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#1044 worst steam profile in Off Topic

this own shit got me actin strange

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Her parents were pyros occupied on opposide sides. During ceasefires, they would get together, and their love grew stronger. Eventually, young Fatalia emerged but was raised for the first few months of her life by her mother. One fateful day, her mother was discovered and executed by Blu right before his father's eyes. Hellfire's father tried to raise the young child on his own in secrecy, but it was not to last. His team's soldier discovered the RED toddler as she wandered out of her father's room. Immediately, he was fired and exiled out of his team's base. Not wishing his daughter's life to be jeopardized, he left the sleeping child in the front steps of a Teufort children's home and disappeared into the night. For the remainder of her childhood, she grew up alone, but discovered the flame and the dragon within. After the annihilation of the orphanage she resided in, she was sent to a mental institution for the rest of her teenage years before escaping. Wondering the streets of Teufort, she eventually bumps into Ms. Pauling, who offered her the job. Unfortunately, Fatalia was transferred from team to team because of her misunderstood behavior. After being sent to her 9th team, her only soldier friend perished in a defective respawn and endured the ridicule of her team for weeks until she eventually snapped and slaughtered them all. During her rage, she destroyed the 2fort environment. Covered in her previous team member's bowels and corpses, Fatalia was eventually discovered by Emperor Wutend Mediziner during his exploration and seizure of 2fort for the newer our World now. Taking liking to him, she eventually confesses her love for him during a drunk session with his close friend Hetsa, a demoman. Eventually, he also reveals he had feelings for her as well and oilers her the position as Empress. aking time to recover from trauma endured, she eventually gained enough trust and patience to seek loving beauty in even the most unlovable of beings. She finds value in people's hearts and souls. Upon the fall of the Rebirth Empire by Graymann, Empress Hellfire takes all power to allow succession of the movement right after the fallen Emperor's disappearance resulting from the murder of the traitorous original our World now leader, Blaze. Now and for many decades to come, she reigns the Rebirth with a heart of a Dragon and seeks to inspire others to enjoy an age of peace, unity, prosperity, and harmony.

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#22 bottom bingo in The Dumpster


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#16 dog lft in Recruitment (looking for team)


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#4 universal basic braincell in The Dumpster

nice one bro

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#11 how many times do u shit a day in The Dumpster

thanks for the responses this was for a school project

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#1 how many times do u shit a day in The Dumpster


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#3 what do in TF2 General Discussion

hit the gym bro get ripped

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#12 dog lft in Recruitment (looking for team)


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#1 Looking for girlfriend in The Dumpster


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#1307 best pub quotes in TF2 General Discussion

*DEAD* jessieyessie76 : ape time

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#4 whats boxcars alias this season in The Dumpster
asura_it's Bea Trice.

ok thanks

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#1 whats boxcars alias this season in The Dumpster

i forgot pls help

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