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#1 did you guys know in Other Games

So I'm not 100% sure of this, but apparently Jeb, the current developer of Minecraft worked on the original dev team for CPMA? That blew my fucking mind

posted 2 months ago
#20 being genuine in TF2 General Discussion

if ur genuine can i still be khaki

posted 5 months ago
#505 Quake Champions Closed Beta in Other Games

Does anyone know if there's a demo recording system for QC?

posted 5 months ago
#4 Favorite Fallout in Other Games
eddie_calderonyou havent listed fallout tactics or fallout: brotherhood of steel

yeah i decided to only include the fallout games that are remotely entertaining

posted 5 months ago
#1 Favorite Fallout in Other Games

I discussing this with a friend, and wanted to see what a general consensus of gamers think is the best fallout

posted 5 months ago
#9 PSA: Upward Players in TF2 General Discussion

u spelled static wrong

posted 6 months ago
#3 About cl_interp and cl_interp_ratio cyzer setting in TF2 General Discussion

posted 6 months ago
#3 Farscape in Music, Movies, TV

Does anyone know where to watch/stream Farscape episodes legally?

posted 6 months ago
#1 Farscape in Music, Movies, TV

Does anyone know where to watch/stream Farscape episodes? I really don't feel like paying $100+ for the blu ray series and buying each episode on google play is not preferable either

posted 6 months ago
#5 bad habits in Off Topic

tf2 is like a heroin addiction

you can quit cold turkey and stay ff the stuff for a decade but the need for it never leaves you

posted 6 months ago
#1 top 5 snipers in TF2 General Discussion

What is everyone's picks for top 5 best snipers, best to worst? I'll define "best" as a sniper who was conistently good and was able to make it into high level comp play

additionally my picks will be at least roughly 3-4 years old, as that was when I stopped follow the tf2 comp scene as closely

1) powah
2) sheep
3) Too many solid north american sniper mains, so I'll just say either weeble or ricco
4) slardel
5) again I have a tie between off classing roamers, both davis and mackey were great snipers, I would say davis was probably more consistently good, but mackey didn't off class a whole awful lot for a time

posted 6 months ago
#2886 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Okay so I'm curious

Assuming you're running an OC'd 8700k at normal temps, what are the normal temperature ranges you'd see for it? I've been told 90c+ is dangerous/will damage your processor but I've also heard that Coffee Lake processors typically run hotter than most other processors, and it's not abnormal for them to run around 90-100c. I haven't even overclocked my 8700k and right now with a Corsair h60 it runs around ~95c when running demanding/poorly optimized games like fallout 4

posted 7 months ago
#130 Most underrated prem/invite players of all time. in TF2 General Discussion
Comangliabearodactylmgib was also super good at the game but never played invite

wasn't mgib caught cheating like twice

posted 7 months ago
#21 Choose one and tell us why? in Off Topic

Wait so if I restart life do I retain all of my knowledge/memories or is it literally like reincarnation

if it's the latter then that'd be closer to what I imagine hell would be

door #2 could feasibly obtain both doors #1 and #3 anyways

posted 7 months ago
#120 Most underrated prem/invite players of all time. in TF2 General Discussion

smaka was stupid good at sniper when he tried, not exactly underrated when it comes to demo

mustardoverlord*DEEP BREATH*

I don't think you understand what the term underrated means, 90% of the players on ur list were incredibly well known/recognized for their abilities in their time

posted 7 months ago
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