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#4 NUKES INBOUDN TO CHINAAAA in TF2 General Discussion

how can you crush a man's dreams like this

posted 36 minutes ago
#64 i63 cu@ thread in LAN Discussion


posted 19 hours ago
#10 Can you ban me? in Off Topic
pyxelizethe deed is done

goodnight sweet prince :(

posted 1 day ago
#13 neutral thread. in The Dumpster

I'll +frag u if u +frag me

posted 1 day ago
#10 Are mirrored maps fair for both teams? in TF2 General Discussion
the301stspartanWho cares? Both teams play both sides.

not in real leagues

posted 2 days ago
#4 CSGO + Dota 2 trading disabled in the Netherlands in TF2 General Discussion

they gave dutch users 0 notice and now some have hundreds or thousands locked in accounts that they can't move. they at the VERY LEAST should have given a few days notice rather than keeping it a complete secret, and then blaming a law which is in their due diligence to obey

posted 4 days ago
#16 The Upvote Thread. in The Dumpster


posted 4 days ago
#2 CSGO + Dota 2 trading disabled in the Netherlands in TF2 General Discussion

that fucking notice is so arrogant though

"we implemented gambling and now this country bans it. this is their fault and their problem to solve"

posted 5 days ago
#11 Bug lets you build uber when paused in TF2 General Discussion

etf2lDear teams,

it has come to our attention that during cp_cardinal_rc1a there was a pause where Ora Elektro gained uber through the auto-heal bug. Due to us having conclusive evidence that Ora Elektro was aware of this happening and did not notify their opponent about it, we decided to give them a major warning for this.
Da RulesThe second bug is about the Ubercharge being built during pauses. This one can obviously happen by accident but we expect teams to handle it with fair play and make agreements if it does.

If there are cases of either of these bugs being abused, teams are going to get punished appropriately.
posted 6 days ago
#7 The Downvote Thread. in The Dumpster

posted 6 days ago
#221 faceit is killing na tf2 pugs in TF2 General Discussion
SpyromanceruberchaincluelessI put 2500km on a vehicle none of the mechanics here wanted to safety just so I could get to LAN
don't whine to me about your pinprick dramas ok

of all the anecdotes to try to show you were a smart person

that wasn't one of them

DongaCongaWalrexfriendly reminder that pugchamp isnt so fun for the boys getting fatkidded for hours on endsnip

pugchamp isn't designed to support large numbers of players at a low level, that's what mixchamp is for. if you dont get picked on pugchamp regularly it means there aren't enough players around your level to make you worth a pick over someone who's far better. it's not a circlejerk, it's literally good people picking good people

honestly beginner/amateur faceit looks a pretty good environment, far better than tf2c at least. what people are complaining about is the experience for invite/advanced players

posted 6 days ago
#2 TOTH confirmed by truktruk in TF2 General Discussion

edit ur facking clips

posted 6 days ago
#7 Announcing PAINT gaming tf2 team in TF2 General Discussion

Always good to see a new org entering TF2. I'll be cheering for you!

edit: Is there a twitter I can follow?

posted 6 days ago
#179 faceit is killing na tf2 pugs in TF2 General Discussion
maelstrahmfriendly reminder that mr. baniel gets monetary benefit from faceit. so when he says that it will save tf2, he really means it will buy him food

i can hear the fucking drool coming down your chin from here

b4nnyYou're rejoicing over steps backwards.

i gave a mega nerd essay months ago on the reasons why i and many other preferred pugchamp to the current implementation of tf2pl. i know it was read and passed on (and twiikuu corrected a misconception or two i had) but literally nothing has changed since.

at the moment, there IS NO WAY FORWARD to fix the majority of those issues without faceit modifying their site (or allowing others to modify it), which understandably they're unwilling to do.

the ONLY response to eu moving back to pugchamp that has been made has been:

  1. calling the players stupid
  2. streaming yourself playing on eu in an attempt to get players on temporarily, which got old fast.

think about that.

posted 1 week ago
#126 faceit is killing na tf2 pugs in TF2 General Discussion

posted 1 week ago
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