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#1 Ergonomic mouse users in Hardware

So, essentially I've got a bad pain in my wrist to upper arm that's just started to come about in the past few weeks and using my g403 for even only two hours or so just aggravates it.

So my question to you guys is does anyone play/use an ergonomic gaming mouse or even just an ergonomic desktop mouse and what recommendations can you give?

I've been looking into a razer basilisk v3 as apparently it's ergonomic but to me it just looks like my hand will still sit in a similar position and I feel the pain would only continue. If anyone does use that mouse and can give me any feedback on if their wrist is actually supported, I'd greatly appreciate it.

posted 3 weeks ago
#11 sickest intentional edgebugs in TF2 General Discussion

does this count?

posted 3 months ago
#19 best player in tf2 if you only saw their frag vids in TF2 General Discussion


posted 4 months ago
#3 Regarding RCADIA Fortress Tournaments in LAN Discussion

Quality Lan, loved it.

posted about a year ago
#2 "OFFICIAL" ETF2L SEASON 44 AWARD SHOW in TF2 General Discussion

posted about a year ago
#365 TF.TV WHIPS, what do you drive? in Off Topic
impropahmy vehicle history from 2021-2023:

started with my '06 BMW 325xi
(then crashed)

then i bought my '08 C300
(also crashed it)

my interim vehicle this winter was my 2001 CLK55 AMG

and finally TODAY i sold the AMG and purchased a 2015 A3

Tell us the crash stories.

posted about a year ago
#19 triple airshots? in Videos

posted about a year ago
#25 RCADIA FORTRESS HAMBURG: Feedback Thread! in LAN Discussion

Although there was no stage and I do see the appeal to a stage, I personally really enjoyed having all the people who wished to watch us sit behind us as I could feel their energy so much more when even something small happened like getting a med kill or a clutch last hold.
I know that everyone will get to watch from in front of said stage but the hall was split evenly viewers wise behind both teams and hearing both teams erupt with their fans behind them at the same was sensational so I don't see no stage as a bad thing.

The extra round timer is lovely but I think having pauses and keeping it within the time limit allocated to the pause itself I think is the best way to continue with it, two minutes for the pause feels plenty enough as it won't completely diminish any momentum one team has. It's also useful time for the team with said momentum because you can try to think of what's coming next, what different strategy is going to be played, etc.

posted about a year ago
#8682 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted about 2 years ago
#29 Who is your country's most famous esport athlete? in Esports


posted about 2 years ago
#2 Music recomm for working out in Music, Movies, TV

Is your training centred around strength and conditioning, cardio, endurance, heavy weights?

posted about 2 years ago
#109 ban iron bomber and market gardener for s39 in TF2 General Discussion
pyropenguinIrish_Joshmassive texteither this is genius bait or you didn't read the thread because you completely managed to avoid the point of the weapon being not fun to play against

There's a lot of stuff un-fun to play against, that is not the point that should be made here. I don't complain against something that I consider un-fun, I prioritise adapting to it.

Makyea man,,,, elacour and lukas are easy to play against. grow up.

Be quiet you dense mong, I only want the opinion of good demos.

DomoCatFaceIrish_Josh1.LOLGUY was standing in the normal position for medic to stand in? Not sure where else you're implying he stand other than inside the point which is a death trap for medics. Sniper would be known about and would have to hit a split second headshot to drop him - which I think everyone would consider fair as it's a guaranteed death for the sniper if he were to peak like that.They would also literally have a sniper who is limited in his gameplay until he dies, not sure why people keep bringing this comparison up, it's the reason you can run mg full time and not run sniper full time?
2. Lack of any offclass or structured last hold is 100% the problem here. Soapy however has 0 rockets as he jumps and would have gotten one rocket off before he died maybe 2, at best case a force. The bhop is also just an RNG bug, skill does affect it sure but it's not consistent in the slightest and the medic has to guess.
3. Same again for this scenario, Jay has 0 rockets as he jumps, where is he going to get these 2 rockets you speak of? Skeez could have dodged better you're right, but other than just hope Jay misses his swing, little he could have done. There isn't much in this game that allows you to 1 shot an enemy, and they all come with heavy tradeoffs and risk (apart from this one), idk man seems like we won't ever agree this is bad game design. At least with rockets there's a slight chance the medic can outplay the soldier.

edit: I didn't mention sticky traps because I know that will be a comparison. And yes I also think that is stupid game design for a game like ours.

1. It honestly looks like he's actually running forward to buff a soldier the second jay jumps so again that's a mistake on his part but the lack of denial at the choke allows jay a free bomb in the first place. He is effectively in the same position as his scout here as well so it's gifting a free bomb for Jay. Sniper wouldn't be known about if he hides on mid and runs down the left side as no one is finding any forward information on the setup but that's not the case here, I'm just showcasing what could happen based on the same scenario.
2. So in what way is it the market gardener being op then? This a team fault through and through because if the attacking demo syncs spam with soapy in this situation if he goes for the rocket over the mg, he can easily be dropped the same with sync spam.
3. My bad, I didn't see the 0 rocket part however with the position skeez is in, all Jay has to do is take time to reload two rockets which evidently in this clip he has more than enough time to do. The lack of risk is due to his team not playing around him but this game as a whole wasn't very focused around habib/skeez, I am unaware if you watched the vod of it but it felt very flank heavy and these two were left out as bait in a sense.

posted about 3 years ago
#98 ban iron bomber and market gardener for s39 in TF2 General Discussion
dipp_nubbiThe only thing i don't understand is if the spoon was this op and the best weapon in the game (cuz based on what people say in the thread thats what they think) then why are there 3 prem/invite players combined that use it?
Not everyone is skilled with the spoon, hence few people use it. However, the spoon does become OP with the few people who are good with it. It's about the user, not the weapon.
nubbiAlso to me it kinda looks like its only the salty medic mains crying who don't have good movement and haven't got very good awareness
In these clips, the medic was aware of the soldier and I don't think their movement was "bad".

