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#20 On NATF2's Future in TF2 General Discussion

I feel like the way NA plays maps currently (2 halves, current esea system, etc etc) is significantly better than how things are ran in EU. I don't have any objective data to back this up (and I could be completely incorrect so feel free to call me out) but my impression of the EU ruleset is that it encourages teams to stalemate. When a map only lasts 30 minutes, and the score you get inside of the map is irrelevant to the points given it directly encourages teams to take the first 15-20 or so minutes to go up 1 or 2 rounds and then grind the game to a complete halt because its easy to time out the other team. In NA, doing this in the first half is futile for obvious reasons. Trying to time out the other team in the 2nd half can happen, but it is a lot harder of an endeavor to hold a team from getting momentum for 30 minutes unless you were just that much better in the first place.

I don't get around the EU scene very often but I get told it has a larger problem with stalematey and grindy games compared to NA. When the only real disadvantage to the NA ruleset is that playoff matches can extend out to an awkward length, an easy enough solution is to break apart the bracket resets for grand finals into separate days. Outside of that, a normal bo3 playoffs match under NA rules shouldn't really be taking longer than 4 hours max. It *could* go longer with golden caps but thats applicable to both methods so its not super relevant. 4 hours is still long but its not absurdly unreasonable, especially if you consider the average length is really more like 2 or 3.

posted 2 days ago
#7 RGL unveils Tradition Sixes League details in News
Shiftasigafoo17 teams of brand new teams made up new to comp players.
what did he mean by this?

players who had never played in a competitive league before formed a total of 17 teams

posted 3 days ago
#141 Announcing RGL.gg Sixes - Season 1 in TF2 General Discussion

Lets go over what actual changes people will feel when they go to play the game in RGL compared to last season of esea:

1.) Medics can use the sollemn vow if they remember to equip it and look at enemies
2.) Instead of banning badlands and granary every game, kalinka and clearcut can be banned every game
3.) Sandbagging gets a crack down for the first time in NA 6s

Apocalypse now. The game is ruined.

posted 4 days ago
#109 Announcing RGL.gg Sixes - Season 1 in TF2 General Discussion
DrHappinessYour consistent alienation of the community, leagues, and current players makes me concerned for the scene as a whole should RGL be the main choice post-ESEA.

RGL isn't alienating anyone and your post borders on over-dramatic (especially without that edit you made).

I want to take a second to remind everyone that RGL (and sigafoo) isn't a boogeyman out to kill tf2.

I also doubly want to remind everyone that the community members in the council had more of a hand in shaping the league than sigafoo did.

posted 5 days ago
#93 Announcing RGL.gg Sixes - Season 1 in TF2 General Discussion
Mitch_Daffodil-It would be nice to have a universal ruleset, but no actual efforts have been made by any parties towards achieving one.I didn't want to comment on this thread but that's the biggest amount of bullshit I've ever heard.

I regret not trying harder for the ESL league, we wouldn't have to deal with this mess if it was around

You were stringing people along and it was never going to happen

posted 5 days ago
#87 Announcing RGL.gg Sixes - Season 1 in TF2 General Discussion

I do not officially speak for RGL but this thread is giving me a headache.

BuffMcStrongHugeLiterally can't play with times as early as they are. Why have you just decided to make a default and remove the flexible scheduling system esea had provided.

It still exists. Teams will reschedule matches just like they did in esea. People are aware esea also had default times that didn't get forced as well right? Nobody in the council meetings even discussed default match times because we were under the assumption that teams are able to be normal human beings and schedule accordingly. If not, contact an admin and it can be dealt with on a case by case basis.

plunkif this is """""traditional sixes"""" keep the sigafoo sixes gimmicks out of it.

follow global whitelist
work with other leagues and orgs to reach a global map pool and rule set.

ez right? 4Head


I think there were a couple more heads behind the decision making than just one. Just for the record, sigafoo also attempted to get a representative from the paddie/corsa team as well. There was a *ton* of discussion that went into the decisions for the league.

