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#8 game gets dark when i tab out and back in in Q/A Help
raduI think it is related to some unusual launch options from mastercomfig, not necessarily the "-dxlevel" one, I removed any weirder ones today and it seemed to have fixed it

is this referring to the steam launch options? because in that case i dont have any there which i thought did have :/

posted 2 days ago
#1 game gets dark when i tab out and back in in Q/A Help

when i tab out of my game and tab back in the game is considerably darker - all the colors look deep and vivid when my game normally looks really bright and flat in colors

if i tab out of the game again and then tab back in however it will go back to normal - anyone know why this might be happening?
i updated my mastercomfig a few weeks ago but other than that i havent done anything - this seems to have started happening in the last few days

posted 4 days ago
#16 Favourite team core of all time? in TF2 General Discussion
Paprika_tek bulle flippy

this - tek particularly made me interested in playing soldier in 6s, he has such a chad playstyle
others would be teams with stark and hafficool as well as the nyk and robin duo

posted 6 days ago
#2 looking for coach/mentor EU OPEN 6s in Mentoring

sekiy as well as the rest of his team are very eager gamers who have a lot of potential and i know that they would really appreciate and benefit from a mentor

pls someone help them out

posted 1 month ago
#2 Severe 5-10 second stuttering in Q/A Help

yo i been having this problem as well -
i havent found a permanent fix for it but for me this started happening after the steam UI update and it was the Steam Webhelper exe in the background using up like 99% of my cpu. If your jittering happens again try and quickly check your task manager for that, and if it is the webhelper close it on the task manager

edit: for me personally i think its cause i use the steam web browser quite often to watch vids on how to beat certain jump maps, so if you use the steam browser at all that could be the cause

posted 2 months ago
#4 help me figure out what config i have pls in Q/A Help
_KermitIsn't that what the mastercoms app looked like? I'm pretty sure it doesn't work atm with the newest versions of the config.

my brother!! thanks, thats the one :)

posted 4 months ago
#1 help me figure out what config i have pls in Q/A Help

so years ago i downloaded an application that let me customize my graphics config within the app and then launch the game immediately after. If there was something I wasn't happy with I could change the config in the program and relaunch the game again, letting me sort out my settings really easily as opposed to manually changing values within the config files

I have been having some issues with this config recently and wanted to change it again but i really cant find anything similar to what i used but I'm 100% sure it was an application I downloaded and not a file I downloaded and dragged into my tf2 folder. I remember the app had a turqoise and white colour scheme, does anyone know what I could of been using?

posted 4 months ago
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#12 small b4nny in Off Topic


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#6 Merry Christmas! in Off Topic


posted 6 months ago
#29 We need to talk about this in TF2 General Discussion

this is one of the players mentioned - https://steamcommunity.com/id/gergez

posted 7 months ago
#100 BTS 2020 LAN cancelled in News


posted 7 months ago
#28 opinion on kfc? in Off Topic


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posted 8 months ago
#7 Family Mann in Off Topic


posted 11 months ago
#35 Bow giveaway in Off Topic

this is........insane.........i would like this bow

posted 11 months ago
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