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#8 what is this hud in Customization

If marquee doesn't have a download for you, it looks to be using solarhud as a base, with a different font and color theme (both are very easy to modify in the hud, if you want to remake it) and modified ammo/health and meters. Since the health/ammo are pinned to the corners it shouldn't be that bad to edit if you know what you are doing.

posted 4 days ago
#1 Update ESEA S26 Maps in Map Discussion

The maplist for ESEA s26 (this season) is currently filled with a bunch of outdated maps, so much so that it is actually a regression from last season's maplist. Below are the list of updates to the pool that should be done:

  • cp_metalworks_rc7 -> cp_metalworks

    Not only is it a stock map, requiring no extra work to add to the servers, the stock map was the version that was used last season.

  • cp_granary_pro_rc4 -> cp_granary_pro_rc8

    Also was the map used last season, and is an objectively better map with the additional garage entrance.

  • cp_snakewater_u13 -> cp_snakewater_final1

    As far as I know, the u14 changes have been incorporated into final1 (the stock map). On top of that, etf2l is using final1 this season so it would be nice to use the same version, regardless if final1 is u13 or u14.

  • cp_badlands -> cp_prolands_b2c

    The only (possibly) controversial map change. Prolands removes dumb clipping/spots that screw with rockets and also increases the second forward respawn time, giving a bit more time for teams to be able to push out of last with only a pick or two before the players respawn. Some hiding spots were removed (and a couple have been inadvertently added afaik), but the two previous points make prolands a much more appealing choice over stock badlands. Download links can be gotten from the thread, linked directly here, or from
posted 3 weeks ago
#5 shotgun pocket = noob? in TF2 General Discussion

Provided you are actually trying to practice dm in dm, who cares what others think. Gunboats are more common due to being able to keep up sustained pressure as well as allowing your scouts to get healed more often in fights. Provided you understand the downsides, stop trying to let bad gamers in a practice mode dictate how you play the game.

posted 2 months ago
#2 shotgun pocket = noob? in TF2 General Discussion

Both styles work, discuss with your team what they would prefer for you to use.

posted 2 months ago
#7 Why don't roamers offclass? in TF2 General Discussion

Explosives stop people from walking forward, not hitscan. If you are in a defensive position, you usually can't afford to lose out on the entrance denying spam that a soldier provides since it gives the offensive team much more space to work with.

However, in an offensive situation, where holding chokes against peeking and possible sacrifices isn't super important since defensive teams aren't in a position to lose players, anyone besides the demo and medic can off class without hurting the team. Therefore, you usually just have your best player on the offclass play that offclass. This still tends to be scouts because a lot of the mechanics transfer from scout to the offclasses and because they probably play them more due to being the offclass players in defensive positions.

posted 2 months ago
#10 Sennheiser HD-6XX Headphones in Hardware
SnackShould I get these or keep saving up for an HD 800 :think:

HD800 are basically an extra $1k ontop of the HD6xx. Your money, but I wouldn't recommend jumping from a 595 to an 800 without trying anything in the middle-high end. Don't forget you are going to have to spend a bit more on an amp for the 800 if you actually want to get their pricetag worth in audio.

If you do have the money though, I personally would recommend looking at the MrSpeakers Ether or AEON, the Audeze LCD-2.2, and the STAX L700 as possible alternatives to the HD800.

posted 2 months ago
#8 Sennheiser HD-6XX Headphones in Hardware
JarateKingDoes anyone have these and know how loud they are for other people? Been wanting to have some good headphones but don't want to bother other people (especially when playing rhythm games, where the keyboard sounds alone is obnoxious enough).

Every single open headphone in existence will output sound at almost the same level to the environment around you as to your ears. In other words, anyone in the same room as you will be able to hear what you are hearing, but probably won't be able to through walls / doors.

posted 2 months ago
#10 brewing in Off Topic
eeethe position is a lab position offered by a professor. mostly I'm going to be doing basic stuff like viable counts or cultures or prepping PCR. I wanna learn more about brewing so i dont sound like an idiot when anyone starts talking to me about the stuff outside of my actual job. they aren't expecting me to be able to run a brewery.

Then spartan is right then, just go and talk with them. People in the alcohol industry are some of the most personable people of any industry. Ask to spend a day with them when they are brewing (it gets hot so pick a cold day) and observe and ask questions. Not only will they want to answer any questions you have, you are effectively the person who makes their beer taste good so it is in their best interest to help you understand.

posted 2 months ago
#15 Esea Season 25 Prize Breakdown has been released in TF2 General Discussion
FunsbleghfarecFunswtf you get so much money for playing invite even for coming 4th
ESEA actually made the prize pool less top-heavy after S20.

At its peak, The split for Invite used to be 6,360/3,660/2,540/1,620. After S21, it changed to 5,600/3,500/2,800/2,100

But keep in mind if you don't even make playoffs, you get nothing.
I came third this season and get NOTHIng i quit

Considering your fellow players rejected esea when they branched to Europe for a season I don't feel the least bit sorry.

viperZootSuitRioterDoes this mean IM isn't coming back next season as well?

Is there any way at all to get it back?
7:18 PM - DEEP 6IX: does esea have any plans on bringing im back or no
7:31 PM - tri is now Online.
7:32 PM - tri: yeah
8:10 PM - DEEP 6IX: ok neat
8:10 PM - DEEP 6IX: i assume they'll keep bringing it back as long as there's numbers to support it
8:11 PM - tri: yeah thats basically the only consideration

Would need to have all playoff teams surviving (not going to happen) on top of what #10 said of ~50 remaining open teams. Basically we need an additional 15-20 teams to join esea on top of nobody dying. Don't forget that invite is probably going to need a bunch of teams again. Newbie mixes will help, but I don't think we are going to see a surge in teams unless either ugc dies or the pyro update is amazing and really invigorates pubbers to play competitively.

