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#11 RGL S9 LAN: Day 1 (R1 & SF) @ Patriot's Place Massachusetts in Events


posted 11 hours ago
#63 the competitive tf2 culture canon in TF2 General Discussion


posted 5 days ago
#32 lft advanced soldier in Recruitment (looking for team)

Pls give this man a better team. Vanxi has so much potential and it's honestly a crime not to see him given the chance he deserves. I've been playing against this guy since UGC days and he's always been super dedicated.

posted 1 week ago
#7 Invite players who upload match POVs to YouTube in Videos

Channels with demo reviews done by Invite/Prem players I've found that haven't been mentioned:

https://youtube.com/c/ASeagullOW Old but gold Seagull demos
https://youtube.com/user/chugaaconroynumber2 Cin mentoring sessions
https://youtube.com/c/RGLgg Has some 6s demo reviews with Invite players (well at least one with Soapy idk if there's more)
https://youtube.com/user/PaddiiBear Paddie has demo content as well as a great Let's Learn w/ Froyo Paddie series.
https://youtube.com/c/CeeJaey HL again (cring) but has some 6s

Ones that have:
B4nny, Slin, Officer Reekz, Mak

posted 1 week ago
#26 Mr Slin and squid tf2 retrospect ep1 in TF2 General Discussion
mmrarkteRoLNoNoeWayTalk about the mapping scene. I feel like supporting new maps gets brushed off a lot.People don't have the mental fortitude to test a new map for more than a season which is nowhere near enough time to develop what would be close to the final meta. Established final meta maps are more fun to play because the map itself makes the game less chaotic / more methodical. Nobody has the foresight here to predict which map has the most potential so they keep switching them out in hopes that they'll get a better feeling of potential from the next new season map. Clearcut and bagel are less susceptible to this because koth as a gamemode has less depth and less total meta that needs to be figured out.we played villa for like 4 seasons

Actually crazy that the second point never got revamped. It was so easy to repush people would feed 3 for sacs.

posted 1 week ago
#1 Invite players who upload match POVs to YouTube in Videos

I have a list of some but if anybody has anything to add that'd be appreciated

https://youtube.com/user/P4nK4c3s Sigh has a few POVs with comms from MAL.

https://youtube.com/c/jayhyunpae Jay has POVs with comms

https://youtube.com/c/b4nny B4nny uploads every match POV with comms.

https://youtube.com/channel/UCi42hYNuCYHYVGO6y7823-Q Hasn't uploaded any POVs in a while, but Habib has POVs with comms dating back to when he played in IM.

https://youtube.com/c/arekk Arekk has match POVs with comms.

https://youtube.com/c/corsatf2 Corsa has a single Snakewater POV, no comms

https://youtube.com/user/GamingMovieDbTF2 A staggering amount of demos from different regions/divisions of play. Every video has audio desync issues.

https://youtube.com/channel/UCDogGB6cezn5-YbQe-ctZyQ Lot of demos, mostly ETF2L.

https://youtube.com/c/MRSLIN Mr Slin has some pug commentary videos if it counts.

https://youtube.com/c/officerreekz Officer Reekz has a wealth of stream VODs that include matches/scrims/pugs.

posted 1 week ago
#50 the competitive tf2 culture canon in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 week ago
#42 fyg lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

If Fyg ever actually quits this game I'll eat a shoe live.

posted 2 weeks ago
#27 What do you do to market yourself? in The Dumpster

Justice for Da Liko Loko. Best shitposter we've had in years.

posted 2 weeks ago
#1 LFP LFP in Recruitment (looking for players)

Looking for Padre is back again for S10! Schedule will be map review 10:30 Sun, scrims Monday-Thurs. Occasionally we will do demo reviews but that tends to not follow a weekly schedule.

Combo: bens0? LFP
Flank: kola
Pocket: dolly
Roamer: Raid
Demo: factsmachine
Medic: LFP

Subs: braun

Trying for playoffs, maybe even placing depending on our roster and how fast we improve.

Questions, comments and concerns may be forwarded to factsmachine#7172

posted 2 weeks ago
#47 MiG-21bis LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

Playoffs player

posted 3 weeks ago
#27 i really hate playing bad in TF2 General Discussion

Don't worry about stats. Any time I'm doing poorly I just tell myself to focus on playing correctly and the stats will follow. There's always another round for you to have impact in, and in the end, logs only matter for hanging 15 airshots and 500 DPM on your fridge

posted 3 weeks ago
#77 RGL S9 Main Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

GGs to Chickenheads. The tac pause really swung that game back around. Shoutout to my homies at LFP, hoping for an even better season 2!

posted 3 weeks ago
#86 Insomnia 69 (26-29th August 2022) in LAN Discussion

Pls let us have copypastas in Twitch chat. I beg

posted 3 weeks ago
#6 Weekly TF2 Twitch stream highlight YouTube series in Videos

Ty for keeping this going <3

posted 3 weeks ago
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