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#160 What mouse do you use? in Hardware
Twiggything is, even those cheap mice have those useless features like 8000 dpi where everyone uses 1600 at most and rgb, but there is nothing below g203 that I could buy without those features that i'm aware of

these features are a part of the sensor spec, lower spec than hero sensor might have smoothing, very high lod or just spin out so you you are right with not going for anything cheaper.

posted 8 months ago
#5 Python Script to Average All DPM / KD from Logs.TF in Projects

posted 9 months ago
#114 yomps Family Fundraiser announced in News

painful to watch, best wishes to his family, and take care of yourselves and each other.

posted about a year ago
#10 yomps Family Fundraiser announced in News

Great initiative!
will definitely tune in to watch and support the NA tourny, best wishes to his family and close friends
hope an eu one will be announced as well, would play for sure

posted about a year ago
#7 SEXIEST TF2 PLAYERS in TF2 General Discussion

!add 5

posted about a year ago
#8 KritzKast Podcast ft. Salamancer in Events

makes me nostalgic.
also makes me wonder what's up with casters like arx & beta and pledge also

posted about a year ago
#14 Calling out div 1 etf2l teams in TF2 General Discussion
RazielPussies will always prefer stomping div1/2 and not getting better than doing average in prem and getting better.

any initiative for practicing and doing well?
I really don't see an incentive for any former prem player to keep grinding and practicing since they already proved they are capable of it, you can imagine they just want to compete for fun and not for the sake of being the best.

posted about a year ago
#2 in Esports

I love the fact that streamer's tab is always visible on, maybe something to implement on and

posted about a year ago
#6 i need help with comp in my place. in TF2 General Discussion
SnackI played with 80 ping when I was starting out. If it's all that you're used to, you'll be fine. Maybe play a hitscan class (scout) instead of projectile classes (solly, demo), but if you're just playing to have fun, I wouldn't sacrifice picking one main over the other solely because of your connection.

I would, personally having high ping made it impossible for me to enjoy playing soldier for 2 seasons in a row at any time, I always felt like I needed a break from being at a pretty considerable disadvantage compared to most players (especially vs scouts because of how much control they have over their movement).
even though I consider soldier more fun at it's core scout is at-least tolerable at higher pings.

posted about a year ago
#36 TF2 and CS:GO's source code got leaked in TF2 General Discussion

VNN's Tyler tweet about the matter:

posted about a year ago
#3 TF2 feels choppy and unresponsive during fights in Q/A Help
RazielThe only time I had something like this is when I used to alt-tab out of the game a lot. Could that be the cause for you too?

maybe, but it doesn't seem reasonable to not alt tab if you play for a few hours straight, is there a fix for this or should I just not alt-tab?

posted about a year ago
#1 TF2 feels choppy and unresponsive during fights in Q/A Help

I have a high end desktop with 240 hz and I capped fps around 480, was wondering if there's anything I can do to make the game feel more consistent during team fights (capping fps lower than that/uncapping it completely?)

I know there are a lot of threads open revolving around this topic but there is so much misinformation and it's hard to discern anecdotes based on personal experience from facts, I'd rather listen to people who have an understanding in this topic and not just saying tickrate x 2 or refresh rate x 2, both unsatisfying answers if not provided with a proper explanation.

posted about a year ago
#2 Sparkle particle effect when others are hit in Customization

the particle appears when you disable blood.
are you sure you never had it before? if so can you link to a video/image of someone who doesn't have it?

posted about a year ago
#1 Looking for an updated m0re Lawena HUD in Customization

here's a video of the hud I am looking for:
posted it in the HUD editing megathread but no one replied unfortunately, would appreciate any help :)

posted about a year ago
#6258 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

does anyone have an updated version of the m0re killfeed hud?
here's a video of it for reference:

posted about a year ago
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