a subjective thing. If it is OP or massively broken it should be banned, regardless of what else it add or detracts from the game, because all 3 should be banned if we are following that.

This is simply wrong. Having an item be the best choice for the slot still does not mean that it should be banned. Otherwise, the ubersaw, gunboats and escape plan would have to go, among others.

It should be a consideration but not a hard and fast rule.

posted 2 weeks ago
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