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ETF2L Premiership Week 3: GGWP.pro vs. Lazy Pandas
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Thursday, May 29th
3:15 PM EDT

Join Ryushi, kr4tos and Jon on TeamFortress.TV for the first, confirmed fixture of ETF2L Season 18 powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Week 3 and the season debut of Turbine! Tonight we see GGWP.pro pitched against Lazy Pandas. Over the past 2 weeks of matches, GGWP.pro have only ascertained a total of 2 points from a lucky golden cap loss against rockit. Lazy Pandas on the other hand haven't been able to rack up any points bringing their season so far to achieving bottom of the table, but a win tonight could place them comfortably in 5th place just below previous rivals, 4-25. Who will win? Tune in to find out!

ETF2L Match Page | ETF2L S18 Week 3 Preview
Map 1 - cp_badlands
Map 2 - ctf_turbine_pro_rc4
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VODs coming out momentarily.
Sorry team!

VODs coming out momentarily.
Sorry team!
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