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#16 WHO WILL TIERS S27 in TF2 General Discussion
Intimidatingdanklord 7 will regret letting go of puo

have you seen stark play before

posted 5 days ago
#19 AS Maths in Off Topic

this thread makes me feel so old

posted 1 week ago
#14 ETF2L S27 PS-UPBR2: unexpected vs. Perminators in Matches
saamthat doesnt answer the question r u bad or not bad

[R]easonably bad

posted 1 week ago
#12 ETF2L S27 PS-UPBR2: unexpected vs. Perminators in Matches
saamo i assumed the old team coming back would have been not bad

are they not not bad

they are better than us at the moment so if you are following eu tf2 this result isnt a surprise at all

posted 1 week ago
#5 fixing badlands in Map Discussion

revert last point cap time change

posted 1 week ago
#53 ETF2L S27 Prem qualifiers look sick in TF2 General Discussion
Iatginklets calm down on the !logs boys and let the actual games that matter decide who's the better team

Someone doesn't have any logs xd

posted 1 week ago
#32 ETF2L S27 Prem qualifiers look sick in TF2 General Discussion
georgebaiiPermzillaNice, 12 teams in playoffs yet again. Don’t know how many times this needs to happen before admins realise that having this many teams and this many games screws teams over and forces teams to play with mercy or not at all.

You could easily narrow this list down to 6 or 7 (still too much imo but understandable) and it would avoid all this mess. Yes I’m annoyed because it’s directly affecting my team but I complain about this every season. We cannot play every day with our roster and I’m sure there are plenty of the 12 teams in a similar position.

Just need the admins to put some high teams in high and deal with the shit they get from it. Thus is ridiculous now.

Just my opinion.


Couldn't agree more

posted 1 week ago
#16 ETF2L Season 27 announced in News

buttnose made this team, kaidus is just trying to take all the credit #snake

posted 2 weeks ago
#7 17: Day 1 in Events
riotbzpermzilla and not skeej?

Wrong Reason roster you're thinking of

posted 2 weeks ago
#12 17 in Projects

For each £10 donation or more that mentions chocking in the message I will drop Hafficool and record voice comms for your entertainment

posted 3 weeks ago
#12 Unlock survey results in TF2 General Discussion
saami like how euros havent figured out that if the other team goes vacc on last holds you get infinite full uber charge pushes against a team with no buffs

I'll take things people who havent played against vaccinator say for 500 Alex

posted 3 weeks ago
#25 happy birthday permzilla in Off Topic

when the internet cares more about your birthday than irl FeelsBirthdayMan...

posted 4 weeks ago
#175 Lowpander swaps out Kissakala and Grenjabob, Crayon joins in News
Stinson_OutHello dear TF2 community,

for those who do not know me, I am one of the two people (the other one being Aoshi) who recently took over Head Adminship of the ETF2L.
Every season we spend an enormous amount of time deciding who gets to play in prem next season and who needs to qualify and how. I assure you we are aware of the difficulties that the process of this decision brings. In the end there will be a decision made and not everyone will be happy with it- that's how life works.
It surprises me to see this thread exploding the way it did over something that may or may not have happened over 2 years ago. Looks like a chain-reaction to me, where several people got baited into discussing a matter in public that should have stayed privately.
Be it as it may, I wanted to clearify a couple of things:
I was already an admin when Hildreth left the staff 2 years ago. In fact, I had a very heated discussion with him about it the very night the decision was made that he'd leave the staff and not every word in there was nice. I am fully aware of what happened and witnessed it first hand.
However, Hildreth expressed his desire to rejoin the adminteam by formally applying last october. After SonnyBlack stepped down, we were looking for refreshments for the adminstaff in order to fill the gap that Aoshi and I left behind when we got promoted to Heads. Hildreth again expressed his interest and we decided to give him another shot.
We decided to shake off some rust that had settled step by step over the last few years without anyone really noticing (for instance reaching out to our supposed competitor UGCLeague) and that this new and hopefully successful era after the retirement of the last "old school" veteran SonnyBlack should mark a fresh start. Our staff has been incredibly busy and productive this year so far, firing out competitions and initiatives, catching up on the medaldistribution etc... And Hildreth has had his share of input.
We did not forget what happened (BTW, the fact that he is a trial admin shows that), but we also shouldn't hold grudges for too long. Usually former staff members do not undergo the trial process again...We are fully aware of Hildreth's strengths and weaknesses.
That being said, It has always been my sincerest belief that we, as a TF2 - or in this case ETF2L - community cannot afford the luxury of being divided. We are small enough as it is and we should work together hand in hand for the game that we love so much, whether you like 9v9 or 6v6, whether you are an active admin or a retired one etc... Especially when the topic in question is completely irrelevant to any current events. So everyone should calm down, go outside and enjoy some sunlight. (:
It saddens me that (former) staffmembers felt the need to get involved in this kind of public drama. As for current staffmembers, there will be no further statements in this thread from this point on.
If you have any more input on relevant topics, feel free to contact an admin through IRC or message me on discord.

