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#950 ESEA Season 28 Open Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Lets all take a moment to remember that America is the CHAD of all countries

posted 2 weeks ago
#1 canada is America's hat in The Dumpster

canada is not a country

posted 3 weeks ago
#6406 stream highlights in Videos

posted 3 weeks ago
#759 ESEA Season 28 Open Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
NightfaulIdk why me or anyone else on the team lets Maky speak.

hush father, the geriatric need to be caged.

posted 3 weeks ago
#215 2018 World Cup in World Events

soccor is gay

posted 3 weeks ago
#754 ESEA Season 28 Open Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

gg to betas, even tho it was 5v6

posted 3 weeks ago
#30 What should I get from amazon for 50$ in Hardware

posted 3 weeks ago
#557 ESEA Season 28 Open Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
sp0tI would like to say I find it kind of ironic that Mr. Infinity has tried to call me out a few times over being childish and pissy even though I have not attempted to contact anyone on his team, tri, or post anything about his team in this forum since the match ended (in which we ended up deciding to play the second half anyways). If anything posting mad essays and trying to justify yourself to someone who isn't even on our roster, all while trying to call me out for something that's (not only false) but completely irrelevant is childish.

Ggs to 5 5ping but I hope they understand that 4 pauses (3 of which with zero warning of pause or un-pause, and a 4th with a steam dm before the un-pause only) is a little excessive, in addition to switching out a player before the half was finished.

Side note: Second pause was in the middle of our push, at the point where our medic would've popped. Our medic was paused right next to a trap, and because there was no warning of un-pause (or pause) our medic was tabbed out and dropped 2 seconds after they un-paused. Thought it was worth noting because Infinity thought it was pretty funny that our med dropped after their random un-pause.

I don't like typing mega nerd essays like this, but Infinity typing his lil heart out to boxcar about them doing nothing wrong is (not only p childish) but worth clearing up. GGs regardless and thanks to antlers for being cool about it through steam dm's the whole time.

Pausing needs to seriously be reviewed, with the whole uber can be built during pauses glitch and other questionable tactics that come with pausing. Honestly it seems that teams use pauses to their advantage rather than what they were actually intended for. I think there should be some sort of system where the other team has to agree to the pause, if not ESEA or someone in the TFtrue community needs to create a plugin that has big flashing text in the corner of the screen saying something along the lines of PAUSE INCOMING or some shit.

The first match of this season my team was victim to a team who paused at least 5 times in the first half due to "ping problems" on the 6th pause, right after that start of the second half (on rollout, they paused on rollout), their med shows up to mid with uber, ubers both scouts and obviously we lost the mid.

IMO they should have been held to 3 pauses. Every season I have run into teams where they pause just to throw of your team's tempo, and there isn't much you can do/

posted 1 month ago
#6287 stream highlights in Videos

posted 1 month ago
#3 what makes a shitpost good. in The Dumpster

e n o u g h

posted 1 month ago
#441 ESEA Season 28 Open Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

lets all agree that part of the open experience is the drama

posted 1 month ago
#27 AFLAN18 | 15-16 December 2018 | Singapore in LAN Discussion

yall think froyo is tryna conquer all the continents?

posted 1 month ago
#10 Rocket Launcher Name in TF2 General Discussion

"I shoot stickies into teammates"

posted 1 month ago
#6 mid point political compass in TF2 General Discussion
owlbadlands would be best if you removed the bridge because centrists deserve to be in the gutter

better than being a far left or far right activist

posted 1 month ago
#23 Settle this debate! in Off Topic
aim-the king of food gordon ramsay said it isnt so it isnt good man

Aim; the Nile Crocodile, settles the argument once again. Praise be to the shotgun messiah

posted 1 month ago
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