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#4 TF.GG disocrd server is hacked in The Dumpster

Get fucked you kiddie scripter. Apparently one of our settings let the spammer in.

If there's more trouble with the Discord server like this feel free to message me directly. I literally work in the same building as the main Discord office so when someone pinged me I ran over and they were on it pretty quickly, haha.

posted 1 week ago
#44 If TF2 comes to ESL - What would you like to see? in TF2 General Discussion

A point of contact who can answer questions honestly and upfront without trying to "hide" behind soft PR answers, and who can also voice the concerns of the community/attendees to the proper people (and have them talk to community members, if necessary/possible).


posted 1 week ago
#68 What's your dream job? in Off Topic

experimental electronic funk band player

posted 1 week ago
#41 a quick show of hands in The Dumpster

Shut the fuck up, asswipe.

posted 3 weeks ago
#25 Post your guitars/prized instruments in Music, Movies, TV

Sorry for messy backdrop, I'm still reorganizing my desks for music stuff.

I've got a Fender Strat (Mexican) with some kind of pickup mod (bought used from a guy). I've been learning guitar when I can and so far it's been fun. It sounds super clean which is pretty nice on my end because I'll tend to record DI and then add effects afterwards.

No idea what model the bass guitar is, I picked it up from a guy who said it's been in a bunch of punk bands and stuff, but I just wanted to pick up a cheap-ish bass guitar to learn and maybe play gigs with too. I need to open it up because the volume knob is collapsing right now (my fault).

The 5 string electric violin (Bridge Instruments Lyra) I've had for a long time now and I really like it, especially nowadays. It has an active pick up and plays well with pedals (minus the Fuzz Factory and I'm not sure why). I also record this one DI and play it live and it's been great. The 5th string is so good.

posted 1 month ago
#19 [Poll] Crowdfunding a Valve tourney? in The Dumpster
LegendaryRQAhighperholy fucking bait
Blame the character Limit...

It took me like 3 seconds to come up with a concise non clickbait title for a fucking thread I didn't even make.

I think you gotta double check your life.

Also, I recommend never ever doing that shit again.

posted 1 month ago
#24 Screwb has outlived its usefulness in The Dumpster
SlicerogueWhy is this just a "Shit on screwb thread"? like if there was a thread like that for any of you, you wouldn't like it. Can we lock this?

don't fucking tell me what to do.

posted 2 months ago
#307 sigafoo tf2 league in TF2 General Discussion

Sorry for the slight necro post, but I wanted to respond to particular posts in this thread.

glassin this thread: no one who has ever contributed 4k of their own money to the competitive tf2 scene

sigafoo can do whatever he wants

Just because you haven't contributed money to the scene, doesn't mean you can't comment on it. sigafoo is free to do what he wants with that money (as I have with my own); but if I was in his spot? This is not what I would do. If I decided that $4000 would be worth spending on TF2, I'd much rather do one of these: 1) spend it on an invitational 6s cup with a big prize pool and try to get big names (e.g. mix^) to play for a weekend, and also pay production to do an insanely good job of casting and streaming it, 2) contribute that towards another i-series (correction to sigafoo's video; the i-series is where the best TF2 has ever been played. Bar none.), or 3) create a 6s league that might actually stand a chance of surviving long term (this needs more than 4K dumped into it I'm PRETTY SURE).

Just for fun, I'm always curious why paid leagues haven't tried something similar to the ESEA model with no premium but also with a free tier with very low stakes (I haven't thought much about it, but something like "free entrance into the equivalent of IM"), and keeping the stakes higher on the other tiers. Theoretically, this should be the best way to keep everyone in the same league instead of the crazy split(s) we have and have had over the years (at one point, we had ESEA, CEVO AND UGC at the same time).

LegendaryRQAAren't you guys even remotely scared of a TF2 Dev coming in here and seeing all the negativity that someone is receiving for putting their own money into a tournament? They'd probably walk away thinking: "Well, i guess we won't put money into this either, if this is the response it's going to get".

HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA, yeah, that's EXACTLY how this would play out! Everyone is immune from criticism because they put up some money! (yes this is sarcastic)

ScrambledKairuAlso, you realize about 1 year ago 6s became the official format? It's the one in the game menu that anyone can queue for. It's not "stupid 6s elitists" anymore, it's stupid anti-6s elitists fighting the most competitive mode, and Valve. While leagues are a slightly more restrictive version of it, it is still the official competitive mode.Valve have said that they are not willing to put forward a prize pool because they don't feel that the current competitive rulesets properly display what they feel the game is meant to be, and what many players enjoy. I think it was in the Valve News Network interview, though I can't remember.

