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#6 Warning about Nursey trying to come back in TF2 General Discussion
Nub_Danishplaying tf2 with you isn't that gross man have some self confidence

hello Nursey's Friend

posted 1 day ago
#5 Magic the Gathering TF2 Players in Off Topic

used to play back when i had friends in school who played, i think from late Zendikar thru Ravnica. still got my Funny Goblin deck somewhere but i sold most of my cards for a few hundo.

if people start playin a bit i'd probably be down

posted 1 day ago
#25 Alfa legacy in TF2 General Discussion

admins got a genuine vendetta against MAL lol

posted 2 days ago
#8 Would it be possible to make PUG Community Servers in TF2 General Discussion


posted 3 days ago
#4 duck in Off Topic

you're the man now duck

posted 1 week ago
#47 Young Sanity LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

does anyone else think its a little creepy that posts making unnecessary, unfounded, and very public claims about the social life and familial relationships of a child (#35 & #36) are getting +fragged as much as they are

posted 1 week ago
#6 Competitive TF2 without the medic class in TF2 General Discussion

people would play even more like babies. spam/chip damage would be really strong to the point where you would almost never see actual fair fights. health pack territory would become more valuable to control a-la quake. pushing would be nearly impossible for some points.

so it's definitely possible to play competitively with no medics enjoyably, but not 5v5 and not 5cp. Bball and to some degree 2v2 MGE are probably the closest to something like this (bball improves on the basic premise by removing the other unnecessary classes)

posted 1 week ago
#27 RGL S5 Post-Season Survey in TF2 General Discussion

where are the questions about what currently whitelisted weapons we think should be banned?
where are the questions about whether we preferred playing granary/badlands to the new maps?
just wondering!

posted 1 week ago
#7 which pill do you take in The Dumpster

theres no way i do more than 70 damage on a bomb so i gotta go like right away here

posted 1 week ago
#23 Tf2 comp history records in TF2 General Discussion
bearodactylbuick #1 in my heart tho

need the stat for number of custom fitted Drive scorpion jackets owned

posted 1 week ago
#45 Why aren't you prem/invite yet? in TF2 General Discussion
mustardoverlordage discrimination

anti forum poster discrimination

posted 1 week ago
#43 Why aren't you prem/invite yet? in TF2 General Discussion

im bad and im 26

posted 1 week ago
#32 The Duke of Edinburgh is dead. in Off Topic
imagine thinking prince andrew was the only pedophile in the royal family, couldn't be me

also im pretty sure that man of 99 years' greatest crime is hoarding the stolen wealth of colonial subjects, the same as all of those syphilitic germans that you guys still keep around

Americans, don't be like Mustard, please inform yourselves before commenting on British or European politics.


posted 1 week ago
#11 rahThread: An honest discussion in Off Topic

Guess this might seem like an unpopular opinion but I didn't mind the RahThreads at all. They mostly only got bumped incessantly either from genuine discussion or bc of people complaining that they were there. It seems like more of a meme that people have coalesced an opinion on rather than an actual problem.

The "flaws of 6s" thread became a pretty good conversation that lasted 3 pages of mostly healthy discussion. The "favorite tf2 player quotes" thread became a pretty good megathread/dumping ground for often funny or forgotten quotes and moments from tf2 history. The "how did you get into tf2" thread was kind of useless discussion-wise but was still a good outlet for people to talk about themselves.

There's not enough posts on this site overall for it to become spammy even if the posts were shit. I log in every few days and could easily see all the new threads in the first page, so I don't really see the big problem. It especially seems weird when there's site moderators in this thread telling u to stop making content for their forum.

Of course they could definitely be spaced out a little bit more just to give each thread a little breathing room, so as not to dilute or derail discussions, but I'd rather have daily RahThreads than the fucking barren wasteland that I first came back to last year.

posted 1 week ago
#11 The Duke of Edinburgh is dead. in Off Topic


responsible for the first good The Onion post in years (from last month)

posted 1 week ago
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