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#109 best pub quotes in TF2 General Discussion

Kevink214 : That takes guts to shot someone in the air!

Peanut: my mom say i'm pretty so i win

Mayor of Titty City : I'm literally literally so much right now.

*DEAD* spoodercrab : obama isnt black he reverse micheal jacksoned it

Perfect Style™ : that wasn't a blackburner

posted about 7 years ago
#30 FOV in TF2 General Discussion
yttriumI don't think so. Remember, it happened to me while simply congaing, not using a tele. I think it's very situational and was probably exacerbated by a recent patch. I've played TF2 for years and I've never seen this happen before.

For the record though, Burning, I was able to reproduce it the way you said.

Hm that's interesting. One guy also said it happened to him when he respawned, instead of going through a tele, so there may be multiple scenarios that cause it to happen, but at least I figured out one of them :D

Also Hooli, that trick doesn't work, it may have been patched or something, but I have tried it in the past and I just tried it again and it doesn't work.

posted about 9 years ago
#22 FOV in TF2 General Discussion
N1ghTI've known about this for a long while.

The FOV seems to be cancled upon death or scoping in as sniper (At least in MvM, kinda disappointing, but not a huge loss.)
I love the way it looks, but it's a shame you're limited to what you can with it.

Also the FOV is reset when you go through a teleporter, and there are probably some other things that reset it as well. I don't see this as being very useful as it is very hard to do. Oh well.

posted about 9 years ago
#19 FOV in TF2 General Discussion

I'm pretty sure I know why this happens.

I just went on a private server and spammed taunts while going through a teleporter and I eventually got it to work. http://puu.sh/gEiS1/8a05a77768.jpg

If you look closely, you will see that when you get teleported, your FOV starts higher than normal, and over a very short period, gets narrowed down to 90 (or whatever your FOV setting is).
So if you are able to taunt right as you get teleported, you will have the higher FOV, and for some reason taunting will keep the FOV from going back down to 90.

EDIT: I've just done some testing using host_timescale .1 (running the game at a tenth of the normal speed) and I've been unable to reproduce the bug even if I start taunting while the FOV is high, so it may be that it's just a random chance thing, or it may be that the timing is incredibly difficult. Either way, I'm very interested in this and I will keep testing.

EDIT 2: I spent another 30 minutes testing (I hope I wasn't supposed to get anything done today) and I can confirm that I was correct with my first paragraph, I could make a video about it to show it more clearly if anybody wants.

posted about 9 years ago