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#19 why did most of tf2's secondary leagues die in TF2 General Discussion
NurseyWhy do people not want to play HL & free 6v6 in TFCL? You still get medals and a free prizepot. It seems very confusing that people never want to make the switch.

TFCL is smaller, and not super welcoming to new players and teams. Smaller size means no divisions, as there aren't enough teams to fill them up. This in turn creates an experience where you'll either roll, or get rolled. I've had people yell at me (like, actually yell, with their voice) because their team got rolled. I've received threats of having their team leave TFCL if we don't introduce a lower division. It's kinda a rock and hard place situation.

Then there's also the clear lack of advertising. Aside from a few mentions here and there on tftv, and a sidebar link to both the league and lan on r/tf2, TFCL isn't really mentioned elsewhere in the community. It's just kinda "that one ultiduo league" at this point, which is fine. But that won't ultimately make existing UGC teams join TFCL HL or 6v6.

posted 3 weeks ago
#7 Farscape in Music, Movies, TV

Farscape isn't available to stream anywhere legally. You'll either need to buy the series, or find a way to stream or download it through other means. Primewire is what I used to use for things I couldn't otherwise buy or watch legally, so perhaps check that out? Otherwise, torrent it.

edit: apparently primewire was hijacked recently, so perhaps avoid using that site for now. Not sure of any alternatives. I rarely watch TV nowadays.

posted 3 weeks ago
#154 ESEA Season 28 Open Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Welp, tonight was fun. Ended up playing a 5v6 due to some ESEA issues and one of our starters having a major last minute life thing get in the way. So we ended up just having fun. Did a 1v1 medic battle at mid, only for that battle to end the instant our sniper shot at someone, causing war to break out, and the truce to end.

Tried it again the next round. Our medic won. Then war broke out again, and we all couldn't stop laughing at the stupidity of it. gg

posted 1 month ago
#15 future goes to valve in TF2 General Discussion

This dude is mentally unstable. He actually sent me a death threat once, and I still don't entirely understand why. It was either because he thought I was sigafoo, or because I decided to tryout uncle dane on sunday instead of saturday. I'm honestly amazed that this guy is still around.

posted 1 month ago
#246 TFCL - North American League in Projects
MenachemI think you're vastly underestimating how much a prizepool would motivate players to move, especially if you actually get enough players to split that prize across multiple divisions. The move to CEVO from ESEA (a company which had just installed malware on all of its customers' machines) failed in large part because ESEA was still offering a larger prizepool, not because of any good reputation or medals.

Again, you are competing with the other leagues regardless of your default days. People cannot play every single day, so even when your match days are different, people have to choose between you. As it is, you're simply giving UGC one more advantage over your league by asking your players to give up the two days of the week they're least likely to give. I don't think you realize how unfair it is to ask people to play league games on those days. It makes it very difficult to ask players to try your league, even newbies. New players will choose the league with a reasonable schedule every single time. If I'm talking to a new player, and tell him about two free leagues, but that only one of them has a prizepool, he'll pick the prizepool even if he doesn't think he'll get a chance to take any home this season. But the 2nd question is inevitably "when do they play?"

If you're biding time while actually working on improvements to the league (a better website, or automated scheduling or something) then that could be worth waiting for. But if you're waiting for some threshold of players, or some reputation boost, it's just not going to happen.

All fair points. You're likely right regarding me underestimating the importance of a prize pool. I'll test a Wednesday schedule next season just to see how it fares. As said, we'll likely go with a Wednesday and Friday schedule in the future, assuming we stick with two games per week. I feel like the two per week thing is a great way to ease people into something like ESEA, so teams can get used to that setup. Though if that doesn't prove popular, I'll likely just turn it back into one per week, with the default being Wednesday at 9:30 eastern. I am rather interested to see how that fares, and if people are actually willing to switch over from UGC for the promise of a prize pool. I personally have my doubts, but it's worth trying all the same. Plus if it doesn't work out, I can just change it back to the weekend schedule. So no real harm done.

Anyway, thanks a ton for the feedback. Haven't been getting a ton of that lately, so it's greatly appreciated.

posted 1 month ago
#243 TFCL - North American League in Projects
MenachemYou're competing with those two larger leagues regardless of your default days. Very few (if any?) teams play all 7 days of the week. Moving TFCL to compete with UGC default days, at least, gives teams a choice between two free leagues, one of which has a prizepool. As it is, teams aren't just choosing to give up playing ESEA or UGC when they sign up for TFCL, they're also choosing to give up their Friday and Saturday evenings.

The problem is size, age, and reputation. If Wednesday was the default match day for TFCL, people wouldn't bother. They'd stick with UGC because it's familiar. The promise of a prize pool isn't enough for your average team to switch over, especially considering as how the vast majority of teams are of a low level, where playing for a badge is more valuable than playing for actual money. And right now, UGC badges are simply more prestige, and well known.