Valve haven't said anything like that. I don't know where you got this (I watched the interview, it didn't say anything super new in terms of philosophy, nor did it mention prize pools at all). They also didn't comment on how 6s is played in ESEA, at all. All they talked about is bridging the gap between the communities, which is a good goal (if only they executed on it a little faster...).

aim-6s is a format that literally can't be challenged

You wanna know why this 7v7 prolander format has problems? Pick/Ban phase added when it's unnecessary. Forcing classes to be played when they aren't necessary (by the way, this works against how TF2 was designed). Is the meta in 7v7 prolander going to be any different than HL no Pyro no Spy?

If you want a different meta, then the game's balance has to change. Not what comes afterwards. The meta is a result of optimized play, not a cause.

posted 2 months ago
#3 Hi, can we please unsticky s24 happenings threads in TF2 General Discussion


posted 3 months ago
#97 is looking for talent! in TF2 General Discussion

TURBODABS where is my cast ? ? ? ?

posted 3 months ago
#159 can we ban most unlocks yet? in Q/A Help
Tino_He had better needles then he did arrows.


nopesurely you've had time to learn to track ubers in a post xbow buff world?

how is rewarding the team that's taken the risk of and time to arrow build 'rewarding bad play'? surely you're the one who made the bad play if you didn't take the possibility they would arrow build into account, or didn't arrow build yourself? and then made a really bad play by pushing off an advantage you didn't have in the first place?

Is it really a risk if no one sees it? I haven't played much of the current meta (like a couple scrims at most), but nuze and I talked about the details in the meta, and really, the only actual way to be able to punish arrow building is if you can spot it and sack then. If that's accurate, that really kills the flow of the game, because it removes consistency. Building with a basher scout was already a relatively tough thing to do even at higher levels (there's a decent amount of memes about it), but medics like indust refined that skill into strong advantages.

I'm not going to deny it adds mechanical depth and fun to medic. But it seems to be at the cost of consistency in strategic depth of the game.

Instead of just talking about it, why not try it out for a bit?

posted 3 months ago
#145 can we ban most unlocks yet? in Q/A Help

I would love to see a stripped down optimized whitelist that really emphasizes solid play. I still hold hope for Valve's future involvement, but I think until they actually properly communicate what they want (not just "having faith" in them; I was against that from the start), 6v6 should ban out the unlocks that don't contribute to the meta in an interesting way. Troll weapons, suboptimal weapons, etc. I get wanting to have as open of a whitelist as possible (I'm in favor of that), but that only matters if the weapons are getting balanced/reworked.

Why not just create a REALLY solid, really tight game mode? Why not try it for one season? If there's ever a time for competitive TF2 to try out different things (including rotating new and old maps back in, PLEASE), it's now. The players lose very little (in the case of map rotation for ESEA, 1 week and/or 2 matches) IF the change is unfun, but the potential gain is a LOT (new staple map? Feedback for map makers to make improvements?).

nuzeIt should be banned but it's so fundamental in current 6v6 play that if you ban it people will overreact, not just medic mains.

Valve nerfed Demo and buffed Scout, fundamentally, after years and years. Anyone crying about fundamental changes (especially ones being made FOR THE BETTER) really don't have a valid platform to stand on.

Raptor00XBanning weapons will for sure not stop trolling though, people will just find other ways to do it, running perma spy or whatever they come up with.
Banning unlocks because they can be used to troll is not a good reason imo

Limiting trolling is better than nothing. I think having a more vanilla whitelist will honestly be way better for the average game, and at least reduce trolling in more lopsided games (as mentioned). What reason do you have to NOT ban troll weapons? What do they add? Because this argument doesn't make sense unless those same weapons are adding a benefit to the game.

Granted, my opinion is a bit out of date because I'm just basing this off of while I played/was around, which covers the span of the vanilla 6v6 list to just before the global whitelist, but not since then. But I think a more vanilla 6v6 list would emphasize what keeps the competitive players in the game.


posted 3 months ago
#11 Preventing long term injuries from playing TF2 in TF2 General Discussion
Fzzywithout b4nny there is no rewind lan. so what if he always wins, he's good for this community.


posted 4 months ago
#1 Selling a MadCatz Fightstick Pro in Hardware

I've got a MadCatz Fightstick Pro (Amazon) I'm selling since it turns out...I'm not that into fighting games.

I'm pricing it at $70 + shipping (if applicable). As far as I know this is the best price (before shipping), that's obviously on purpose. It's in like new condition (I used it maybe once or twice, ever), but without the packaging/manual/etc.

If we're in Northern California, I'm willing to meet up and trade in person, skipping out on shipping, because I know shipping this will be kind of a pain. I'm actually not sure what the exact cost will be, so any advice is good for making sure it gets there in the same condition is appreciated. I'm willing to ship out to further places, but I imagine it's not going to be worth it to buy it from me at that point. If any international people are interested, let me know and I can find out.

posted 4 months ago
#69 TF2 IS CANCER in The Dumpster

bye idiot

posted 4 months ago
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