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#39 cp_kalinka (5CP) in Map Discussion



-clipping fixes around mid house
-replaced platform on left flank from mid house to 2nd with a building to kill silly sightlines

-reworked cover behind 2nd slightly
-fixed clipping mistakes (thanks Tmbr)

-detailing work on models and geometry

Latest version download (b5)


posted 6 months ago
#37 cp_kalinka (5CP) in Map Discussion



-removed cabinets from forwards
-added no entry sign on forwards shutter

-removed cabinets from forwards
-added no entry sign on forwards shutter
-smoothed the step from forward

-added teslacoil particle effects
-added finale tesla particle effects when last point is capped

-various clipping fixes
-a bunch of detailing and lighting tweaks

Latest version download (b4)


posted 7 months ago
#40 teamfortress.tv New Map Cup sponsored by marketplace.tf announced in News

Thanks a lot for including Kalinka!

If anyone has the time to test out Kalinka b3 before the cup I would be really thankful. Mostly concerned about the spawntimes on forward spawns, since I increased the spawns for last attackers quite drasticly in b3.

If anyone finds anything that should definitely be changed let me know asap and I'll push out an update before the cup!

posted 7 months ago
#33 cp_kalinka (5CP) in Map Discussion


-slimmed mid down to make unnoticed flanks a rarer thing
-replaced pile of crates with a less complicated prop for easier jumps on top
-made lower roofs a tiny bit larger for easier jumps on top
-reworked left entrance to mid to block sight lines more
-moved the 2 small ammopacks closer to the point
-added a medium healthpack to the lowground under point
-opened up the stairs to lowground to make it easier to see if anyone is under
-simplified mid overall removing props and brush work

-reworked middle entrance from mid house to 2nd to block sightlines more
-nerfed sightlines from the back of 2nd to mid house entrances
-fixed the broken window on the left most entrance to lobby
-fixed spooky shutters
-fixed red forward spawn points

-added some geometry and props to play around to the far left side of lobby
-added a small ramp to dropdown for easier access
-removed the window viewing dropdown to make dropdown more viable
-added a crate to the rightside for players to hold on top of
-simplified the propjump on the left side a bit
-moved small health pack to the other side to support flank more
-captime increased to 3sec from 2sec
-last attackers spawntime increased

Latest version download (b3)


posted 7 months ago
#32 cp_kalinka (5CP) in Map Discussion

Thanks to all the testers! I'm sorry about the red forwards, still a bit confused on what actually caused that. Will look into it and release an update this week.

posted 8 months ago
#25 cp_kalinka (5CP) in Map Discussion


~ artpass vol. 1 ~

posted 8 months ago
#24 cp_kalinka (5CP) in Map Discussion



posted 11 months ago
#22 cp_kalinka (5CP) in Map Discussion



-cut down the rightside highground a tiny bit

-minor detailing

-added a small highground behind the point on top of the glass panel
-added highground made out of pipes connecting left and right side
-included wip models of teslacoil parts
-new capturepoint platform model

prolly forgot a lot

Latest version download (a10)


Anyone care to have a proper 6s test on this?

posted about a year ago
#21 cp_kalinka (5CP) in Map Discussion


-blocked the sides a bit more with a broken window
-detail and lighting changes
-minor clipping

-opened the roof behind 2nd to allow jumps into and out of the point
-added a new small highground overlooking 2nd, accessible from lobby with a small ramp
-changed one of the left side doors into windows (which can still be used as a enterance to lobby)
-some detailing
-lighting pass

-replaced the silly staircase on the right side with a dropdown/secret accessible from the rightside of lobby
-some detailing
-lighting pass

Latest version download (a9)


Would love to get some feedback from 6s pugs!

posted about a year ago
#20 cp_kalinka (5CP) in Map Discussion

I've got a9 coming up real soon with a few (possibly) good changes. The roof behind second has been opened up for easier jumps to and out of the point, and a new tiny highground watching over 2nd.



Also removed the weird stairs from the right side of last and added a new dropdown/secret thing.



posted about a year ago
#17 cp_kalinka (5CP) in Map Discussion

Oh neat, just realized I left a small ammo pack I was supposed to delete on the red side...
a8a incoming in 20minutes ->

a8a up in the previous post.

posted about a year ago
#16 cp_kalinka (5CP) in Map Discussion


-made the left side enterance to mid smaller and buffed the rightside enterance
-removed the concrete barrier wall wich players could jump over
-made 2nd forward spawn face mid to cause less confusion
-changed props inside the mid building
-added jumpable awning on top of the lower enterance to mid
-reworked the left flank from mid to 2nd to feel a bit more chokey
-moved pickups around on house and added an additional small ammo

-added an alternative door to the rightside alternative shutter route
-reworked main enterance a bit
-added some highground for the defending team closer to main enterance
-made some brushes behind 2nd into displacements instead
-moved medium health closer to the point
-replaced small ammo with a medium and moved it next to the med health
-added an additional small ammo to the new highground
-a few new props and lights

-moved highround a bit higher behind the last point
-made right side ramp up to the highground wider
-made the flank/secret on the right side smaller to make it easier to clear last
-added a prop jump from lower right to top right
-removed the left railing on lobby and added some props to get up easier

-spec cams!

-removed the extra small ammopack from red last

Latest version download (a8a)


posted about a year ago
#15 cp_kalinka (5CP) in Map Discussion
sage78the way the second forward spawn is positioned a lot of people (including me) accidentally go the wrong way

The 2nd forward spawn has already been fixed to face mid in the next version.

rowpiecesplease don't get discouraged with map making. it's always nice to see new maps but its a shame that so much people abandon their maps. keep working at it :)

so far it looks pretty nice, so good job!

I am currently feeling really good on how kalinka has turned out. I have no intention to stop working on it any time soon, so dont worry!

posted about a year ago
#12 cp_kalinka (5CP) in Map Discussion
TsarbucksSorry for bumping, but do you want this included on New Map Pugs tonight?

Sorry I could not respond in time, I was asleep already. (timezones woo!) And yeah any testing and feedback is more than welcome! Someone from possibly another pug group already asked me the same and I told them that it would be really cool to get some proper feedback. Adding a part to the OP that explains any testing without my specific permission is completely fine.

posted about a year ago
#10 cp_kalinka (5CP) in Map Discussion


-redesigned mid point (twice) into a broken building.
-highground now accessable from both left and right
-stairs leading from the lowground under the point to the point
-polished lobby and connectors to 2nd point
-extended the lobby building towards 2nd on the flank route side
-added small ammo pickups behind the tanks on mid

-reworked right side shutter enterance to 2nd and removed the little building in front of the shutter
-left side enterance to last connected to lobby to make escaping 2nd into lobby easier
-moved first forward spawn a bit forward in front of the 2nd point
-sightline blocking across the point
-opened up the area behind the point more
-highground for the defending team on the left flank route

-redesigned last point a lot
-removed highground from directly behind the point and added some cover instead
- reworked and polished the rightside chocke/holding area
-added a pilar to the left side to break the gameplay space a bit

-more frontline
-some detailing
-stuff that I forgot to mention

Latest version download (a7)


posted about a year ago
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