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#90 simple foods that are delicious in Off Topic

this guy gets it

grape tomatoes are probably my all-time favorite snack. the only downside to them is they lose that nice tight *SNAP* when you first bite into them within a week or so, so i have to restock really frequently

posted about 7 years ago
#39 Pub catchphrases that grind your gears in TF2 General Discussion


posted about 7 years ago
#103 Poor Sportsmanship in The Dumpster

idk what the fuck the drama is about but i don't see how shittalking someone for a "psychological edge" is necessary in a game like tf2 where 99.9% of competitive matches have literally zero rewards to speak of, and i don't think out-of-game shittalking (eg shittalking over twitter) is very defensible either

like, i get people shittalking in high stakes games where there's a prize pool and you want to win the money so you do whatever it takes. it's unprofessional but there's a genuine incentive to do it, and that's money. but being a huge prick to someone for the sake of a competitive edge when there's zero tangible returns other than feeling kind of good because you won at a video game seems pretty fucking stupid to me, like get your priorities straight man

posted about 7 years ago
#55 no man's sky in Other Games
Battleborn was hyped and didn't get popular but it wasn't inherently bad...

I think it's inherently bad, but that's besides the point. It's undeniably a flop. Lukewarm critical reception, gen pop made its crashing failure into a meme, no playerbase a month into launch, humble bundle within two months, they even introduced microtransactions in a 60 dollar game that offered a 20 dollar season pass at launch.

It and Evolve are the golden standard of how NOT to handle a video game. At least Evolve had a stronger playerbase at launch and has slightly recovered by going f2p.


yttriumThe entire game across all platforms performs and looks like crap, and is full of empty promises.

Oh, for sure. It was a clumsy launch all around. But at least the fuckin' thing runs on consoles. Crashes, stutters, audio cutting out. I watched ster try to stream it and he had to modify an ini file to get his fov to 100 because apparently the slider wasn't working, and the inventory kept showing controller buttons instead of keyboard hotkeys. I watched tagg's stream and he got in a ship and the frames literally dropped to, like, 2. Console players at least got a working game.

posted about 7 years ago
#53 no man's sky in Other Games
Sheriffas if anyone couldn't seeing this coming honestly lol, the director of hello games practically lied through his teeth about multiplayer across several interviews, this centuries biggest video game flop

Battleborn. This game's PC release was a fucking disaster and it's gratuitously overpriced but it made some good bank given its tiny dev team. Battleborn cost more than every Borderlands game combined or some shit, got utterly crushed by Overwatch, and was on the humble bundle for 15 bucks like a month and a half into its lifetime.

Evolve is a good contender too.

posted about 7 years ago
#11 Terry Crews in Off Topic

terry crews is one of my favorite celebrities, i grew up watching everybody hates chris (ie discount malcolm in the middle) and he was the shit in that show, and i loved watching him in the old spice commercials in high school. seeing stuff like this and the vid of him dancing like a fucking geek in Rio is just so heartwarming, dude just seems like a great guy.

said video of him dancing like a fucking geek in Rio


posted about 7 years ago
#138 How is this happening in World Events
SpaceCadetI understand where you are coming from but it really goes back to having no good choices in this election. Since I refuse to vote for Hillary, that either means I don't vote at all or vote Trump by default. I want better options! Going to have to settle on waiting 4 more years and hoping.

Look, I don't give a shit if you're an alt right racist with no grasp of how our economy works and want to vote for Trump solely because you hate the dirty goatfuckers or whatever, but please don't vote Trump just because you don't like Hillary. At the very least, just stay home on election day. Or vote third party. You DO have options.

Also, you aren't "waiting 4 more years". The candidate who gets inducted into office aren't gonna just be there quietly doing nothing at all for 4 years while you patiently wait for two more "hopefully-less-bad" candidates to vote for. Don't be so impassive, I implore you.

posted about 7 years ago
#46 How is this happening in World Events
Phunk@obe write-ins exist if they aren't on your ballot my man

but it's a testament to how underrepresented she is. people won't write her in if they don't even know she exists. it's really unfortunate because i definitely find her the most appealing candidate by far, but it's just unrealistic to expect her to win. i might vote for her anyway, just to feel better about myself for not caving to the two-party trap, but i haven't decided yet.

posted about 7 years ago
#43 How is this happening in World Events
Daggervote for jill stein if you have any brains

she's literally not even on the ballot for half of the country. i hate to be a "hurr wasted vote" guy because that mindset is why we get fucked by the two party system every four years, but if you want to vote third party you should probably go for the one that's actually on the ballot in all 50 states.

posted about 7 years ago
#1 tlr streaming again? in TF2 General Discussion


this is the return boys

posted about 7 years ago
#50 Muselk's criticism of the MyM update in TF2 General Discussion
fahrenheitI'm honestly still really amazed at how many people still have the "TF2 is a dead game" prerogative even though it's literally always been as popular as it ever has been.


The game hasn't lost anybody because of this sentiment (even gained people arguably), but it creates a more cynical community.

I agree that the "TF2 is dead" thing is generally stupid and an empty criticism but TF2's playerbase has dwindled pretty significantly over time. It's been on a very consistent downhill slope since late 2014 (there was a short increase during Gun Mettle), where it peaked at 100k+ concurrent players. That's down to about 75k now. I don't know why people consider a game that pulls 75k concurrent players dead, but it isn't "as popular as it's ever been".

posted about 7 years ago
#254 MAJOR TF2 update for 7/7/16 (Meet Your Match) in TF2 General Discussion
SentinelHonestly, before fundamentally changing how the game works after nearly a decade, Valve should have considered that most of their playerbase are brain damaged preteens that can't adapt quickly to changes as fundamental as this one

yes. it's far far too late in the game to monkey overwatch or csgo (the latter being the more likely case). it's an admirable endeavor i guess, but do they really think that a game that's been a casual shooter for 9 years and a free one for 5 (tfw you realize tf2 has been f2p for >50% of its lifetime now) is sufficiently bolstered by a playerbase of enough hardcore relateable gamers for such a radical change to the most fundamental part of multiplayer game to work?

i just feel like they're misreading the game's target audience. the matchmaking and competitive mindset should be optional for those who want to try it, not forced. people buy csgo and overwatch knowing they're competitively oriented from the ground up, so it works. i'd wager the vast majority of this game's playerbase have been playing tf2 only since it's been free and have never taken it seriously, you can't just spring this on them :\

at this time it feels very dirty to bite the hand, but it's difficult to resist the urge.

e: after a quick visit to the cesspool that is /r/tf2 it seems that valve are likely to revert this. if they don't i think they're in grave danger of actually losing a sizable amount of players.




posted about 7 years ago
#104 MAJOR TF2 update for 7/7/16 (Meet Your Match) in TF2 General Discussion
Daggerthis might be an unpopular opinion but i have mixed feelings on this update

i do not know if this is sarcasm but based on the fact that there are many posts w/ 10+ upfrags expressing this exact opinion i would say that it's not particularly unpopular

posted about 7 years ago
#77 MAJOR TF2 update for 7/7/16 (Meet Your Match) in TF2 General Discussion
mousiopedo dropped guns still retain ubercharge ?

"Stored ÜberCharge begins to decay over time after coming to rest"

posted about 7 years ago
#69 MAJOR TF2 update for 7/7/16 (Meet Your Match) in TF2 General Discussion

not a great changelog if i'm being honest. where did such a big medic buff even come from? who even wanted that?

e: also am i understanding the shortstop thing right? did they give an airblast to a scout weapon? but y

posted about 7 years ago
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