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#5 healthy eating thread in Off Topic

cooking your own food is probably one of the best things you can do to eat healthy. lots of sites online with quick/easy recipes that taste good.

i use quite a bit, it has a ton of great recipes that are simple to try. only downside to it is the categorization of the recipes isn't great, so some won't show up in lists that they should.

it's been invaluable for me trying to vary my diet a bit, even if i don't really focus on eating healthily.

posted 2 hours ago
#269 Say something nice about the person above you in Off Topic

process final is a really good last point compared to a lot of other 5 cp maps

posted 3 hours ago
#11 Grapse in Off Topic

grapes are just tiny melons

posted 3 hours ago
#10 What are your New Year's Resolutions? in Off Topic

none because theyre a stupid concept, if someone was actually committed to improving themselves they wouldn't wait for an arbitrary holiday to start doing it. at least its fun seeing all the people who complain about breaking their 'resolutions'

posted 4 hours ago
#3 It's Friday... in Off Topic

avoiding this website

posted 4 hours ago
#21 RIP Net Neutrality in World Events
KEVCHEVyall r dumb ass hell. shits not going to become a dystopian hell hole
the internet belongs to the free markets not the gov
capitalism rules. freedom rules. god bles

you are not funny and i hope you stop posting on this website

posted 5 hours ago
#68 Habibs brother? in e-Sports

for the saucey flavour

posted 18 hours ago
#66 Habibs brother? in e-Sports

my mom puts salt in the sauce pan when she cooks rice

posted 18 hours ago
#47 What do you HATE about TF2? in TF2 General Discussion
Hellbentmost jumping is wallpogo

do you even know what a wall pogo is

posted 21 hours ago
#47 Habibs brother? in e-Sports
SpaceCadetThe days of talking about people in a light hearted carefree way are long gone, our parents enjoyed that era.

This generation takes literally anything people say as an attack of some sort. That rational is used by the "i'm offended about everything" crowd. The media eats that shit up, so it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

ah yes i remeber the glory days of the black and white minstrels, broadcast into our family homes by the almighty BBC.

truly a better time :')

posted 1 day ago
#44 Has it snowed where you live yet? in Off Topic


posted 1 day ago
#40 Habibs brother? in e-Sports

posted 1 day ago
#13 Habibs brother? in e-Sports

haha i get it because theyre both asian nice racist joke

posted 1 day ago
#12 - Fixed not being able to detonate stickybombs whe in TF2 General Discussion

hey thats pretty epic thanks TF team. if pyro's stock flamethrower could be bug fixed and rebalanced a lil so that it requires a bit of aiming or something that would be very cool too.

posted 1 day ago

posted 1 day ago
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