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#2 how to install and use hypnootize's crosshairs? in Customization

interesting that you come to first instead of making an issue on the github
also pot kettle etc
are you using a custom hud?
are you having issues with extracting the files?
are you able to locate the files he asks you to locate (eg clientscheme)?
what exactly is your issue?

posted 1 week ago
#29 Most of old visuals pack (works on serveme) in Customization
J_4rb1Would the custom model only be bannable?
It wouldn't use any fancy bypass stuff, pretty sure valve fully allows custom models, since after the summer update preloading custom models doesnt crash or do anything.

This means that I could make a version of this pack that would work the same way as any other mod that can be preloaded and work on every server, like custom animations.

Yeah I was being dumb. The custom models should be fine as long as they load normally. However, it looks like the sticky jumper and the rocket jumper's materials use the bypass trick, so you'd have to remove those to make an accepted version of the pack.
The only part of my mod that is bannable is the pyro's hands, so I'll make a version myself that doesn't use those so people who like it can use it.

posted 2 weeks ago
#27 Most of old visuals pack (works on serveme) in Customization

Mods that use the bypass are banned on RGL. Just to be 100% clear (because I wasn't 100% sure)

Since the tutorial linked by J_4rb1 was deleted, here is a tutorial in text form.
It's extremely simple. I made one for this mod that removes the hands.

posted 2 weeks ago
#6 Statues Script (Model Spawner) in Customization

Minor update:

I've added an option to clear the "highlight" effects. This update only affects the main file, statues.cfg.

You can see the specific changes here.

posted 3 weeks ago
#6 stop talking about creeps* in TF2 General Discussion
ElenaManettaHow do you stop talking about pedos while also making sure people never forget they're pedos so they don't go after newer members of competitive that aren't aware of their reputation?

You can't.
From my perspective (joined S11), RGL does not give a shit about helping new players be aware of these active dangers. I assume it's because you're supposed to solely play RGL pugs (which are mostly HL and probably aren't good for new players) because what you do outside of the league is Not Their Problem.
Serveme doesn't care either: Nursey, whose 90% of logs are on serveme servers, is not banned from the service.
The "representatives of the league" don't care either: A few (many? idek) of them are still friends with Nursey, including b4nny. Some of them even pug with Nursey.

So when your "community" league, your main provider of servers, and your influential high level players (including the public face of competitive TF2) all feel it is Not Their Problem, it has to become our problem, because Nursey is still active in competitive circles.
(I don't know how far these three groups should go towards taking action on this issue, but it's clear so far that it is and will be nothing.)

posted 1 month ago
#5 Questions on NA comp in 2023 in TF2 General Discussion
NoNoeWay2) Only Main teams and above scrim super late

I think you mean IM and above? IM almost always plays 930 1030.

posted 2 months ago
#1 name change request in Requests

czarchasm00 to czarchasm

posted 2 months ago
#11 RGL S12 IM/AM/NC Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

shut up

posted 2 months ago
#5 Statues Script (Model Spawner) in Customization

I screwed up and put in a last-minute change to some aliases but forgot to replicate the changes across the whole file. As a result, the kill_ alias does not work. It's a pretty simple fix, but regardless, be sure to update your statues.cfg with the one in the OP so your alias will work.

You can see the specific changes here.

posted 3 months ago
#1 Statues Script (Model Spawner) in Customization

Statues.cfg is a model spawner script that can spawn a variety of models. Its main purpose is to aid mentors and coaches in map reviewing.
The original script was made by Q. Thanks to M17 for showing me it and FlipFTW providing me with more of the pieces.
The original script had some aliases and intended functionality that did not work. I've fixed it up as much as possible to what I believe was the original intent, as well as added some new functionality and cleaned up the file a bit.

List of models you can spawn:

  • All 9 classes, RED and BLU variant
  • RED and BLU stickies (these appear larger so they can be spotted easily from a bird's eye view)
  • RED and BLU sentries
  • RED sticky jumper stickies (these appear larger so they can be spotted easily from a bird's eye view)
  • "Highlight" effect; It's the white moving particle effect shown here around the door

Installation Method 1:

Place statues.cfg wherever you keep custom cfgs.
Next, create a folder and name it "statues". Inside this "statues" folder, create three cfg files as listed below with code as follows:

ent_fire red_* addoutput "skin 0"


ent_fire blu_* addoutput "skin 1"


ent_fire red_sticky_statue addoutput "modelscale 3"
ent_fire blu_sticky_statue addoutput "modelscale 3"
ent_fire jump_sticky addoutput "modelscale 3"

Go to line 36, 37, and 38 in statues.cfg, and change the location of these files to the correct path so statues.cfg can execute them.

