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#10 froyotech adjust their aim back to yomps in News

typo (i believe?)

With their thirteenth Invite win, froyotech have their aim fixated on taking their fourteenth victory in Season 30.
posted 1 day ago
#9 Found some old TF2 frag movies in Videos

cp_well oh yeah

harbleuyoungblooddo u happen to have harbleu's i46 qualifier vid? remember liking the song but don't remember the name of it. pretty sure its unlisted with all of his other tf2 vids

Sorry had to unlisted a bunch of them for copyright reasons, not because i don't like having them up!

how does this shit work anyway? it's not like your videos are monetized are they?

posted 2 days ago
kloamsigh cut after one season, aim cut after one season; froyo hates black people.

how many seasons did tagg play?

posted 2 days ago
#2 Help with what uses the gpu and cpu the most. in Customization

if you read mastercom's comments :

he tells you what everything does, and therefore, where the stress is.

posted 3 days ago
#16 ESEA S29 GF: FROYOBLACK vs. froyotech in Matches
perfectionVerifiedShade: Grant actually thinks we were trying doesnt he... ha. We were using 1/10 of our power tonight. Next time we meet it'll be a different story. Silly kids, thinking that these matches prove anything. Just wait until LAN, thats when we will actually try. Suckers... showed all your strats already. Laugh now while we laugh later.

sounds like old mix^ shit talk D:

posted 5 days ago
#30 Episode III cancelled in News

so is something non-tf2 happening with the cloud based gaming shenanigan? If yes i'm interested in what games they could get to run this way, considering even tf2 wouldn't

posted 6 days ago
#2 How do you deal with stress? in Off Topic

I take a mace, go to the basement and wreck random broken objects I pulled from the streets like chairs or old computers

posted 6 days ago
#3 oh no... in TF2 General Discussion

written rule infringement => deserved sentence

initial ban reason => worthy of drama

posted 1 week ago
#1 Lucky's dictatorship in centers in The Dumpster

On one fine evening i gather with my friend Wut3r to play some lobbies. Upon noticing GrumpyKoi the famous caster of the season, the following exchange happened :

TF2Center23:35:08 ♋ Twiggy #tf2lobby: hi grumpy
23:35:19 ♋ Twiggy #tf2lobby: wuter just said you're a terrible caster :(
23:35:23 ♋ Twiggy #tf2lobby: not a nice thing to say tbh
23:35:36 Lucky | TFTV: this true wut3r?
23:35:40 Wut3r: yes
23:35:45 TF2Center: Wut3r was banned from this Lobby by Lucky | TFTV
23:35:46 ♋ Twiggy #tf2lobby: dont kick pls
23:35:48 ♋ Twiggy #tf2lobby: noo
23:35:57 ♋ Twiggy #tf2lobby: like we're playing together
23:35:59 ♋ Twiggy #tf2lobby: :(
23:36:00 Thompson: big oof
23:36:19 GrumpyKoi: lol
23:36:22 ♋ Twiggy #tf2lobby: not nice
23:36:24 Lucky | TFTV: wanna go down with him?
23:36:29 ♋ Twiggy #tf2lobby: hmm
23:36:32 ♋ Twiggy #tf2lobby: i'm pondering
23:36:35 New simulation: wanna go down on him?
23:36:43 ♋ Twiggy #tf2lobby: i'm firmly against censorship
23:36:43 New simulation: if not hop off his dick
23:37:00 Lucky | TFTV: new simulation :DDD
23:37:07 Lucky | TFTV: more like new stimulation
23:37:37 New simulation: now I'm getting too excited
23:38:23 ♋ Twiggy #tf2lobby: i'm going to create a thread on tftv to expose lucky's dictatorship


posted 1 week ago
#16 A passion project I've been doing. in TF2 General Discussion

ascent skins are really good

posted 1 week ago
#29 Pc is ded :( how do i live now? in Off Topic

Stop arguing among yourselves and keep asking him for the picture

posted 2 weeks ago
#64 Why are so many people in tf2 sub-humans? in The Dumpster
sciriosEuropeean brits inside joke?


posted 2 weeks ago
#9 ETF2L S31 Div 2 GF: yakuza ヤクザ vs clarted in Events

what the hell is a knob addiction

posted 2 weeks ago
#8 ETF2L S31 Mid GF: Nighttime 6s vs Flowllout in Events

cool interviews aelkyr thanks

posted 2 weeks ago
#71 jediflamaster banned for life on etf2l in The Dumpster
Show Content
gemmthe video was forced to be taken down because it represents/perpetuates the abuse that was systematically given by a group to this person

purposefully reuploading the video directly against an admin's word should be bannable [...]
jediflamasterBtw the ban isn't explicitly permanent. It's until I take the video down [...]
^These quotes are true.
Just to clarify a couple of things:

Jedi approached us, straight up asking if he would get banned if he re-uploaded this video, which was part of a harassment case from a couple of weeks back. I told him that he will very likely get banned, which he responded with: "I'll take my chances, the video is up btw." and then linked me the video in question.
He got told by another head admin (after we took quite some time to think about this- we did not ban him the next day) that he will be banned until he takes this video down.

So in summary: he was warned and well aware that his action could be punished with a ban, he got banned and he has the power to lift his own ban. By no means is this a permanent ban that we forced upon anyone. He chose to ignore our warning and he chooses to stay banned.

Cheers, DCS |

So what about this quote :

coyoAs far as I'm aware there wasn't any "abuse" towards bluebunny in the first place, people called her bad she called them bad and that should have been the end of it. Instead she ran to the admins and played the victim. The video was made by someone who wasn't even involved directly just found the situation funny and made a shitty meme video about it.

Is it true? Where can we consult the "ban case"?

I don't disagree with you banning him for infringing a admin judgment, I disagree with the judgment itself, if this video is the only offense that triggered that judgment.

Cyanic gets it perfectly :

Cyanicwhen people make themselves known to be complete morons (something that jediflamaster has done on many occasions) you don't need to ban them - the community will naturally become hostile to them anyway.

If the admins had to make a "morons not allowed" rule on etf2l we could argue against banning half the players

posted 2 weeks ago
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