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#6079 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization
TimTum_KermitTimTumTimTum........color_bar_health_x under playerpanels_kv under TeamStatus inside of HudMatchStatus.res
Sorry I probably shouldn't have used a picture with the engineer. I'm talking about the steam avatar picture, on the main menu for example:

It's blue on my hud right now, but on the previous screenshot another hud was able to make it white.

You can change the party member colors from the clientscheme or whatever the color schene is called in the hud, look for "PartyMember1" , "PartyMember2" etc

Also the "party" section of the dashboard is controlled by DashBoardPartyMember.res as well, just in case you want to edit it

posted 2 days ago
#8 HUD Creation Competition #2 in TF2 General Discussion

Can't wait for valve to drop a hud breaking update mid contest, they waited almost 2 years for this exact moment!

Also good luck everyone :7

posted 1 month ago
#1253 I've updated some huds in Customization
duck_this happens with g-mang
also the item ui that your killer has is buggy

I fixed the item panel in the freezecam, the matchsummary was working already fine for me so idk

r3nywhat about old m0re without the healthcross?

There is a file called HudPlayerHealth_numbers remane it to HudPlayerHealth in order to have numbers instead of the cross

posted 2 months ago
#1250 I've updated some huds in Customization
ScoutmanWhat happened to solano hud ?

Removed since it was broken and crashed in 90% of the servers, If anyone wantes it i still have it saved on my dropbox.

spiceAbout hypnotize hud, transparent menu background customization doesn't work for me while every other option does. Any way to make this work?duck_gmang doesn't change colors when low health or buffedScoutmanCan you fix the team status on FlameHUD please : https://imgur.com/a/gXvAAQ3


posted 2 months ago
#5964 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization
What's the modern way of changing the damage numbers' size(I know the colors are from adv.options)?

The way the damage numbers are displayed is dictated by the font used (on your screen HudFontMedium is used for instance). In the ClientScheme.res, fonts are defined with what system font should be use and with what size. So, if you want to alter the size of the damage numbers, you have to change the font used. You can either use an already existing font with a larger size or create one yourself by replicating lines and increasing the number.
I think I should have made it more clear, the whole thing doesn't affect the game in anyway,i tried changing the delta_item_font and delta_item_font_big to different fonts I copy pasted from the clientscheme.res multiple times(like HudFontMediumBold,HudFontBig,HudFontBiggerBold,etc...) but it doesnt make any difference in the game although I use hud_reloadscheme (and sometimes restarting the game) every time I do a change in the files.

So I figured out that there's something wrong in the paths or the files type/properties, but I can't find it.

Inside the info.vdf the current "ui_version" is "3" not "2"

posted 3 months ago
#1240 I've updated some huds in Customization
Wild_PiggieI am able to change all the colours except the colour of healing numbers (like damage numbers but when you heal people) . I can't find the value to change the colour of those numbers. They stay a light green colour.

I thought you meant the general buff color sorry, the healing numbers can be changed from HudDamageAccount.res and change the "PositiveColor" from "Green" to the rgb you want.

You could directly change "Green" from the clientscheme as well but i bet is used for other elements as well so its probably better to leave it untouched.

posted 3 months ago
#1238 I've updated some huds in Customization
jsuhFix Bxhud lagging on pyro (only the flames particles) i tested it on other hud such as morehud, it has no lag but when playing with bxhud and class pyro, the lag when flames is present. So please look into it


Wild_PiggieThanks. I'm using yahud old and I can't find where to change the healing colours, they just stay light green.

Late af sorry but if you still need it change the "Buff" rgb code inside the clientscheme. You can find all the other colors in it as well!

posted 3 months ago
#5689 Show your HUD modifications! in Customization

For anyone interested I got the old garm3n v142 hud pack still Garm3n Huds v142
Just be aware they are all from january 2013 so you know.

Also if anyone as any of the really old Garm3n hud packs saved somewhere pls share :3

posted 3 months ago
#2 Hud crosshairs doesn't work in Q/A Help

I just checked out of curiosity and its my mistake lol i forgot to add the #base in the hudlayout for that hud. This should work now DL

posted 4 months ago
#2 ozfortress Season 24 Highlights in Videos

3 highlight videos in a week you are a god ♥️

posted 4 months ago
#20 Ombrack in TF2 General Discussion

forgive me ombrack
i can see why he thought it was marmaloo to be fair, turbotabs only says "boar" about 25 times

"look at bo4r look at bo4r as well, everyone is kinda bo4r actually"

posted 4 months ago
#10 Hitsound Doesn't Update Quick Enough in Customization
mattystopperi have a problem my hitsound volume defaults at 1.0000
i tried setting it 1.8 in my custom
and try set it at 1,8 in console but still defaults at 1.0000
can hitsound voume go above 1.0000
or is there something preventing it, ive tried looking for anything preventing it but nothings there

1 Is the max value as far as i know

posted 4 months ago
#12 What is your favorite Notorious BIG song? in Music, Movies, TV

It might be Hypnotize not sure...

posted 5 months ago
#31 IEM Katowice Major Predictions (New Challenger) in CSGO General Discussion

Ence vs Nip grand final is all i want now

posted 5 months ago
#5844 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization
typto_KermittyptoCurrently using a fresh download verison of Ellshud from Hypnotize's hud thread. The quickplay buttons are all nulled up somehow. I tried removing/changing gamemenu.res/mainmenuoverride


They're all redundant now, you can still use a button to launch the server browser but you need to use the topbar "find a game" button like on the default HUD to find casual games.
Oh alright. Yeah, that kinda what i meant, the topbar to queue up into casual mode just insta-crashes for me. How do i fix that?

Delete tf_english for now, that should fix it. I forgot Ells hud had that file so I always assumed it was working fine, i'll see if i can do a proper fix later.

EDIT: Fixed

posted 6 months ago
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