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#19 je’mond LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

he da homie

posted 1 week ago
#8 What do u want in e-Sports

I want my school to close for Corona so I can be a neet and play tf2

posted 2 weeks ago
#48 Coronavirus University Closings Thread in World Events

Imma pretend like I have the virus when I take public transportation cuz my work isn't shutting down and neither is my uni

posted 2 weeks ago
#1215 Vent your anger in Off Topic
having something other than work or studies is important, some people have videogames, a partner, hobbies, or something like that. someone or something to make their lives less "empty"

you should also look into therapy, suicidal thoughts are serious. for something immediate you can do right now that won't cost any money, is just start writing down your feelings. every day i write down on paper how many times i thought about hurting myself, the reasons i thought about it, and write the last time i remember feeling good. going back and looking on it, the worse i feel the longer i think its been since i felt good. if i'm having a not so bad day, when i write i'll often remember the last time i felt good as that same day, or the day before. if i'm having a really bad day, then sometimes it'll be weeks ago when i remember feeling "happy". more than once its saved my life by being able to compartmentalize my thoughts and feelings in the moments that they overwhelm me, and realize that the way i'm feeling is temporary. the same is true for you, this is all temporary. you may feel trapped in this cycle now but your life could be different far faster than you think. feeling this way makes it extremely hard to actually look past how you're feeling and think about the future realistically.

the point to doing all of this is whatever you decide the point is for you, only you can give meaning to your life. you decide for yourself what will make you happy, and it seems like you're well on your way to achieving that yourself. whatever it is you love that you want to major in can be your passion, and whatever you're going for now is a means to an end.

i don't know anything about you other than what you've posted but if you're considering suicide as an option i implore you to reach out for help. your family, your friends, therapy, even me if you feel like you can't turn to any of them for whatever reason. everyone has something that can and will make them happy its just a matter of reaching it, and the only way to guarantee you have no chance of being happy is to take your own life.

i do write a lot actually, and it's kind of sad to say but ive gone through my journal and everything i ever write is when im sad. i do have happy days and i agree, writing both the good and bad is important but i don't ever feel like writing when im very happy. ive used books / writing as a form of escapism for a very long time, it's why i wanted to pursue english but again, no money in an arts degree. i honestly do not care for having an extravagant life, just want to make enough money to support myself and have enough savings to travel once or twice a year. for what it's worth im turning 19 in a few months and i know i have a lot of time to change my life but it's so terrifying taking the first steps without a proper support system.

life is long and will eventually end. might as well ride it out. if it really is rock bottom, then there is nowhere to go but up

i will say that a degree does not lock you into a career or a job for the rest of your life. you can absolutely still find employment in something you love even if it pays less or is unrelated to your field of study. having a lucrative major just puts you in the position to truly make the decision for yourself by broadening the amount of opportunities available to you

yeah i totally get that, and my siblings even told me to study what i love, but as soon as second semester gr12 hs hit, i got so much pressure from everyone in my family to not fuck this up, iirc you can prob relate as you also come from a desi background. if ur not a doctor engineer lawyer or accountant you're doing it wrong.

posted 3 weeks ago
#1212 Vent your anger in Off Topic

how do you fight the urge to not kill yourself?

i commute everday

everyday i wake up and do this shit, uni 4/7 days and work 2/7. i hate my job even tho it pays really well for a student. i fucking hate customer service it has made me realize how dumb the average person who walks into a bank is. i hate going to school and not majoring in what i love because im terrified of not being able to find a job because i 100% will not be able to live on my own with how expensive housing is in my city. i hate how ive given up on the concept of having a family and have convinced myself that id be happy without children because i know it's too expensive, despite how much i love my huge extended family. i had to give up my PC to my brother when the semester started so im even more isolated from my hobbies and passions because i can't hang out with my online friends in the evening, and play videogames socially to unwind. im making decent money currently and im absolutely terrified to spend it on anything, i only spend it on eating out several times a week because i love cooking and eating food from different cultures, and even then i feel sick looking at my credit card bill, despite it usually being under 100 bucks.

what's even the point of doing any of this?

posted 3 weeks ago
#87 RGL Bans in TF2 General Discussion

who knew that saying bad words to another person in a league where people in the past have gotten in trouble for saying bad words would result in getting in trouble for saying bad words

posted 3 weeks ago
#9 cooking thread in Off Topic

i cook not as often as i'd like, but it is a super fun skill to grow. InternetShaq has very informative and entertaining cooking videos.