Installation Method 2:
Alternatively, download my TF2 settings repository on Github (click green Code button, download ZIP), go to cfg/overrides/, take statues.cfg and the folder statues, and throw them in where you keep your cfgs. Correct the lines 36-38 as stated above.

Regardless, it should end up something like this:

Execute it as you would any other script; the console will then be cleared and a list of the current binds and aliases for the script will show up for ease of use.

It is highly recommended you have a script to reset your binds to your preferred keys already installed, as this script will change them.

posted 3 months ago
#6 The Definitive List of TF2 Pug Servers in TF2 General Discussion

Probably should have the Discord tags of the owners for the invite-only PUG servers, as long as they consent to their Discord tag being shared. I will only share the invite links of some servers.
Also should add whether the server allows RGL banned players are not. Really important as quite a few of the active ones allow RGL banned players

NA 6s Pugs (unless otherwise stated)
Drift Pugs, Inactive (likely dead due to Jamillia getting perma'd);
Hoboleague, Dead (moved to All Pugs):
Dr Pepper Pugs, Inactive (owned by RainOfLight)
Mushroom Mann Pugs (NC-AM pugs), Dead (owned by MushroomMann)
scientist pugs, Dead (owned by Miperton)
Gem Pugs, Unknown Status (Default role cannot see anything, unknown owner):
Deafened pugs, Is It Really Dead If It Never Lived, (owned by deafened)
Testco.TF, Dead (owned by Muddy), invites disabled; ran 6s with experimental maps
TF2Maps Competitive, Dead (sweglord227 is admin, unknown owner), (6s with experimental maps)
kitten pugs, Dead (owned by cron, killed after drama)
Resurrection Pugs, Is It Really Dead If It Never Lived, (owned by rainbow)
Ice Cream Pugs, Dead (owned by ooga booga)
LeCrumble Pugs, Dead (owned by LeCrum)

Also Shadow Wizard only allows AM-IM players

_realistic_worm_..., Unknown Status (owned by the smoke); another Passtime pug server
HLMixes, Dead (owned by NikolaNido):
Ultiduo City Pugs, Dead (owned by Cloud):
The Spooky Orchestra, Inactive (owned by Des1_): (partnered with Pottsfield HL pugs)
Summit Ultiduo, Dead (owned by Adwill): (unable to do anything in server)
4s Passtime League, Active (owned by weeabruh):
Red Pugs, Dead (owned by Davidredface): (HL)

That's all I got. Cool that you made this list.

posted 3 months ago
#3 My story with Alfa in TF2 General Discussion

not sure i get the point of locking one thread but not the other
edit: nvm

posted 5 months ago
#11 What is b4nny's resupply bind? in Q/A Help

Sorry to bump this again, but I have to shill this:

It requires a bit more configuration than just a single bind, but it makes it to where it's one resup bind that works for all classes and remembers your current loadout.

posted 7 months ago
#6 Announcing RGL 6s - Season 11 (+Invite Quals) in TF2 General Discussion

Is it a mistake that it's koth_bagel_b5 and not koth_bagel_rc5? RC5 is the most recent version

posted 7 months ago
#15 pugs for shitty noobs? in TF2 General Discussion
Seinfeld-snowi see one time pugs running pretty often. i dont pug much so idk what the skill level or quality is like though.Where To Go To It How Enter The Pug Service?

One Time Pugs:

super active; have players ranging from AM to Invite but as far as ive seen recent pugs there have skewed higher in skill. you won't get kicked for being bad. no rgl verification required or elo system too lol


seems relatively active; never played pugs there though so. they also ping literally all the time

however i generally recommend doing TF2CC unless you're pug banned from there. higher quality pugs but they run way less compared to the two servers i linked

posted 8 months ago
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