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#39 Has it snowed where you live yet? in Off Topic

i feel terrible for anyone who hasnt ever seen snow. its magic as hell.

posted 2 days ago
#12 BLANC Esports LF Scout S27 in Recruitment (looking for players)

ok fine ill play, jeez guys

posted 3 days ago

i have not fucked nor will i ever fuck; that is my sworn volcel pledge

posted 2 weeks ago
#13 Ashy skin in Off Topic

black african soap to replace ur normal soap can be helpful

posted 2 weeks ago
#13 Big announcement from tfcl (Free lan travel) in TF2 General Discussion

everyone always hypothesizes about some sort of millionaire benefactor with a love of tf2 that will swoop down from the heavens and save the scene. i think tfcl is it

posted 3 weeks ago
#12 paper snowflakes in Off Topic

my masterpiece

posted 4 weeks ago
#26 biggest tip at your job in Off Topic

someone wrote "here's a tip, get a better job!" on the receipt. hell, i guess i took his advice to heart, and later that day i became the ceo of the biggest company in the world. i never found the man who gave me that tip, but if i do, he'll have my profound thanks.

posted 4 weeks ago
#10 RIP Lil Peep in Music, Movies, TV

im extremely bummed over this

posted 4 weeks ago
#62 Favourite Game from your childhood? in Other Games

metroid prime

posted 1 month ago
#708 update is released in TF2 General Discussion

yeah but faceit has no real playerbase and has wildly imbalanced games as a result of that. if there were a functional mm system then, just by virtue of being in the game, you'd be able to queue up, get a game in minutes, and have it be decently balanced just like every other game with a competitive matchmaking system.

posted 1 month ago
#706 update is released in TF2 General Discussion

its interesting and bizarre that so many of the balance changes they've made are huge moves in the right direction but are also insanely complicated. the atomizer is a perfect example. what exactly would be wrong with a bat that has -10 or -15 damage and gives you a 3rd jump while active and doesnt have any other stats? for both casual and competitive players that's clearer and more straightforward as to what advantages and disadvantages it gives you over the default bat. it has a clear niche as a sidegrade.

with its stats now it has all of these nonsensical rules like the slower pull speed and minicrits while airborne, which are super contradictory and make things way more confusing for casual players who are actually trying to make sense of whether a weapon is good or not while also enabling stupid shit to happen in competitive, whether the 50% slower pull time fucks up someones muscle memory and causes them to miss a jump or if some scout gets a really dumb kill based on the fact that they arbitrarily had minicrits.

i guess all im trying to say is im happy they are moving in the right direction with getting weapons consistently balanced but why does every single weapon have to be so complicated?

posted 1 month ago
#657 update is released in TF2 General Discussion
bubblebobblerI wrote this in literally 15 minutes and I might be one of those deluded spuf losers but I'm p sure this is just straight up an improvement to the things I wrote about, I haven't played this game in like a year

yeah youre wrong about like 90% of those

posted 1 month ago
#18 TF2 Blog: "Hot Stuff!" in TF2 General Discussion

the only reason they increased the strength is because basically everything else about it is a nerf. airblast has always sucked as an ability, but its annoying as a mother fucker. this is a win win if they managed to make it both more powerful generally(unsure) and less annoying (definitely the case)

posted 1 month ago
#141 update is released in TF2 General Discussion

maybe before making assumptions about how good or bad pyro will be with the addition of a jetpack we should wait until, i dont know, any concrete information at all exists about it?

posted 1 month ago
#21 update is released in TF2 General Discussion

lazarus is also probably the coolest custom map ever made and im extremely hyped that its in the update

posted 1 month ago
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