Thank you for your attention!

Much love, Stinson_Out |

I agree completely - a very reasonable post given the difficult situation. I am disappointed in myself for being baited in replying but as I will explain it was hard for me not to. I will not reply to Hildreth's prior post (I've said what I wanted to already) but I just want to defend my behaviour here as I know it is immature.

As you all might be able to tell this issue at the time hit very hard and the document at hand was something I had worked very hard on and a put a lot of personal time into. That's what has caused this reaction now, plenty of other things over the years have happened which could cause similar drama and I can ignore them easily. I have not attacked Hildreth personally - only stated what happened, and I would not want to harm the league I've put so much of my time into even if I have done so here unintentionally.

Like I said already, I've said what happened and I don't need to say anything else on the matter, I apologise to Stinson and the rest of ETF2L for any difficult situations caused by posting about this publicly.

EDIT: After talking to a few people/ex-admins, I was wrong about Hildreth being kicked after the events pretold. He left the staff and then the events happened after that. I apologise to Hildreth for that mistake which was a genuine one. I stand by the rest of the events.

posted 4 weeks ago
#131 Lowpander swaps out Kissakala and Grenjabob, Crayon joins in News
As stated accusations of me being kicked for leaking are not true. It is true I leaked some very minor detail about the Swiss System which Permzilla got angry about because he wanted to reveal the information on Pirate radio a week later. I was not kicked for this as this happened 3 months prior to me leaving the admin team amd was settled internally.

I am disappointed Permzilla would lie about this detail to discredit me (see posts #64, #76 and #81) especially because both he and I know for a fact he leaked the same information about the Swiss System at LAN prior to this. I have all the facts to back this up internally, admins are satisfied with this explanation and I want the league to move on.

What is this shit lol. I didn't want to go into specifics but whatever. The very "minor" detail was a complete document (very big it took me AGES) of all ETF2L's planned Swiss System changes written by myself, before any official announcement had been made. I was linked this document by someone who had been given it by someone else, that confirmed that you had given it to them. I am not naming this person because they were really embarrassed at the time and you know who it is anyway.

I was under the assumption that the Head Admins made the decision on why people were removed from the staff, which means myself and Sonny Black's opinion on this is the only one that matters. You were not removed instantly for this leaking incident but it was a large factor in your dismissal and the rest I won't go into as it is irrelevant in this situation. It was settled as much as "we know this has happened", but we were definitely not happy still.

I have no idea what you are talking about specifically, it was not a secret we were planning Swiss System (see a public thread posted by myself asking for feedback - ). I did not leak anything about details of the swiss system - only my personal intent to see this through which was clearly public knowledge as seen by this thread.

How many of these admins were admin when this event happened? Since kkaltuu left recently I'm pretty sure it's none. But that's great that they believe your side of the story when none of them were there!

I didn't intend for this to escalate to this point, but I don't want Hildreth brushing this aside unfairly.

posted 1 month ago
#81 Lowpander swaps out Kissakala and Grenjabob, Crayon joins in News
MuukiI dunno man, I asked hildreth and he told me he hadn't leaked anything, and that he got into an argument with sonnyblack and left the admin team because he didn't want to bother with it anymore. If you want me to believe you, you have plenty of platforms to give me the facts on.

im also sure the current admin team will take your ideas about saving tf2 if you write them here on this thread, keep it up

What was the argument about though?... I am not bothered in the slightest whether you believe me on some 3 year old irrelevant drama, but I just wanted to back Thalash up because what he said is true and instantly dismissed.

Not sure what relevance that has to what I said, but I assume it's some smart comment about me saying tf2 was in a shit position while i was head admin.

posted 1 month ago
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