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#1 April Fool's: ETF2L bars UK players from Season 36, citing Brexit in News

Long live BTF2L!

posted 3 days ago
#5 what hud is this in TF2 General Discussion
Bonniefnaf344what is the name of the hud ?

If you still want the download for this hud there's a repository here:

please don't necropost in the future.

posted 3 days ago
#3 International event alternatives in TF2 General Discussion

I just wanted to reiterate this was just an idea and I'd love to hear if others had suggestions!

ondkajaAside from the astounding ping differences between the regions, the playoff matches would have to be played at very inconvenient times.

The playoffs would likely have to play on a weekend to work with everyone's timezones, but this would be no different to if the teams were at LAN.

ondkajaHow do you possibly balance a bo3 between an Australian team and a European team? Either one of the teams will have 300+ ping or both will have 150+ ping, which are both unplayable.

You're right, it would be hard to compensate the ping but if measurements were done to find the best server at least it would be even. Nations cup is an example of where they've managed to do it.

ondkajathere not being a TF2 LAN at the moment is not because there is nobody stepping up to the plate, it's because it's not possible to host one now due to the pandemic.

I agree, I'm not saying there's no one stepping up to the plate, I'm saying that cause of the pandemic we should look at other options while travelling for events aren't on the cards. You've raised some good points but I'd still like to find a way for intercontinental matchups to work in some form!

posted 2 weeks ago
#1 International event alternatives in TF2 General Discussion

Due to the decreasing chances of any region hosting a TF2 LAN at the moment, has anyone thought of alternative opportunities to run online international events?

I know the 'pro league' idea that floats around is a bit of a joke but I feel like now would be a better time than ever to do something like it. I think it would be cool to see a region based group stage (EU, NA, OCE and SEA have their own group), followed by an international playoffs (obviously some testing would need to be done for ping and stuff). Would be something different than our regular seasonal leagues, could even intergrate the current 6s leagues as a qualifier for it.

What do you guys think? I just want to see something fresh come in to the scene.

posted 2 weeks ago
#10245 stream highlights in Videos


posted 2 weeks ago
#29 AMA with enigma in Events

overgg, update, when?

posted 3 weeks ago
#1 RGL S2 W7A: Kings Crew vs. Dunk Masters in Matches

knsume's first production with tftv

posted 1 month ago
#13 is looking for talent! in TF2 General Discussion
OlghaDo you need a photographer for lan events ? because i can contribute freely if needed

Hey Olgha, TFTV currently doesn't take photos for events. At the moment event organisers provide media from events for
our articles (Red Phoenix, EssentialsTF etc).

I'd hit them up if you're interested in snapping photos for them :)

posted 1 month ago
#17 Happy Brexit Day! in World Events

can't wait for the next nations cup

posted 2 months ago
#35 What do you guys do for a living? in Off Topic
Oblivionagei'm a barista.

barista gang :~))))

posted 2 months ago
#1 The LAN Downunder 2020 revealed in News

mcats made us a trailer for this year's LAN, which you can check out here:

posted 2 months ago
#5 Copenhagen Games 2020 TF2 in LAN Discussion

uhhh I hope this is an old version...

posted 2 months ago
#1 cpTV Summer Brawl 2020 in TF2 General Discussion

CappingTV is back with another relaxed Summer Brawl!

This time around we'll be running a No Offclasses 6v6 cup, which will have a $500 prize pool and medals for all competing teams! All matches will be played as a best of one until the Grand Finals, which will be played as a best of three. This cup was originally made for the Oceanic region, however other regions are welcome to join the competition as long as they play on Australian servers.

We will be using Challonge for this cup. To sign-up, create a team here then post in the #sign-up Discord channel your Challonge team link so we can give you access to important announcements.

A huge thank you to Tommunist who has donated $500 for this competition!


posted 2 months ago
#13 TF2 update for 1/18/20 in TF2 General Discussion

hey RGL, what THE FUCK????

that's like 148+ medals

posted 2 months ago
#7 BTS LAN in LAN Discussion

broadcast is setup and ready to go! can't wait to see you all there :-))))

posted 2 months ago
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