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#151 TF2 update for 3/28/18 in TF2 General Discussion
b4nnyGo watch WarOwl or Greekgod or any new TF2 player playing competitive mode for the first time. They didn't care nor notice any issues with the enforced graphics settings. Your perspective is biased because you are too attached to your FPS configs. Level playing field, standardization and accessibility is a necessity for the integrity of the competitive mode long term. That said, they should definitely add as many commands/settings as possible to the options menus so that FPS config level graphics can still be achieved while maintaining fairness.

warowl's mic and headphones together cost more than my computer b4nny. You cannot expect everyone to have top of the line systems especially considering the age of this game.

posted about a year ago
#7 Not sure if my TF2 art counts as projects but.. in Projects

draw an airshot

posted about a year ago
#12 KovaaK's FPS Aim Trainer Launch Trailer in TF2 General Discussion
vladwhy play this over the actual game you're trying to improve in

what other people said plus whens the last time you could actually play tf2 before 6pm lmao.

posted about a year ago
#15 SMH THESE OPEN PLAYERS [PSA] in TF2 General Discussion
wrechedddddif u are more minutes late than screwball's number of anime pillows, you must give up the first round in a match

If you've played a game for more years than your child has been alive you must make fun of others.

posted about a year ago
#12 mouse cord snug/drag in Hardware

tape your mouse cord to the top of your monitor

edit: what the dude above me said

posted about a year ago
#58 nerf pyro in TF2 General Discussion

letting me airstrafe after getting airblasted doesn't change the fact that it's impossible to shoot projectiles at the FUCKER

posted about a year ago
#31 Rick 'catbowcar' johnson found guilty of ddos in TF2 General Discussion

yall better start putting shoes on ur head then wtf...

posted about a year ago
#47 Rewind 2 copypasta/meme thread in TF2 General Discussion

First of all, it's easy to get big K/D in Valve pubs vs newbs, and 2nd you just showed you don't understand what the casters said earlier: it's not K/D that counts in competitive, it's getting the important picks

posted about a year ago
#25 LFP s27 in Recruitment (looking for players)

team environment improves 10x now that i'm not longer able to play. Everyone is either incredibly chill or really good at the game.

posted about a year ago
#26 massive drop in concurrent players in TF2 General Discussion

fortnite bruh

posted about a year ago
#10 Scout in The Dumpster

bend them knees bruh

posted about a year ago
#5183 stream highlights in Videos
sandblastbearodactyl retarded man

posted about a year ago
#10 kung fu kenny thread in Music, Movies, TV


posted about a year ago
#2 so about that quickloadout change bind... in TF2 General Discussion

getting krit heals after is some cheese too.

posted about a year ago
#11 Best Hypothetical DM Team? in TF2 General Discussion

yomps slemnish habib b4nny delpo nursey

posted about a year ago
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