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#3 Survey for a persuasive essay. in Off Topic

Am i right in assuming that the 2nd question you're actually asking "If you don't think nuclear energy is a viable method of generating energy, why?"?

posted 9 hours ago
#38 Early details announced for Copenhagen LAN in News

why was hl removed?

posted 2 weeks ago
#32 Fruit tier list in Off Topic

finally a fruitful thread on this forum


posted 2 weeks ago
#94 1 of the koch brothers died in World Events
scrabSo I take it no one has an IQ even approaching mine? Makes sense, video game players are of lower intelligence than the general populace, and Team Fortress 2 players are lower still. Only brainlets would trust climatologists to know anything about climate projections, in the same way that only brainlets listen to economic predictions from economists.

Another internet debate won with ease.


142 IQ. Read it and weep. One. Hundred. And. Forty. Two. I already know what you're thinking. You're thinking "b-but it's only 2 points, it doesn't mean anything", aren't you? That's just cope.

Your IQ is lower than 141 and any replies will be ignored from now on, you're simply not worth my time.

posted 2 months ago
#66 1 of the koch brothers died in World Events


posted 2 months ago
#99 Copenhagen Games 2019 TF2 - 6v6 & Highlander in LAN Discussion

Where are you tercio?

posted 7 months ago
#11 Discord shutting down in The Dumpster

I posted before watching, fuck you sir

posted 8 months ago
#14 how fast can u get all the maps in Other Games


3.5 min were spent on Central and south east asia, not often I hear to much about Tajikistan
Map does not work on phone but it was Jordan that was wrong

posted 9 months ago
#6563 Frag Clips Thread in Videos



2nd one is way way way worse

posted about a year ago
#26 mcgregor vs habib predictions in Off Topic

welp... that took a turn

posted about a year ago
#12 mcgregor vs habib predictions in Off Topic

Conor with a flying north south ezekiel choke or peruvian necktie using his leg hair in the 5th

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What i actually think... if it gets past the first round i think its Khabib by decision 48-45ish or kimura from side control in 4th. Khabibs guard pass is too good for conors guard, he wont sit there like mendes, OR its just eddie v2 but id say its unlikely
posted about a year ago
#204 cp_prolands in Map Discussion

You absolute angel

posted about a year ago
#10 why is granary and badlands still in the pool?? in Q/A Help

if badlands last cap was fast again that map be perfectly fine

posted about a year ago
#162 What do you HATE about TF2? in TF2 General Discussion

Badlands last cap time not being like it used to. People did not complain about that map this much back then and its obvious why.

posted about a year ago
#3 Best gaming mousepad?? in Q/A Help

Any textbook

posted about a year ago
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