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#19 Using nullmovement puts you at disadvantage in Customization
counounull movement won me my first ever scout 1v1, against jay in the gf.

ur welcome Sam always here to provide the Scripts

posted 3 weeks ago
#2 Welsh Thread in Off Topic


posted 1 month ago
#11 Prepare your Facebook feeds in Site Discussion

Of all the reasons to try and keep private social media and tf2 somewhat separate, I have to say making sure my family / employers don’t see that I’ve interacted with a post using the words “THE GAY JAIL” is up there

posted 1 month ago
#10732 stream highlights in Videos
ShooshBobinsky warning for headphone users

man reacts like he just scored a bicey to tie it up in the finals

posted 2 months ago
#32 Favourite team core of all time? in TF2 General Discussion

me + condawg. relatively short lived but god that man made me feel things.

posted 2 months ago
#10714 stream highlights in Videos

god, that's my medic B)

posted 2 months ago
#94 yomps has passed away. in TF2 General Discussion

Rest in peace man. What a shock to the system. Condolences to friends and family

posted 2 months ago
#5 lupus headshots in TF2 General Discussion
flyingbuddyI Recently Discovered My Great Great Great Grandfather Was A Cowboy In The Wild West This Is A Picture Of Him

this gave me nostalgia man

posted 2 months ago
#1 lupus headshots in TF2 General Discussion

lupus headshots

posted 2 months ago
#117 pegging in Off Topic

I think the majority of posts here (mine included) are acknowledging the sheer absurdity of some of the tweets, but definitely not in a way that is supposed to be directly antagonistic. I'll admit I hadn't read the tweet where he apparently admitted he had schizophrenia? (still haven't actually).
I think this thread started as more of a meme because at that point lange hadn't tweeted much, but a quick scroll down through his twitter now definitely gives a different impression to back then.

I'm sure most people here hope Lange is doing okay in reality. As mentioned above ^ he definitely seems to be very self aware with whatever he's posting so I think it's pretty baseless to just assume some tftv posts are gonna do any harm.

posted 2 months ago
#94 pegging in Off Topic

Consider this: the endless torrent of "everything is cake" videos could be an organized effort by the government to gaslight people into thinking nothing is real.

Organized. Professional. Abuse. They are experts at inducing and controlling mental illness. You have to fight it.

posted 2 months ago
#26 Insomnia67 cancelled in News
nikkomodecan we just agree to take the political arguments to dms? if you're going to argue about covid-19 don't do it on a forum board for a 13 year old game.

saying something blatantly wrong isn't arguing

posted 2 months ago
#18 Insomnia67 cancelled in News
Doom1corona isn't scary at all

wow so brave. easy for some to say when they don't have any friends or family suffering / dying from it

posted 2 months ago
#10 Team Fortress 2 Classic in TF2 General Discussion
Zestyvalve used to release updates. I forgot they did that.
posted 2 months ago
#6 My cousin came down with corona :( in Off Topic

The one thing that stands out to me is the immunodeficient child, if there is somewhere else for them to stay for now that might be wise

posted 2 months ago
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