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#68 mge cheater in TF2 General Discussion

I've never had an interaction with Vis but the majority of his posts make me want to off myself. Please ban this gamer from the forums.

posted 1 day ago
#7 Anyone have the makaveli stream highlights? in Off Topic

I'm just posting here to say when he first says what the fuck it reminds me of Ggglygy a lot.

posted 2 days ago
#8 Esports Arena now in select Walmarts in e-Sports
Jw321123SpuRewind Walmart
Someone should rent one out and call it rewind 3 so they can say they won rewind 3

Next year I'll seriously rent the Walmart Esports Center for like 3 days so we can have a Rewind Team Fortress Two tournament.

posted 4 days ago
#62 fresh new tf2 vocab in TF2 General Discussion

Replace every call with Pootis. Such as we have Pootis advantage. Their Pootis took 80. Pootis trap on shutter.

posted 4 days ago
#3 Esports Arena now in select Walmarts in e-Sports

I live in Spokane Washington and didn't know about this. Time to drink a 6 pack and a pint of whiskey and go play drunken games at Walmart. I wish all of you good luck at future Walmart Lans.

posted 4 days ago
#103 ESEA Open S30 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

posted 1 week ago
#2 make mangler allowed in dm in TF2 General Discussion

Ban the Cow Mangler it's fucking dumb and adds nothing interesting to the game. It also has one of the most annoying sounds in the game.

posted 2 weeks ago
#5 ow ellie drama in Other Games

If the game had a Pootis this would never happen. Smh @ Blizzard.

posted 2 weeks ago
#29 ESEA Open S30 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

I'm still the best Pootis in this division. If anyone can get a perfect game as Heavy Weapons Man this season I will Paypal you $100.

posted 2 weeks ago
#12 frenzy lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

He's good. I think his Soldier and Demonman are way better than his Scout but he'll have no problem playing mid-high open on it if he applies himself. Good luck Mr. Frenzy. I believe in you.

posted 2 weeks ago

I like my cat. It makes this face a lot.

Edit: Fix your website my image won't embed right.

posted 2 weeks ago
#2 Problems when going to new monitor in Q/A Help

Acquire a fps config if you don't have one and check your temperatures.

posted 2 weeks ago
#12 LFP mid-high open scout in Recruitment (looking for players)

I just rang for these guys and they're really fun to play with. Would recommend if you enjoy playing the Scout class and can do so at a mid+ open level.

posted 2 weeks ago
#2 knsume lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

I like playing with Knsume. He's good at the Soldier class and he's also a very funny person. Quality player would recommend.

posted 2 weeks ago
#4 Goblin Zone LFP IM in Recruitment (looking for players)

I like your team name.

posted 3 weeks ago
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