A medic can juke/dodge/surf a soldier using rockets, while with the spoon, there's practically nothing anyone can do about it except pop or drop.
chiefdogI could be wrong but isn't mg really easy to counter with good awareness, good movement and a scout? Should we not reward skilled weapons and outplay potential? Isn't it a good thing if a good enough soldier can break a stalemate with a set off good jumps and a well timed spoon?
In stalemates, I think both teams should have almost equal chances of winning. The issue arises when the attacking team has a market gardener soldier. They have time to prepare and get a good jump in (for example, soapymesiter's clip), while the defending team will not have such a great opportunity if they counter sac (with the spoon) since the enemy is more prepared and expecting and also playing passive positions. Haven't you noticed how the market gardener almost always excels when you are attacking with point advantage? It does not favor both sides equally when breaking stalemates with the spoon.

The market gardener can achieve more than any launcher for less skill/aim. The few people who can use it terrorize other teams, and it is really hard to counter. That is why it is overpowered, ban the spoon.

These are poor choices and if you watch all these clips it shows,
1. LOLGUY is just spamming a and d instead of being in a position is viable for him to not be forced and actually see the soldier coming. This isn't mg being op because a sniper could easily peak him from cafe like this as there is no one denying the choke and it's a free headshot similarly to the mg kill.
2. Plaidium had a decent position but his scout/demo/lack off class?? failed to kill a soldier who is in by himself with no support just as soapy had to hit the bhop as well for this to work. This again isn't the weapon being op, defending team had more than enough time to kill him but their setup was shit and their scout equally as so and the bhop mechanic is just a good display of skill.
3. You honestly believe this was good movement? Guys holding s in a straight line. Of course he is going to get a kill on the medic like this but again Jay if he's using rockets here can easily just land on his head and get a simple two rocket. Similarly again, there just isn't a scout/enough classes around the medic.

If I played against a soldier (gink) who put time and effort into beggars bazooka and made the game his bitch, I wouldn't complain it's overpowered, I'd be thinking on how to adapt to what is going on. The good spoon players do exactly this by practising and practising in order to develop good timing/situations where the spoon can be viable. The same goes for paintrain, it's only viable in certain situations.
Does nubbi hit every spoon he goes for? No, because he adapts to what happens, sometimes he will go for one but a large majority miss.

Your argument over equal chances of winning is incorrect, there is plenty of times to do a counter sac, push out when the attacking team sends in a sac as well, if you're a team that's on the ball, you can do it before the attackers even attempt their own play e.g using uber ad, pyro sniper push out, syncing with a spy play, coordinated aggression on a lobby area, list goes on mate. Again, the second clip has no defensive offclasses so they played into Soapy's hands.

The spoon isn't op, it's just lack of thoughts/gamesense of what is going to happen and who you are playing against. It can be countered very easily and this one of the things I tell people who want mentoring, adapt to who you play, pay attention to what they do and use it against them.

Simiarly, what mustard linked previously about I said about the iron bomber still stands, the weapon isn't overpowered, it's a viable way for demo to stay relevant in this current game and not all demos can still put up the numbers/impact required even with this weapon. If all demos where able to drop 10k every game and make everyone's life a misery, then I'd agree but the fact is, I can play against all the prem demos and see mediocre numbers/impact with this "overpowered" weapon and outcome would have fuck all change if they were using stock pipes/loose cannon.

posted about 3 years ago
#334 TF.TV WHIPS, what do you drive? in Off Topic

Just picked up a 2019 R6.

Track bike or commuting?

posted about 3 years ago
#51 The flaws of 6's in TF2 General Discussion
Opti_It is pure theory crafting and probably bollocks but I had an idea to get rid of the "No team has an incentive to push".

You make 5cps with round limit to 3 or 4. You set round time to 5 or 4 minutes. If last is capped, team who caps gains 1 round. If no one caps, at the end of the round timer, whoever has mid wins 1 round.

The incentive to push is now on the defending team because if they sit on last they loose a round. The time isn't too high so you still have urgency to try but not too low so you can still try and think about strategies to push out.
The attacking team could use offlcasses like engie/heavy but they don't have the spawn to insta switch so they are more committed to that class and if they get pushed back they are "stuck" on that class.

Sure, pushing out of last is extremely difficult, but in this game mode, you are forced to do it every time so you might come up with more original strategies.

Actually, i just re read my post and it just emulates koth with a 5cps map...

I do like the idea of this, not so much the fact you gain a point for holding mid because then you just need a strong mid to turtle but I do like the shorter round timers. A lot of teams at the moment seem so afraid to trying anything and even prem teams take upwards of three minutes to set-up just a single sac. Unless the plan is to win off the enemy team falling asleep then it's mind boggling. Setting up plays does not seem to be as complicated as it sounds. Setting up a soldier sac play takes twenty seconds at best (get everyone buffed, spot med, relay information and spam towards medic while soldier goes in) and the faster you are, the more unpredictable you are as a team.

A problem I see with teams on last holds is they rely too much on a sentry, I understand when they have uber dis ad then a sentry is no brainer but if you have equal ubers and the attackers haven't done anything for almost a minute, there is no harm in taking a pyro/sniper and slow pushing. It's low risk/high reward or even a coordinated door spam to distract for a spy. Again these are just examples out of many but they are effective ways to get off last point without needing to just make a bunker with a sentry.
The main point I think I am trying to make is teams shouldn't be afraid to lose a point/round for trying something, it's meant to happen and you only improve off making mistakes then analysing why it went wrong.

posted about 3 years ago
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