Dethroning UGC is going to take some time, and the best way to do that is by offering default times that are different from those of UGC, at least to start. The weekend, in this case, makes it so TFCL is in neutral ground. That isn't to say that we're not trying to slowly get into a weekday schedule, with our 6v6 stuff taking place on both Friday and Saturday. The goal is to have Wednesday and Friday defaults within the next four or so seasons. But as of right now, we're just not in the position to aggressively push that.

Honestly, one of the best ways to ensure that TFCL can overtake UGC as the go-to free league, is to actively refer teams and players to compete in TFCL instead of UGC. Until then, it'll be a steady and slow climb with a focus on weekend matches.

posted 1 month ago
#241 TFCL - North American League in Projects
MenachemOur team really wanted to play TFCL this season, especially with ESEA changing the map selection and grinding one map every week not being as important, but the default days are incredibly inconvenient. Our schedule (and I think the schedule of most teams, though I don't have any data) is literally Sunday-Thursday, taking Friday and Saturday off. I know the match days are open to negotiation, but the risk of having a team try to force a fri/sat match is just too high to feel comfortable signing up over UGC and/or ESEA.

If we were to change our default scheduling to a weekday, we'd effectively end up competing for the same space that two far older and larger leagues have laid claim to. With our default times being on a weekend, teams can basically play in their existing league of choice, while still competing in TFCL without risking any major match conflicts.

posted 1 month ago
#239 TFCL - North American League in Projects
catman1900That's actually pretty fat, color me jealous here in the land of NA

There's a $300 USD pool for NA Ultiduo, and $150 NA 6v6.

posted 1 month ago
#237 TFCL - North American League in Projects

STN Trading was kind enough to provide our European Ultiduo gamers with a 200 key prize pool.

Registration is open until May 23rd. Team creation and registration into the season is absolutely free, and can be done from the Ultiduo HUB -
The team that places first will receive 100 keys. Second gets 70, and third will get 30.

posted 1 month ago
#2 Club Penguin Revival in Other Games

This one is far better, and the original "rewritten" project.

posted 1 month ago
#15 Esea medals in TF2 General Discussion
b4nnyYou may be right that ESEA might not want to pursue a medal, but instead of assuming that's their stance with such certainty why don't we approach ESEA about it and discuss it? They've seemed pretty interested in growing the TF2 division this past season, so it might just be the kind of proposal they'd be interested in. I will contact an ESEA admin regarding this topic and see what can be done.

Good luck. Would love to see them start doing medals.

posted 2 months ago
#13 Esea medals in TF2 General Discussion

So, just to kinda clear up some stuff regarding medals and the "pay for medal" rumour that's been going around for years.

Anybody that's hosting any kind of tournament in TF2 is able to create a medal for their tournament, so long as that medal is given out only to those that participated in the tournament. Valve does not care whether or not the tournament has some kind of registration fee, which means leagues such as ESEA can easily give out medals if they wanted to do so. However, the main requirement is that the medals have to be earned, not bought.

So basically, a medal is a trophy. You earn it by competing.

As for why ESEA doesn't give out medals? My best guess, is that they simply don't care to do so. Managing medals for each and every season is a mostly manual task. For starters, you gotta actually design the model itself, and then you have to manually notify Valve that you want to ship a new version of it for a new season. Valve will then give you item ids to use, which you need to then enter into the tool they give you to send the medals out to the players that are supposed to get them. Except, the tool they give you is really just a very basic demonstration on how their distribution api works, so you'll need to modify the tool, or create an entirely new one using their api. Then you gotta find a way to easily gather all of the appropriate steam ids for each and every player into a simple list and input that into the tool for distribution. Repeat this every season indefinitely.

So, can ESEA do it? Yes. Will they? Hell no.

edit: for those of you curious, this is the tool they give you -

It's super simple, and really just a basic html file. ESEA would need to basically create their own tool using the api. That's development time, and developers cost money. Money that ESEA would rather not spend.

posted 2 months ago
#2 2018 NHL Playoffs Thread in Off Topic

Toronto Maple Leafs. Auston Matthews is a thrill to watch on the ice, and Anderson has been an amazing goaltender all year round. It's going to be very close between them and the Bruins.

posted 2 months ago
#5 PSA: Steam privacy changes in Off Topic

Here's the official privacy announcement as well for those of you curious -

posted 2 months ago
#3 PSA: Steam privacy changes in Off Topic

I feel like they could just introduce an option to hide what you're currently playing, rather than to hide every single game you own, along with the playtime in them. Like, I kind of get what they're going for here, but this is taking it to an extreme that nobody asked for.

posted 2 months ago
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