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#138 FROYO medic in TF2 General Discussion

I don't think anyone has mentioned it but hub also was on the team that threw a match so shining star's team cat posse wouldn't make playoffs. It's not that the guy made a one off post in match comms, he has a pattern of transphobia and it is deeply disturbing to have that type of player on the most well known team in the game. What message do you think that sends to people about our community?

My own experience with the guy was him stalking my teams for a year looking for any way to fuck us over. He ended up reporting us to rgl for us saying on stream we wouldn't pay a ringer fee until rgl reminded us (we were in the wrong but it was very petty and vindictive). Also I will mention in div 2, me and many others were p convinced he was walling and he also was on the original cheater team with kenai which I believe has connections with the mxr team.

I don't think he has changed, I don't think his intial punishments were harsh enough, and I definitely do not feel his apology is in any way genuine. Disgusting individual.

posted 2 months ago
#8 RGL actively harbors PEDOPHILES!!! in TF2 General Discussion

Isn't the community consensus repeat cheating offenders should be perma'd? Why hasn't that been implemented?

For the pedos and groomers thing, I think the biggest problem is people do not report them, and as much as some people are well known to be cringe in the community, expecting rgl to just know and take action when no one has reported it is unreasonable imo and could have some disastrous consequences. Like looking at akemi's profile, they don't have the ban for player conduct so most likely that info wasn't reported to rgl. Just report them if you actually have evidence and want anything to get done.

posted 2 months ago
#26 LFP invite quals in Recruitment (looking for players)


Looking for combo scout options

Found one

posted 2 months ago
#25 LFP invite quals in Recruitment (looking for players)


posted 3 months ago
#22 LFP invite quals in Recruitment (looking for players)

Bump s10

Looking for demo tryouts

good on demos, potentially looking for scouts

posted 4 months ago
#20 LFP invite quals in Recruitment (looking for players)

omega bait, fyg is still a neet and can play

posted 5 months ago
#18 LFP invite quals in Recruitment (looking for players)


fyg switching to closing shifts, need demo to play out rest of the season

posted 5 months ago
#7 RGL Team Logos Test Rollout in TF2 General Discussion
r4ve_is there a single team in advanced that fits that description to be able to have a team logo?

goblin zone, rhdp, ag, anglerfish, estrogen took my homie, blanc should all qualify I figure. Some diff names and rosters, but all have cores that have played together for a few seasons.

posted 6 months ago
#15 LFP invite quals in Recruitment (looking for players)


looking for a demo sub

posted 6 months ago
#9 Go Raw! LFP MEDIC! in Recruitment (looking for players)

I haven't talked to him in a few years, but I loved playing with wanderlust in esea and he was a very nice team mate. I don't remember him saying anything transphobic or racist to me or anyone else at the time. Maybe he's changed since then, but I'm sure he can work through stuff and be a nice player once again.

Best of luck bro

posted 6 months ago
#14 LFP invite quals in Recruitment (looking for players)


looking for pocket and demo subs, daf has hl mondays so probs some guaranteed playtime there
other classes welcome too

posted 6 months ago
#9 rive lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

Great dm and smart player. Also super chill, only thing is she's maybe a bit quiet, but I think with a strong main caller, she'd be a great pick up for advanced.

posted 6 months ago
#11 LFP invite quals in Recruitment (looking for players)

picked up daf and percy, looking for meds or scouts

posted 7 months ago
#10 LFP invite quals in Recruitment (looking for players)

picked up fyg, nygma going to india so we need combo scout tryouts

posted 7 months ago
#3 LFP invite quals in Recruitment (looking for players)

I've been told this is a genuine question and not just a way to farm upfrags, which I kinda doubt, but there might be some other people who actually do wonder this so I'm willing to answer.

Yes, we didn't want to play invite last season, since our scout didn't want to play, and we had to constantly find different players and subs which made for a difficult environment. Also, I heavily disagree with how the admins handled the situation, being told they didn't care if our team died we weren't allowed to play adv made a really shitty impression for a paid league. Having spoken to them since then, it's my understanding they no longer plan to do that to teams in the future so at least some good came out of the scenario.

As for actually playing invite, our team didn't really have a problem with that so much as just the shitty situation of constantly having to find and pay for players and subs throughout the season. Most of our players have invite experience, so it's not like we didn't know what to expect. We also played some matches which I'm proud of, specifically our matches vs g6, 1738, and the second mustard match. It also surprised me how kind most of the other invite players and teams were, specifically b4nny, ash, trip, exile, kronge and jug dealers. They had no real obligation to be kind to a bottom invite team, but it made a big difference to me at least personally.

Talking about our record, we went 0-18, which I'm sure underlies a lot of the criticism of us trying to play invite again. For sure, I'm not sure we'll make it through quals since there are lots of other good teams, and in that case we would just play adv and aim for next season. I don't know if people think we have massive egos or are unaware of our record, we just want to play the highest level we can and improve as a squad. It's also really important to me playing with people who would be willing to stick around for the future, this season I met mak and he's like one of my fav people now in this community and I'm really excited to play with him again (mak noob).

Finally some other topics I might as well talk about here, first talking about our switch from guy to alfredodan. The main reason we swapped was me and guy did not mesh very well. He made lots of demeaning comments about me as a joke, since he knew it upset me, and we couldn't resolve our problems. I know not everyone on our team had a problem with it, but it just made our environment very bad at times and after swapping to dan, we had a lot more success. Overall, I think he's on a better team, our team got better so I'm happy with our decision. Another thing I've commonly heard is how I'm 'emo' or 'kill teams', which I frankly find ridiculous. The last 3 seasons, I've kept all my teams alive, 2 of them being 0-18 teams, and I honestly don't think many other people could do that or keep being motivated to play.

This season wasn't ideal but I'm proud of what we did accomplish, go next

posted 7 months ago
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