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ETF2L announces HL Season 24, 6s Nations Cup 8
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April 28, 2021

ETF2L has laid out its plans for the latter half of the year, first and foremost, Highlander, and making up for lost time with the Nations Cup for 6s.

Highlander 24

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Coming up first is the Preseason Cup, which will test a few potential changes for the season. In addition to potentially join North America and Australia in unbanning the Fists of Steel, three maps will be tested for the pool:

  • cp_propaganda_b19
  • koth_proplant_v5
  • cp_glassworks_rc6a

The cup will run on May 8th and 9th, starting at 19:15. The chosen maps will join the four confirmed maps which are:

  • pl_upward
  • pl_vigil_rc7
  • cp_steel
  • koth_product_rcx

Team signups are open, and will run until May 12th at 21:00 CET (May 9th for Premiership) and the season will start up on May 16th. Check out the full details on ETF2L's blogpost.

6s Nations Cup #8

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With some schedule reworks, both a Highlander and 6s Nations Cup are being run this year, with the latter first up. Applications for prospective captains are open now and until the 9th of May. Group stages begin on the 16th of May and will run through June 5th, with playoffs wrapping up by June 28th. Maps for group stages will be set, and playoffs will pick from the same pool as 6s Season 38.

For signup details check out ETF2L's announcement. Also included in the Highlander season announcement is some important notes on changes to rules surrounding set nationality and Nations Cup eligibility.

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