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#30 Rally Call 2017 Charity Tournament Event announced in News

o i c, thought you were bashing the event for just featuring youtubers or something, my bad

posted 12 hours ago
#26 Rally Call 2017 Charity Tournament Event announced in News
rocketslayTIL only """famous""" people can run charity events

what does this even mean

the comp community has a large input into toth and if you're doing a charity event why would you want to narrow it down to like 5% of the playerbase

posted 13 hours ago
#2087 stream highlights in Videos

posted 1 day ago
#1 ETF2L S26 W5: se7en vs. top5rocket in Matches

large games incoming

posted 2 days ago
#3 i put myself in the dumpster in The Dumpster

i just remembered that christmas 2015 i got a random undertale steam gift from some guy who just added me

i thought i'd gotten insanely lucky and some guy was being generous for christmas until he realised that i wasn't the guy he thought he was gifting the game to and asked that i refund it

posted 2 days ago
#55 fuck dirtymort in The Dumpster


posted 3 days ago
#1 TF2 server update, mods expected to break in TF2 General Discussion

John Schoenick sent this email to the hlds list just now.


  • Servers have new system requirements, particularly for linux
  • New compiler versions/settings are being used which is expected to break mods that do low-level shit like hook functions, like sourcemod
  • There's a beta available now. The new server serves both release and beta clients

hopefully sourcemod will be updated before the update goes live (potentially in a week) and it won't impact users too much. don't update to the beta branch unless you wanna test a mod, which you shouldnt bother with until sourcemod gets updated

if you own a server, test your mods n shit when they get updated

posted 3 days ago
#2 Weird audio peaking bug with OBS in Q/A Help

that's obs classic right? did you try obs studio? the only other thing i can suggest would be to lower your bitrate, mine's at 160

posted 3 days ago
#256 cp_granary_pro in Map Discussion
MenachemLove the new garage, even if it does look kinda wonky. But was nerfing sniper on last really a good idea? It's such a stalematey part of the map anyway; sniper's one of the best ways to break it for either side.

havent seen the changes, but if only the fences were nerfed then that doesnt affect stalemates. a sniper positioned there is only there to deter a push, if they wanted a pick he'd be trying to peek in through the shutter doors

posted 4 days ago
#19 ETF2L S26 W4: Lemmings vs. Lowpander in Matches

she died 12 times, kissakala 9 times, not even that big a difference

posted 4 days ago
#2 help! console is invading chat in Q/A Help

'developer' is set to 2 i think

set it to 0 or 1

posted 5 days ago
#81 koth_bagel in Map Discussion

when i played this in 4s a few months ago i realised this would be a decent 6s map, glad to see people like it so much since we really need more koth

posted 5 days ago
#729 PugChamp in Projects
CollaideEemesCan we have unlocks such as the sticky jumper, rocket jumper and demo shields unbanned? They can be useful in certain situations in game but mainly they just make pregame a lot more fun (i.e the first 2).
I don't get why pugchamp doesn't just have the global whitelist: if we are playing pugs to practice then we should have the same rules as the real leagues; if we are playing them for fun we should include what are some of the funnest weapons.
It's probably to prevent people from griefing and only using targes & jumping weapons...

But I still agree. Shouldn't people who equip these items and tryhard with them be banned anyway?

people can still easily grief if they want to, there's plenty of bad unlocks allowed

posted 5 days ago
#17 Can tftv change back to old stream hud ? in TF2 General Discussion
bleghfarecshorasResults of previous maps have always been useful. If you tune in mid game, you don't need to ask which map is it (as in first, second etc.) or what were the results of the previous map.
Technically these should be under the top bar in a cycling graphic, but it seems that it's not used often by the observers.

there's limited space there at the moment. it basically alternates between 2 strings - a preset 'Best of #' where you can set the #, and a string which for EU is set to both map names which only just fit. imo i agree, showing past maps is something that could be improved but my understanding is that it's a pain to update the nodecg

posted 5 days ago
#4 ETF2L S26 W4: ChampGG.K! vs. nunya in Matches


posted 5 days ago
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