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#5 Should I watch LOST? in Music, Movies, TV

I watched it all quite some time ago but I would say it is still 100% worth it to watch for anyone that hasn't watched it yet.
It has his weird moments but overall is a really good show.

posted 5 days ago
#3 Hud editing help in Customization

MapInfoMenu.res and TextWindow.res (also TextWindowCustomServer.res) are the files you are looking for.

Also is better if you ask in the dedicated thread next time!

posted 6 days ago
#298 m0re hud in Customization
osvaldoHypnotize Alright, so following your recommandations, I replaced my PvPRankPanel.res with the 5.7 version and replaced all the "Menu Labels" for "Main Menu Labels" in MainMenuOverride.res (using the new 5.7 customization that removes the friends list in the main menu). That's a huge improvement, getting the rank/game back (although the progress bar is white and not blue for some reason - not that it matters to me) but also restoring the blue hovering effect (as seen on items in the screenshot).
However, when I click on "Items", I first get this weird visual bug (first click), then an error that shows in console (Unknown command "dimmer_clicked"). The third time I click on "Items", the game instantly crashes. Note that trying to access the "Item" tab when in game or through a bind that lets you see you current loadout also follows the same pattern that leads to crashes after 2 or 3 tries.

There is a "Menu Labels" inside PvPRankPanel as well, change that back to "Main Menu Labels" and you should get the blue bar back.

About the item problem what i did in the new m0rehud was adding the CharInfoLoadoutSubPanel.res so that users could skip between classes with the 1-9 keys and I made the file use the #base system which takes the default hud CharInfoLoadoutSubPanel from the default folder, so I imagine whats happening here is that you imported the file but not the default folder (inside resource)
Or if you don't care about the shortkeys you could just delete the file as well.

posted 6 days ago
#296 m0re hud in Customization
osvaldoWith the (very neat) new functionalities you added to the main menu in the last update, I'm having a little issue where hovering over the white buttons doesnt make them pop out and glow in the SourceScheme color. Also the space where you'd find your steam username and casual level (between badge and first item in the menu) is now empty (Screenshot). I looked around but cant seem to find the files that manage those items in the HUD
Btw i'm using m0rehud 5.4 but I have been updating it with new functionalities and customizations as you released them

I did change the hover color alias for the main menu, I think it used to be "Main Menu Labels" and I changed to "Menu Labels" so that could be your problem, inside MainMenuOverride you wanna change the "armedFgColor_override" and "depressedFgColor_override" for the new buttos to be "Main Menu Labels". See if that works!

About the rank and name it is controlled by PvPRankPanel.res which got updated on m0rehud 5.7 but it is also controlled by the "RankPanel" inside MainMenuOverride.res

posted 6 days ago
#294 m0re hud in Customization
Naxeronafter the last update the main menu icons at the bottom are just letters instead of icons. i installed all the fonts i could find in the hud, but they still dont show up

Looks like I forgot to update the symbols font name for the main menu customizations since I changed it with the last update, I assume you applied one of the main menu customizations so thats why it was happening.
Either way should be fixed now!

posted 1 week ago
#25 i65 VODs in Videos

I'll just erase my memory and pretend this is cph games 2020

posted 1 month ago
#5761 Show your HUD modifications! in Customization

I made this recording hud since I got a lot of questions and requestes about this recently so might as well make it available for anyone.
It only shows Killfeed and Damage as usual and has 10+ optional fonts to choose from, its also fairly easy to customize as you only have to comment and uncomment lines from the files in the customization folder, making it possible to easily change the damage style, killfeed style/colors, fonts etc...


Small Album

posted 1 month ago
#6288 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

whenever i want to use a hud like this e.g sunset hud, peach hud. I always have this issue of the buttons being words and not actual buttons and essentially not working, anyone know what im doing wrong?
Did you install the fonts inside the Resource/Fonts folder?

yes still same issue

Are you on windows?

^ this, to me looks like a problem with Resource/GameMenu.res that is either missing/wrong folder or maybe it has problems executing because you are not on windows

radshi all

i made this hud back in 2013:


probably completely broken now but just want the basic in game hud edits again. can someone up to date with this stuff tell me if it's salvageable


Everything is salvageable really, you could add a info.vdf it just to see if its usable but i'm pretty sure it will be. You might want to update the main files at least like clientscheme, animations, hudlayot so nothing is missing or gives errors.
Other than that the main thing will be the timers missing since they added the new HudMatchStatus file and most likely the main menu, scoreboard, tournament panel and winpanel being either broken or missing stuff but there is a chance that they could be usable in the current state as well.

