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#7 place ur money here in TF2 General Discussion

This is not a serious thread and I never intended to make a statement as I never saw the videos becoming anything more than a meme, but I think it might be needed. From what I know the person they intend to ban is me. A friend of an anti cheat admin was told about them trying to ban me, and they have leaked information that they do not know or information that admins have leaked to them.

The admins friend was told to consult people, seeing that the admins have had to ask other people it either means they dont have the evidence to prove this beyond reasonable doubt or they are unsure. I think its really weird to spread stuff about me cheating when they still don't know for themselves, the whole point of having anti cheat admins is so that you can avoid situations like these. Although I don't really approve of the admins methods, I have no intention of slating them. I believe sending out a past anti cheat admin whos gone out with the intention of making "playground drama" is a very stupid thing to do, especially when they go round on mumble saying I would be "div1 at best" without cheats.

I also find it annoying that they are waiting till next friday to potentially ban me, which would not only mean i've wasted a month scrimming with my team but also means that my team will be without a player till they can find a replacement.

As for the people who reported me, It pretty obvious due to previous threads made, ontop of making 3 videos on me, this being the newest one that was sent to the admins ( ). I also wouldn't be surprised as these people are friends with one of the new League Admins who had previously said "Explain to me how you are not cheating in any of these clips". I think that a video of a high sense soldier main playing scout and hitting 2/6 shots is not good evidence, especially seeing as these are all stvs and also some being from NA pugs which I have 100 ping on. This is fucking weird as they've only taken 32 tick pug clips, not even scrims or any soldier gameplay.

Its kind of weird that people think I cheat, especially only on scout and sniper in pugchamp. I've already given demos to Amaterasu and DCS, mostly from the Lockdown cup in which I played scout, where even the casters hinted at me cheating. If I get banned there is nothing I can really do about it, as the situation is really out of my hands and i've given all the information I possibly could. Now it is just up to the admins to decide.

posted 1 month ago
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can you change my link on the sidebar from hugo3k to hugo6

thanks (ミ ̄ー ̄ミ)

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just really wanted to win pug innit

posted 5 months ago
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lethhugo was only in it for the prem tag on pugchamp anyway

posted 9 months ago
#3 Rakuzan Drops from S34 in TF2 General Discussion

what is rakuzan, i only know the council of sphees....

posted 9 months ago
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Team name: umu
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2 - []

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