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#19 TF2 update for 11/16/17 in TF2 General Discussion
morwannegJust keep spamming it until Reddit catches on, they can be a bit slow at times. Also anyone else find it neat how there's a link to the subreddit on the front page of the TF2 home site and yet other communities such as this one are ignored?

do you really want rando pubbers spamming this place up?

posted 1 day ago
#7 rest in peace miggy in Off Topic

i loved miggy's anticheat videos, would recommend people give them a watch if you haven't already. What a loss.

posted 3 days ago
#5 rollout demo? in TF2 General Discussion

optimal blands rollout is ~8-10 seconds from the end of freeze time from memory (9:47 out the door onto mid is the fastest i'm pre sure), this one was 14 and at best you can cut it to like 12. Nuff said. A long time ago people used to rollout through gray door and do a double sticky jump up to choke iirc (it was before my time) but people probably stopped for health reasons, it's also still way slower.

just practice the default rollout

posted 3 days ago
#33 Valve staff abusing powers in TF2 General Discussion
Tino_Its kinda sad because there was a spuf thread about it that is closed now, but there were so many tears it was amazing.

spuf died like six months ago, are you talking about scud?

posted 5 days ago
#22 kephrii overwatch drama in Other Games

this is not something i expected to see on tftv...

posted 1 week ago
#8 OZF 20 GF: Mad Men vs. The Sauce in Events

Go Danny! (° ͜ つ°)

posted 2 weeks ago
#33 What's the most efficient way of improving your dm in TF2 General Discussion

the answer to your question is probably mge as long as you're actively using it to improve yourself and aren't just spamming aids arenas that cater to your terrible playstyle. You also have to regularly play proper gamemodes (pugs/scrims) to implement the skills you learnt in mge into your actual play, if you just spam mge for months straight your dm will improve but you'll end up with a bunch of bad habits it will take extra time to break.

also spire isnt as great as people make out either, you should focus on the other arenas imo (i've found via, blands, process, ammomod and maybe snake/gully to be the best ones). never play endif.

posted 2 weeks ago
#8 Funs Swelan AMA in LAN Discussion

what are your long term goals, both inside and outside of video games?

posted 2 weeks ago
#44 Next Major Update Wishlist in TF2 General Discussion

please for the love of god when you release a functioning mm system don't use personal performance at all as part of the mmr calculation, blizzard have provided the perfect example of why in that other game we don't talk about here (sirlin explains the issues well).

posted 3 weeks ago
#58 Jungle Inferno after action in TF2 General Discussion

the force variables are for laptop gamers whose tf2 doesn't recognise that they have dual graphics cards, it's a common thing people have been suggesting recently to fix the flame particles.

posted 3 weeks ago
#18 Why did Valve nerf Ambassador so harshly? in TF2 General Discussion
kmoo0105The DR is so bad and no one uses it. But if you use it, everyone will think you have actually died! It's a huge buff!

valve playing 9d underwater backgammon

posted 3 weeks ago
#33 Jungle Inferno after action in TF2 General Discussion

i like that you can actually outaim people in pyro duels now without having to sell your soul to the devil and spend 1000 hours learning where the fuck flame particles actually spawned. Now it's see person, click person, burn person. new weapons have potential, they're interesting mechanics, don't think they're implemented perfectly yet. Not a fan of the jetpack though, it's basically just turning pyro into a worse winston from ow, and that really doesn't add anything to this game.

The hud changes seem like they're at an intermediate stage; they might actually be leading to something good eventually but now everything's still worse than pre mym. contracts and cosmetics are irrelevant, i actually kinda like the reasoning behind maps they added though because they're all filled with close range areas, they definitely focused on making a pyro focused update. Unfortunately it makes them useless for proper play.

weapon rebalances were mostly things we've been asking for for years and they were done in pretty decent ways with a few potential exceptions. I think the gru changes are really good, glitches aside, because they force you to sacrifice total health pool for speed. If you wanna get to mid at the same time as everyone else, you're going to have about 150 health including overheal. Seems potentially balanced.

only thing I wanted was decent matchmaking though so r i p, gonna enjoy waiting another year and a half for that...

posted 3 weeks ago
#6 Why did Valve nerf Ambassador so harshly? in TF2 General Discussion

because pubbers don't like getting punished for walking in straight lines

tbh it's better this way, don't need to treat a spy like a sniper in terms of sightlines and positioning etc

posted 3 weeks ago
#176 The Jungle Inferno bug mega thread! in TF2 General Discussion
honsHaving a problem seeing pyro's new flame at all. Currently using dxlevel 90. Anyone using no explosion scripts and not having this problem?

use dx 95

posted 3 weeks ago
#10 Blinded by the muzzle flash on the new pyro weapon in TF2 General Discussion

you want viewmodel_fov 0.1, that's the minimum now, 0 broke shit so valve locked it down.

posted 3 weeks ago
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