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#8 RGL Ban Wave in TF2 General Discussion

Well played

posted 2 weeks ago
#81 froot lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

posted 4 weeks ago
#5 zbra lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

chill dude anime pic good dm

posted 1 month ago
#2 Kevito LFT mid/high advanced demo in Recruitment (looking for team)


posted 2 months ago
#5 q lft scout in Recruitment (looking for team)


posted 2 months ago
#6 Kat LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

good to see her back, give her a tryout

posted 2 months ago
#32 ult lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

good at it

posted 3 months ago
#13 gloperz LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

bump for the next rgl season

posted 3 months ago
#40 penny lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

reliable consistent talented teammate

posted 5 months ago
#3384 PC Build Thread in Hardware

what up, im building a pc and ran into a compatibility issue i don't understand on pcpartpicker. i want to use an nvme drive because apparently they're super fast but the website throws an error saying something about disabling pcie/sata slots. what does this even mean/do i even need to care about this?

partlist for reference:

posted 5 months ago
#12 cookie lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

hes gonna have to talk more if he wants to be a combo player so yeah roamer is probably his best class on a team. good person and good attitude about the game and all that so for sure try him out

posted 6 months ago
#13 prc37 scout lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

i was his team leader and the entire story is as follows
he threw a baby fit after getting mad at some banter one night then blocked me on every platform. i knew he holds grudges against people and has anger problems so i asked one of our subs if he'd be potentially down to play. then to the conversation between prc and retrodavid happened which resulted in something along the lines of prc saying "well good luck getting a scout for playoffs" and retro saying "yeah gloperz is already asking [the sub]." then he left the discord, blocked me on discord, and removed me on steam. then he went around playing the victim with a lie telling people how we cut him and were plotting to do so since the beginning of the season.

related screenshots:

tldr he had a tantrum and tried to lie about it to cover it up

posted 6 months ago
#212 Announcing Sixes - Season 1 in TF2 General Discussion

what about just no tho

posted 7 months ago
#5 Goblin Zone | LFP RGL Advanced in Recruitment (looking for players)

they were a good team to scrim this season, every player pulls their own weight and makes plays. jetz is an underrated scout imo

posted 7 months ago
#56 One song you've been listening to a lot lately. in Music, Movies, TV
underrated banger

posted 7 months ago
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