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#3 cp_signal_v2 in Map Discussion
KevinIsPwnLooks really neat, almost like a better/ more vertically interesting version of foundry?

I haven't looked too closely at it, but the biggest thing I noticed is just how dark the whole map is; it seems like an aesthetic choice (because the map looks super cool) rather than a gameplay one. The inside is particularly bad.

did you just look at the screenshots on the download page or did you actually download the map? because yeah it is really dark in those screenshots, but that was a1, the newest version is a3 which increased the brightness of all lights on the map by like 300. if its still too dark in some areas im obv gonna change that. ty for your thoughts on it though!

posted 2 months ago
#1 cp_signal_v2 in Map Discussion

cp_signal is an old map that i’ve attempted to get into 6v6 play, except the map sucked not only due to layout flaws, but also due to the fact that my skill as a mapper wasn’t the best back then.

cp_signal_v2 is a remake of this old map with a completely new mid and improvements to the entire layout.


mid is enclosed in a building with 3 levels: under, point, and roof. i hope this “wedding cake” like structure makes for some fun and unique gameplay. there also 2 roofs on either side of the point that you can get up to via a rocket/sticky jump or via a prop jump next to it, the prop jump is there so that any class can get on this roof.

the point is located to the side of the area on a raised platform with a wooden balcony and a truck for cover. the entire area next to the point is very open with 3 entrances: the big open route, the shutter and the balcony.

entrances into last: a door facing away from the main gameplay space at an 45° angle, a central shutter, and a highground entrance that’s closest to the point going through a small door. the point itself is between the high and low ground with a fence at the front for cover. the entire last is set inside some underground base in the side of a mountain.

i hope to be able to craft a fun map that most of you will be able to enjoy. any feedback is appreciated!

posted 2 months ago
#3 5cp_signal in Map Discussion
ondkajaI've walked around the map but I haven't tested it in actual gameplay. Here's some things you can think about.

1. The distance between mid and second is really short. This could make things very snowbally. In other maps, you usually have one chance to defend last if you get wiped after a mid fight.

2. On the other hand, the chokepoints between mid and second are very spammable, which probably makes it difficult to create something in an equal uber vs uber scenario. I don't know if this is the case for certain, but it looks easier to hold than other maps.

3. The mid is very closed off which makes it hard for soldiers to bomb compared to other maps. Maybe you could raise the "windows" so that it enables soldier to bomb higher.

4. I see that you've made it so that you can not hide in forward spawn, you just teleport back once a point is capped. I don't really see the problem in people hiding in forward spawn.

5. There doesn't seem to be any respawn times when attacking last for the attacking team, and the spawn's location is very close to the fourth point. If this is intentional, it is a pretty big mistake as it would be nearly impossible for the other team to push out from last, as past maps have shown.

The map will probably be completely remade from the ground up after some feedback that i received from a playtest today. This thread will stay up just the current version wont be getting any updates for a while untill i completely remade it and upload it as cp_signal_a1_r1. Thank you for your feedback!

posted about a year ago
#1 5cp_signal in Map Discussion

5cp_signal is a project of mine wich i have abandoned after a single playtest on tf2maps.net's playtesting servers. I went through my abandoned maps folder to see signal again and i thought it try to push it in a competitive direction. Ive since then made 4 more versions or so and had b4nny look at it and had it playtested on Dwaggy's TESTCO Discord server. Now i'm here, and this is the feedback thread.

Current Version: a8
Map download: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/signal.8512/

posted about a year ago