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#205 Ban Pred and Degu in Off Topic
GlastryLet's ban pred and degu for bad jokes on sexual harrassment, they reeeeeeeaaally deserve it lmao


can you point to me where the punchline is?

posted 1 week ago
#196 Ban Pred and Degu in Off Topic

comp tf2 is at a point now where we have a lot of people in powerful places that will do nothing but twiddle their thumbs or make a very loose attempt at actually enforcing the rules.

Honestly any sort of racism that happens in the league during a casted game should be treated seriously regardless of "we just memeing xD", anything else that would be considered flame would be dealt with a per case basis. Anything outside of the league should be looked at at a per case basis like Preds scenario.

This thread needs to be locked because it's gone well and beyond the original purpose on it and now it's just groups trying to justify their actions towards each other by playing a bit of he said she said.

posted 1 week ago
#126 Ban Pred and Degu in Off Topic
deguAt any point neither of us have made jokes about sexual abuse. Should I have made clear that my picture referred to the "harassment" (people just being mean to her) and not the fact that she was a victim of a crime? Yes I have.
Does listing of mean words said to the person help anyone? No it does not. Words are easy to ignore on the internet and that's what I think everyone should do if they don't like what other people say.
I have empathy for her but in my opinion she's addressing it completely wrong way,
Mine and Pred's tweets were clearly jokes, maybe in poor taste, maybe insensitive, maybe unfunny, maybe fucking hilarious. Humour is a subjective thing. But that's what they are, jokes and words.
The worst thing is that there is more hate towards me and Pred than to the culprit.You are offended by mine and Pred's actions only if you choose to, you can just write us off as dicks and shitty human beings and move on with your day. Everyone should be disgusted by the fact uberchain has been a victim not by 2 people on the internet not being nice to her when she talked about it.
I distinguish between the statements where someone was just mean to her and where she was genuinely being abused or harassed and I don't think these 2 matters should be even considered to be equally bad or revolting things or even listed together. I support her in getting justice and getting her life back on the track after being a victim of the crime.
If you focus on bad things in your life your life is going to be bad. If you look at thousands of people giving genuine support and love and then see 2 people being dicks and making shitty jokes and what you focus on is the later you are going to have a hard life.

Do we deserve to be criticized for what we did? Yes we do. Do we deserve more attention than uberchain, people supporting her and the culprit? No we do not. But we are getting it.


posted 1 week ago
#14 Happy Yorkshire Day in World Events

lads who wants to go t'pub get some jars down us ey?

posted 2 weeks ago
#2 Announcing RGL.gg - Highlander Season in Videos

Can't wait for the RGL 6v6 season. I'm sure it will happen soon :)

posted 2 weeks ago
#53 Getawhale vs Essentials.tf & i63 in TF2 General Discussion

I will admit there was some pretty annoying moments at i61 which was cheesing me off. But it's not like TF2 in its whole lifespan of iSeries has gone without a hitch. Referring to a point about what how I had audibly yelled at production about needing some communication on what is going on whilst live, I did do the exact same thing the year before with davidthewin.

One of the problems I think the community always runs in to is a really dumb standard of expectation, like we always seem to want to put on a very ambitious show, which we are all right to wish for but we seem to do it as a detriment to people involved in some ways, so if something doesn't go to plan or if there's a technical issue it seems to create a scenario where everyone will feel a massive pile of shit just being dumped on them. For the past few iseries now it feels like we have created something bigger than what we really needed.

I can't really chime in on anything else as I wasn't involved, and because I can't even manage to reply to slack notification asking me when I can cast so I'm not really one to talk about organisation.

But I feel like this paints a scenario that makes ETF look like it's going to end up with a mass suicide on stream when it's really not. At the end of the day we are all just amateurs wanting what's best, I imagine a lot of mistakes have been made that could have been avoided and I hope that they have been learned from.

posted 2 weeks ago
#47 what is ur go to summer drink in Off Topic

iced coffee is the best. i have a really good method for it

1.make coffee

    [2] add the ice
posted 3 weeks ago
#79 It's coming home in World Events

England going to pound. Will be an easy 4-0.

Sweden will have all of their team in the penalty box at 70 minutes for full damage control.

posted 1 month ago
#226 faceit is killing na tf2 pugs in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 month ago
#81 faceit is killing na tf2 pugs in TF2 General Discussion

i want faceit to succeed because twikkuu is a nice person that puts in a lot of work for tf2 and he deserves :(

posted 2 months ago
#17 new phone in Off Topic

aight so here's my thoughts, every android phone seems to have a really good thing and a pretty bad thing going for it. None of them are really perfect or are outstandingly better than every other phone.

Pixel 2 + XL - They are pretty decent phones. Main selling point for me is the regular software updates. Something that other droid phones lack is timely security updates. There's no headphone port which is a pretty big stain imo and no SD card slot, however the storage you get as standard is 64GB and I'm not sure if it's still going on but I think you get unlimited storage with full res photos with Google Photos, not sure if it's still a thing. The XL seems to have dropped in price recently as well which is also a pretty neat bonus.

BUT The XL is made by LG who really fucking dropped the ball with the Nexus 5 and have really bad stability problems at around the 1 year mark. However that may not apply to this one yet.

One Plus - They've been going down in my opinion ever since they started to raise their prices even more, kinda sucks as they were a good replacement to the Nexus line where you can get a decent spec phone that has regular software updates. Now you pay the same as any flagship in some cases. They do have somewhat decent software support as their version of Android is kinda just an improved version of the stock OS.

They do however fuck up with security pretty massively which is worth having a look at if you care about that stuff.

Samsung - They have some pretty nice phones but they are doing what Apple do now which is just raise the price of their new phone without doing much in ways of improvement. They are also one of the worst companies out there for software updates.

LG have also had some pretty good phones but they fall the same way as Samsung in terms of software updates, which is a massive shame because the V20 and V30 were fucking good phones. But also they have had a pretty bad reputation in terms of quality with the LG G4 bootloops and the G5 screen burning. They also don't know what phone of theirs will be a flagship either because they just bring out a far superior phone in 6 months time anyway.

posted 2 months ago
#22 Scottish Resistance bug in TF2 General Discussion

Isn't this working as intended as the explosions should be strong enough anyway? maybe they just forgot to add the functions for the walls and environments to be destroyed.

want to push badlands last easier? Just blow up the walls!

posted 3 months ago
#3 FFXIV: A Realm Reborn in Other Games

I play it, it's ok but levelling is such a fucking shit show it's unreal, my misses plays this a lot and she loves it. The dungeons and raids are apparently super cool, I've done a few that were really fun but there's so much down time in between.

Like most of the quests whilst levelling is go to a character and deliver this to him, then go back to the person you just spoke to to tell him you spoke to him.

posted 3 months ago
#35 Biggest Sweats? in TF2 General Discussion


posted 3 months ago
#78 Unpopular video game opinions in Other Games

PUBG is a horrible video game that is a giant shit stain on the industry.

posted 5 months ago
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