bearodactylim really curious to see what went through sigafoo's head that led him to the decision to take this map thread from a year ago that nobody even played or really gave proper feedback about and go 'yep, this one's a keeper'
even the lucrative new map test thread says it was untested like why on earth did they choose it lmao

Your links are from ages ago, the map is still receiving updates. The map was suggested to us by lucrative as a viable koth map. The council (sans-b4nny) all wanted to see the inclusion of an additional koth map. Suggested options included: Coalplant, Bagel, Avalanche, and Clearcut.
There is nothing wrong with wanting a better map pool, and the best way to achieve that goal is to remove the worst offending maps. Say what you like about badlands/granary but badlands was unanimously agreed upon as the worst map in the pool by all parties present (and was additionally the most banned map in esea according to tri iirc). Granary didn't fare much better.

DreamboatWelp, the 2 things I really wanted from this league didn't happen.

No universal map pool
No universal format.

Looks like insomnias, copenhagen games and other intl lans will have the same issues that happened last ISeries, where a team had to play a map they dont play in their region in the grand finals.

Honestly, love or hate the format or map pool, I cant be the only one that sees the benefits of playing the same format and maps in every region of TF2?

It would be nice to have a universal ruleset, but no actual efforts have been made by any parties towards achieving one.

Dreamboat RGL does reserve the right to maintain exclusive access to the STV as they see fit.
This also worries me slightly. Not that sigafoo would ACTUALLY do it, but this gives him the power to do to TFTV what EVLTV did to him.

(For those who weren't around back then, apparently what happened is EVL would get UGC to change STV passwords so that sigafoo couldn't cast them in an effort to stop him from streaming the same game, and i believe also other games as well.)

I for one am of the opinion that the people in our community aren't petty children. RGL wishes to centralize the casts for specific matches to increase viewership. It isn't intended to malicious in the slightest and it is annoying seeing people spinning it that way.

posted 5 days ago
#37 Pokemon Sword & Shield Gen 8 in Other Games

add the missing pokemon in a dlc pepega

posted 5 days ago
#37 Announcing RGL.gg Sixes - Season 1 in TF2 General Discussion

RGL servers have native demos.tf support, the STV demos should be publicly avaliable to anyone through there. RGL will only be restricting access to the stv in matches they wish to cast. Additionally, nothing is stopping the tftv production crew from joining the RGL production crew for 6s casts if they want to.

I was one of the people in attendance during the illuminati council meetings for RGL 6s, I don't exactly feel like writing up tons of responses to everything in thread so instead I will stream for the next couple of hours and you can feel free to stop by and ask me any questions

If my net isn't hot garbage anyways

posted 5 days ago
#34 Pokemon Sword & Shield Gen 8 in Other Games

I just really wish that pokemon games didn't have to be so simplistic in the name of being kid-friendly. The series is practically overloaded with mechanics, items, abilities, moves, pokemon etc. and it would be pretty easy to make a challenging and rewarding game considering just how much content they have to work with.

I have sort of given up on seeing anything besides the generic formula, but I can always hope.

posted 6 days ago
#33 Super Capitalism in Off Topic

how is capitalism real when money isn't real pepega

posted 1 week ago
#28 creepiest person in tf2 and why? in The Dumpster

the fridge on my esea team givin me weird vibes tbh

posted 2 weeks ago
#30 map tier list in TF2 General Discussion

surprised people don't like prop

that map is kinda sick ngl

posted 2 weeks ago
#3 RGL Prolander S6 GF: Cat Noises vs Froyotech in Events
bearodactylidk whos on either of these teams and the rgl site is so unintuitive i couldnt even figure it out but go yosh and jareeb!!!!111 (whichever team they're on lol)




posted 2 weeks ago
#21 new steam chat app released in Off Topic

this shit takes 7 years to load on my phone

posted 2 weeks ago
#18 How often do you shower in Off Topic

morning showers > evening showers

posted 3 weeks ago
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