Feel free to check this out, it shoud help a little :)

posted 1 month ago
#292 m0re hud in Customization
mattystopperhas the dl link been updated to morehud 5.7?

Direct download should always be updated as it always leads to the last github commit. I added a dl to the post now as well :)

posted 2 months ago
#290 m0re hud in Customization


m0rehud 5.7

Hey! in these years I got a lot of everyday requestes about new stuff to add or I have been asked about a specific customization a lot.
So I worked on this for quite some time and I have now decided to add some of these heavily requested tweaks to be part of the pre-existing customizations!
The customizations are now divided in categories and inside each category you can find the actual customizations, read the instruction file for the in-depth installation process!

- Added some more customizations and overall improved the pre-existing ones!
- Added some buttons to the menu to quickly fix the hud, sound, invisible players as well as turn off and on captions, chat and netgraph
- Added support for closecaptions
- Added the support to quickly go thorugh the loadout pages by using the 0-9 keys
- Added the possibility to tweak the loadout playermodel. Zooming, Rotating, Moving it around
- Improved MatchStatus
- Koth timer now properly shows the active side timer color
- Overall improved the hud, a lot of files now use a element pinning system which I hope will also improve the positioning on lower resolutions

New Customizations:

Show Content
- Added support for transparent viewmodels
- Added customizations for easily tweak the damage number size and last damage done
- Added possibility to disable the buff cross
- Added possibility to disable the friend list, known for causing lags
- Added customization for an optional ubercharge style
- Added more optional buff & menu color themes
- Added possibility to enable/disable the spy disguise animation
- Added an optional version for the matchstatus
- Improved minmode customization

If you are still using an old m0rehud release thats a good stable version you might want to upgrade to as I think I improved it a lot recently!


posted 2 months ago
#6268 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

how do i resize this? Its the scoreboard that appears at the end of the round.

The file is resource/ui/WinPanel.res and then depends on what you want to do with it.

Loltrollcan someone tell me how to change the overheal value color?

scripts/HudAnimations you wanna look for event HudHealthBonusPulse and change the fgcolor for Animate PlayerStatusHealthValue.

This kind of changes from hud to hud it might not always be PlayerStatusHealthValue but it could have another name so if you want to find the exact name of the Health numbers check HudPlayerHealth.res first.

posted 2 months ago
#1280 I've updated some huds in Customization

I uploaded some more huds that I updated for personal use ages ago but I never ended up making them public as I still needed to fix some small parts and take the screenshots and I couldn't be bothered back then.

Now that the funny virus came bringing some time with it i finished: g0R3HUD, KXHud, NotoHud, m0remaus they are on my github as usual!

Thats most likely the last time I ever update something unless I really want to use a hud personally, reason why I ended up updating my guide to be fully on github but mostly to make it easier to follow!

posted 2 months ago
#10 TF2 Huds Megalist in Customization
ScoutmanI forgot about this too : https://www.teamfortress.tv/183/collection-of-custom-huds

some of them are not in the list but a lot don't have screenshots anymore so as you wish

Also you might wanna check : https://gamebanana.com/guis/cats/434 (good luck)

I did save almost all the huds with a working link from the collection of custom huds, from gamebanana tho i got like a couple of huds that were worth adding but idk about the others i feel like they are 90% small edits of other huds so.

I also just updated the list with some new huds and data everybody!

posted 2 months ago
#5758 Show your HUD modifications! in Customization

Here is a stupid way of spending time trying to make tf2 take an hour to load. It didn't work :(

yosemit3MrWheatleyTimTumMrWheatleySunset HUD with looping animated sunset background
that's sick, do you have a download for that? :o
Here you go.

It's a .vpk for easy install. For some HUDs it won't work out of the box. For Sunset HUD you have to go to resource/ui/mainmenuoverride.res and find "Sunset" or for other HUDs "Background" and turn "visible" to 0

The download link is down, does anyone have it?

I do have it somewhere, i can post it as soon as i find it

Edit: DL

posted 2 months ago
#6262 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization
ravynwhat's the name of the file that I want to edit to change this https://imgur.com/a/qpITB3w

HudMatchStatus.res > "TeamStatus"

posted 2 months ago
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