Back on topic, I'm very surprised that the invite prize pool didn't take a hit (exact same as last season).

posted 2 months ago
#8 brewing in Off Topic

I don't understand your question. The wikipedia article on brewing covers the general process, so you clearly want more than that. Joy of Homebrewing is a great homebrewing guide as is How to Brew, but they will have only passing relevance to industry, especially for a company so big they can hire a yeast scientist. The brewing elements book on yeast is probably the best basic introduction that will be useful to you.

However, you were offered a position that is pretty well beyond the basics at this point (what yeast is, how to maintain it, what yeast does, what yeast to use, etc.) that I'm not quite sure what information you want. This should have been something you or they brought up during your interview. If you were offered a job based on your degree without any discussion of what you will be doing and offering to the company then you should be running away, not seriously considering their offer.

posted 2 months ago
#7 1080p 60fps streams? in Site Discussion
NicellStochast1c recommended bitratesAlong with this Twitch only allows up to 6mbps

Is there a source for the max being 6 Mb/s? Only thing I can find is the blog stating they aren't limiting to 3.5 Mb/s anymore and a bunch of reddit threads and twitter posts of people claiming that 6 Mb/s is the maximum.

posted 2 months ago
#5 1080p 60fps streams? in Site Discussion

Directly from youtube, they recommend 7.5 Mb/s for 720p @ 60fps videos, minimum. For 1080p @ 60fps, they recommend at least 12.5 Mb/s. So unless every broadcaster has amazing internet (probably would need around 25 Mb/s for stable streams), they all have i7-7700 (or AMD equivalent) or higher processors (and they probably need a GTX1070 or higher as well) for stable 100+ fps at high quality, and such a high bitrate doesn't harm the viewers with internet that can't stably download 12.5 Mb/s, 1080p @ 60fps won't be a thing.

posted 2 months ago
#19 CNN vs reddit user in World Events

Didn't expect to see blatant political baiting on today, but I guess that is what happens with pol goes into defcon 1. The whole situation is being blown out of proportion by those focusing on very minute details.

For those who need greentext to follow the chain of event:

> Be journalist for cnn
> Have nothing to write about, but know you write for a liberal audience, so you check the president's twitter to see if there has been anything said that you can criticize / debunk
> See a gif that the president tweeted, search to see who created the gif
> Find out that this person happens to be a massive bigot
> Decide to write an article about their viewpoints and how the president found the gif
> Try and get into contact with the creator, since direct quotes always make articles better
> Search their reddit history and find their name / identifying information directly in their posts
> Get their contact info by entering their information into facebook
> Call them asking for a comment but get no response

> Be creator of gif that the president tweeted
> Get a call from cnn that you ignore
> Realize that an article detailing how much of a bigot you are is about to be published, write a massive apology to reddit and delete all your posts.
> Call cnn back apologizing for your actions and tell them you deleted everything
> Hope, that while cnn will publish their article, they won't release your name so as to not ruin your relationships and possible career.
> They agree but only if I become more tolerant of those around me.

As for the narrative that is being pushed. There has been no statement as to the age of the gif creator, but the majority of evidence points to them being middle aged, not 15. CNN is not coercing the creator to become tolerant, just read any sentence of the multiple paragraphs they wrote / spoke in the article that was published. CNN did not use any form of social engineering or corporation influence to obtain their name. Reading through comments and finding their personal information is not what I would consider an abuse of a person's expectation to anonymity on the internet. If you want to remain anonymous, just don't post identifying information.

It isn't like they messaged their friends asking for pieces of information that they could combine together to manipulate a real life acquaintance to giving up their personal information. Nor did they use their username to see if there are any leaked information from hacks that they could obtain. Nor did they use their ip to geo-locate them. Those would be severe misuses of power that would rightly deserve the outburst they are receiving.

What this article shows is that many of the people who do post these terrible things on the internet (not the gif, things like why they should murder all jews and muslims) aren't strongly entrenched in their opinions and/or are just doing it for acceptance or because "memes."

posted 3 months ago
#35 balance changes blog post in TF2 General Discussion
Douganhayeswhat would 200% more air control on the man treads look like exactly? like, is it similar to booties giving more control with shields, where you can barely turn if you don't have them? rocket jumping already gives you a shit ton of control already. am I being retarded, i can't picture having 200% more air control while rocket jumping.In my mind i imagined something similar to surf servers where air accel is higher and allows you to perform tighter strafes
Im not exactly a fan because I feel like it could potentially lower the skill ceiling on soldier in the sense that normally learning to perform well controlled strafes is something that takes a lot of time and practice. Now you can just equip the mantreads to do it more effectively than ever. Of course its impossible to tell without actually seeing it in-game
JojoSo have you ever tried air strafing too sharp and you just lose all your speed? well now you can turn much much sharper without loosing speed. I think surf servers tend to mess with this value to make it more similar to cs surfing but I'm not certain about that.

Assuming that +200% means +200%, then it changes the base airaccelrate from 10 to 30 (surf servers are usually 150 for skill and 1000 for trick). If you have a server with sourcemod you can try out the modified value with the command sm_cvar sv_airaccelerate 30.

posted 3 months ago
#4303 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

Is there a resource for implementing tournament spec horizontal health bars? If not, what files should I be looking at to see how it is implemented (going to steal the method from wiethud unless there is a better hud implementation out there)?

posted 5 months ago
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