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#87 ESEA Season 28 Intermediate Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 month ago
#17 ESEA Season 28 Invite Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

posted 1 month ago
#56 in TF2 General Discussion
Kredibles28 Invite Faint Sponsored by NeetGear?
See you next month

Hey Guys got some good news

posted 1 month ago
#19 bear departs from Velocity eSports in News


posted 1 month ago
#11 Rewind 3 Idea in TF2 General Discussion

I just want to have Rewind III in ESA Las Vegas, that place looks super epic

posted 1 month ago
#50 in TF2 General Discussion
cromenI had a talk with them and they said they'd be genuinely interested in sponsoring a TF2 team

Can confirm...

posted 1 month ago
#44 in TF2 General Discussion

s28 Invite Faint Sponsored by NeetGear?
See you next month

posted 2 months ago
#39 WarOwl Likes TF2 Community in TF2 General Discussion
roachhe wants your views

WarOwl is probably the most moral and honest Youtuber I've ever watched, to put it in perspective, when CSGO gambling was big, he was offered thousands of dollars in sponsorship money to advertise websites. Apparently he felt very strong about gambling and declined those offers. IIRC the sponsorships he's taken were World of Warships, some instant cooking service, and some online college study website, all things much better than adveritisng gambling websites

posted 2 months ago
#2 Essentials.TF April NA Monthly: Day 2 in Events

posted 2 months ago
#10 Bully Hunters in Off Topic

If anyone doesn't really care to watch the video, the program's plan is essentially:

  • Girl gets harrassed in game
  • Goes to website and asks for BULLYHUNTER
  • BULLYHUNTER adds her and joins server
  • Kills Harrasser through PURE SKILL
  • Leaves Server

Also, pretty much every single clip in the video is fake and staged and in addition to a terrible plan, I'm not sure how this program got any support and funding, especially from NOW which is a pretty well known Woman's activist program.

posted 2 months ago
#12 ESEA S27 LR1: SVIFT NA vs. Velocity eSports in Matches


posted 2 months ago
#76 TF2 update for 3/28/18 in TF2 General Discussion

For this multiple queue thing, does that mean we can queue competitive while we're pubbing? Because if so that's pretty cool

posted 2 months ago
#7 TF2 update for 3/28/18 in TF2 General Discussion

Anyone wanna queue competitive

posted 2 months ago
#36 GreekGodx playing tf2 with 11k viewers in TF2 General Discussion
zxcgreekgodx is basically pulling a tyler1
they play dead games for content

I didn't know League was a dead game lol

posted 2 months ago
#4 TheWarOwl Releases TF2 Video in TF2 General Discussion
  • Plays Casual, didn't like it
  • Plays In game competitive, liked it
  • Said surprising lack of toxicity
  • Went into random community servers, hated it
  • Criticized TF2 for starting the trend of lootboxes
  • States that TF2 has a great/wacky community and the gameplay is good.
  • Didn't know that the Black box shoots slightly right of the crosshair, criticized
  • Criticized TF2 for "forcing" players to go to the market to buy "upgrades" to play fairly (Used Direct Hit>Stock as example)
posted 2 months ago
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