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#21 Easy tier 5 maps for soldier. in TF2 General Discussion

I did jump_it after about 3 hours of grinding (only had one real issue on 1 jump). I did this before having completed more than 3 T4 maps.

posted 1 week ago
#7 Favorite Cheese? in Off Topic

Vermont Sharp White Cheddar

posted 1 week ago
#143 RGL S7 Main Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
Tery_RGL RulesIn general, we will class restrict:

If a person has made the top 4-6 in playoffs multiple times in the same division (depends on the division size)
If a person has made playoffs in the division above
If a person is demonstrably better in a class than everyone else in a division

The fact that RGL can restrict someone because they think they're "demonstrably better" just undermines the previous two stipulations. It doesn't really matter if you go 12-4 or 4-12 in X division but if you drop down one below, RGL can just say "nah you're too good boom class restricted." They also consider any backing up + roster riding as experience / a factor, which is fucking stupid and hopefully is no longer the case.

I got restricted off demo in Open after S1. During S1 my team finished 8th overall after being the 1 seed in the playoffs. Here's the thing. I didn't play demo during S1, in fact I had never played demo during a season at all before. For S2 I was going to demo in open but my TL was told by sigafoo himself that "This player is too good on demo to play in open" (Obviously it isnt exactly what he said but it was along those lines). I had only played demo in pugs and I was mediocre at best at the time at demo. I really do not know why I was restricted to only playing medic after S1 in open.

posted 1 week ago
#2 I am here to talk about ducks. in Off Topic

Duck are cool.

posted 1 week ago
#32 fyg lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

is satan spongebob

posted 1 week ago
#4 new pug group in CSGO General Discussion

like dude if I wanted to hear racial slurs every other second I would just play mm

posted 1 week ago
#2 new pug group in CSGO General Discussion

i see elijah and crew i leave

posted 1 week ago
#53 sens check in Customization


posted 2 weeks ago
#101 RGL S7 Main Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
Air_If you come from tftv,. I implore you, Look inside yourself. Ask yourself this: Is rgl really worth my time and my money? I guarentee at least 50% of you are tired of rgl making the same mistakes. Having awful opinions day in and day out. Like why is there even a rule for what I say in MY SCRIMS. They are not rgl sanctioned??? RGL does not give me a server, so they can't tell me what to say in that scrim. It's rules like this and many more rules that are the problem. It's not just the admins! I want to emphasize this point, It's not entirely the admins faults they are just following the rules(besides reno) Look at any other pro league, and I mean a real pro league. Their rules don't tell us how to act. Their rules don't tell us what we can and can't do ethically. They prioritize GAMEPLAY. something that rgl doesn't really care about at all. they just want to be nazis who control how their community acts, all in the name of "creating a safe place". Create my nutsack rgl. Look rgl I'll be honest with you. You want a succesful league, get me to write your rules for you. Msg me on my email, I won't tell anyone what I'm doing it will be between me and you, okay? I will help save your league and I don't ask anything in return. Heck you can ban me for all I care, you already ruined this game for me. Thanks and I wish you the best (not reno)

I'm done with tf2 after this season. Moving to the Bitcoin minner CSGO league. Either way Hubida is still a idiot for not following the rules of the league and then complaining about said rules after he broke them.

posted 2 weeks ago
#25 Favorite Ice Cream in Off Topic

Heath Bar/Toffee

posted 2 weeks ago
#12 More RGL is bad thread. in The Dumpster
glassThe same team had an Adv player join their roster and he gets restricted several days after our match. I've heard stories from former teammates having the same thing happen to them. High-level player joins a roster, DESTROYS them then in the days after they get restricted.
seems unfair but i'm not immediately seeing a better way to do it. probably aren't enough staff to vet every roster change for potential restrictions before any matches are played

could do some sort of points penalty after the fact but that could get messy

Just don't allow them to join the roster until they can put the class restrictions. Would that be too hard?

posted 2 weeks ago
#144 Thank You Letter to RGL in TF2 General Discussion

I don't think there is a problem with the rule, just a problem with how many demos they request. If they lowered it to a smaller amount per week (say like 1 from each div and not like from 1 team but from 1 person) I think it would be more sensible for the admins to actually go through it. Maybe every other week for each div so they have a better chance.

Right now I think all that needs to happen is for them to fill a quota of demos to grab. I was messaged to give demos from myself and another teammate. Well my other teammate was on vacation the week I was asked to grab demos for. I told the admin. Instead of saying ok or asking for another weeks from him he asked me to get another of my teammates demos instead which seems kinda weird imo. Like if they are suppose to be random you should go around and say "yah give me the other guys instead." Like if it's suppose to be truly random then make it turkey random instead of that shit.

Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk. No I didn't read half the shit in this thread. Have a good day.

Edit: Autocorrect at it again.

posted 2 weeks ago
#58 RGL S7 Main Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

I will be casting the match between GARRYISM and hardly working tonight.

Match starts at 10:15 so coverage will start at 10:05

twitch tv/seven1tf2

posted 4 weeks ago
#42 What do you like and dislike about this community? in TF2 General Discussion

Like: The game, people like mastercoms and the people who run newbie mixes (because they try and help everyone to be able to enjoy this game), new players that are willing to learn, most of the community

Dislike: RGL, having to pay to play 6s in RGL, over opinionated people to the point where they see a specific name and downvote without reading the post, cheaters, most RGL admins, the fact we haven't had a lan in a while, circle jerks (makes it hard to get farther if you don't join one D: )

Edit: Corrected my phone's autocorrect of downvote to down it's

posted 4 weeks ago
#12 where u sittin? in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 month ago
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