If you'd like some pakistani/indian recipes hit me up, I learned a lot of authentic recipes from my father.

Biryani, Thahari, Butter Chicken, Nihari, Psunday, etc.

Also invest in a cast iron, you can make killer steaks and pizzas in it and its probably my favourite pan to cook in.

posted 3 weeks ago
#3555 PC Build Thread in Hardware
SetsulI can see not reusing the mobo (and therefore the CPU) but unless you want to sell the old PC as is I'd at least consider reusing the GPU, HDD/SSD and PSU.

I am most likely selling it to my brother, but I might keep my SSD and HDD, and possibly the GPU if he wants to replace it, if not I will be buying a new one.

Setsul"Ryzen" is even less specific and useful than "i7". If you don't at least have a few specific models in mind and are aware of what the other options are this is the same as the old "I'll buy Intel because I like Intel, that's what my old pc uses". If you ever rule out half of your options because you've "heard good things" about the other half you need to take a step back and reconsider.

I was leaning more towards the 2600/3600 ryzen cpu chips because more cores + more threads is more cost effective and for future proofing. I just don't see the point in staying intel unless they slash prices more. I also helped my cousin build his PC last year, and he is using the 2600 without any issues. Very good CPU for the price he spent on it, and he plays titles similar to me with the same constraints I'll mention later.

The 3600 has gone on sale multiple times for ~235 CAD, another reason why I was looking to buy a ryzen cpu, I don't see many deals of intel cpus at the moment.

SetsulGPU or CPU encoding?
What are "high frames"?

If I were to reuse my old gpu I would use CPU encoding because I don't think my GPU can handle it, but I'm unsure if I will upgrade my GPU hence is why I neglected to mention it.

SetsulWhat does playing other maintstream titles without fps issues mean? There's a difference between getting a GPU one step above what you strictly need and getting one that's three times as expensive because you 60 fps on max settings in every game.

I am aiming for above ~144fps in tf2/counterstrike/quake with graphics configs and 60fps locked at medium quality for triple A titles like GTA or the witcher.

SetsulTake a look at the size of µATX cases. Especially the smaller ones. Don't go mini-ITX unless you really have to to get the build as small is you want it.

Just curious, why do you reccomend matx and not mini itx? ideally id want my cpu's footprint to be as small as possible to aid in transportation.

thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions, you really don't get enough praise for all the work you do for the tftv community.

posted 1 month ago
#3552 PC Build Thread in Hardware

ive been looking into building a small form factor pc but am unsure if i should go for an ITX or MATX mobo. my main goal is portability to take it with me to LAN and my cousins house as im there quite often.

my budget is around 1000 CAD and most likely will not be recycling parts from my old PC (i3-6100, rx470) because of how cost effective ryzen is, as well as the form factor concern/ram speed.

im leaning towards ryzen but any input is appreciated.

games wise i would mainly want to be able to play and stream tf2, csgo, and possibly the new diabotical game coming out @ high frames with a low quality graphics config (looking to maximize fps) and stream at 720p 60fps. I don't play many other mainstream titles but I would like to have the option to play them without fps issues. unsure about overclocking but as long as it doesn't make my computer too loud im all for it.

also not one for crazy aesthetics as long as the case isn't obnoxious looking and durable for travel. i believe fans would be best for this? am unsure about water-cooling but id also like my computer to not be loud as fuck like my old build is.

I'm looking to get the build ready at by the end of April as that's when uni ends for me, and when I'll have free time to game like a degenerate again.

posted 1 month ago
#4 how the tf2 classes were designed so well in Videos

shounic is prob the most underrated tf2 content creator who has been consistently putting out content that is always interesting / informative

i miss coming home from school and watching backcap

posted 1 month ago
#45 Happy Valentines Day! <3 in Off Topic

I'm working till 8 and old women have been hitting on me I hate this holiday

posted 1 month ago
#2 Funimation in Music, Movies, TV

interspecies reviewers dropped boycott

posted 1 month ago
#1 Wearable Technology in Hardware

Anyone here interested in wearable tech? Smartwatches, fitness trackers, etc.

Been thinking about purchasing a mi band 4 but also curious if anyone has any experience or recommendations for any other brands/smartwatches

posted 1 month ago
#6 got bored in Customization

don't download this!!! I installed it and it made my game look all low graphics like Minecraft

posted 1 month ago
#16 jewish girls pt. 2 in Off Topic

paging tambo

posted 2 months ago
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