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#31 How would you nerf scout? in TF2 General Discussion

Lock scouts at 1 per team and make every scout use a shortstop

In all seriousness though, there are a lot of ways but the thing to keep in mind is how the nerf would play out in different skill levels and how it will affect the skill floor, the ability for a new player to crawl in and get started. I am not a good scout, so just keep in mind these are just my random, low-skilled thoughts. Lowering Scout's max health might not seem like a big nerf if you're a higher level player who has pretty good movement, but for new scouts it will simply kneecap them, and scout in pubs will become virtually extinct. This would raise the skill floor, requiring new players to do a chin-up just to get in the room (metaphorically speaking).
In contrast, reverting the medigun speed boost will not raise the skill floor or lower the skill ceiling for the scout, it would simply reduce the ability for a Medic to flee from every danger.

You can take the momentum stopper off his scattergun but now you've lost the meta's best anti bomb class, unless you can expect your soldiers to hit every airshot (oh, and now Medic can't run away from the bomb as fast as before since we've agreed to remove the speed buff). Adding with damage falloff, the Scout can't do much damage to a high bomb soldier, therefore a scout would need to wait for a Soldier to land or get close to the ground to take them on. If you've ever faced a Soldier who can sync their rockets during a mid bomb, you know this is actually quite frustrating to fight (to me at least).
I suppose you could add a new way to hinder bombs without needing to hit every rocket, perhaps an airsticky buff or a new hitscan weapon like a railgun (not necessarily for the scout) (or pistol buff?!).

I wonder what would happen if you had to reload a clip instead of individual shots, with a longer reload time, taking you out of the fight for a second if you've exhausted your ammo. This would not change the amount of damage you can do from the start, leaving new Scouts the same capabilities to do damage as they have now, but they (and higher level scouts) would have lower dpm over longer fights, and they wouldn't be able to get away with missing 10 shots.

posted 5 hours ago
#1 A Formal Outline for Casual 6s in TF2 General Discussion

I suppose that “TF2 needs Casual Sixes” is not an unpopular opinion among Competitive players, but I am not aware of any formal proposition for the mode within the community. Tonight, I hope to outline the benefits of a “casual” or “unranked” sixes format.
In-game Competitive MM is a desert, because (among other reasons) new players are unfamiliar with the format and even if they wanted to sit through the wait times, they’d be essentially stranded without any idea what sixes should look like.
Some people might suggest completely replacing competitive with Casual Sixes, but I believe Casual Sixes should be the gateway. Competitive is mostly formatted like Casual Sixes, except for abandon penalties and end podiums. The existence of a Casual Sixes would allow new players to become accustomed to the format and be able to drop in or out (why would anyone want to commit to a supposedly one hour match in a format they aren’t familiar with?).
Furthermore, having a mode designated as Casual Sixes would be a sufficient case for adding, at the very least, class limits for Competitive Sixes. It would also be a good quarantine zone for 6s Turbine/Gorge/Payload, restricting Competitive to only the most competitive maps (although there’s a valid argument for restricting Casual Sixes to CP only).
I believe the most ‘fun’ format for a Casual Sixes server would be similar to a 24/7 community pub, where no matter how many rounds you play you can stay on your favorite map, and you don’t have to sit through a server reload after losing 2 rounds in a row. Your friends will be able to ad-hoc like in casual, and they’d be prioritized over other people matchmaking.
Ideally, this mode would come via a “Meet Your Match, but Good”™ Update, where the developers recommend every player try out Casual Sixes Process, along with every Competitive fix needed (no turbine, no graphic restrictions, class restrictions, possibly a whitelist, etc).
I believe a rebooted Comp+Casual 6s update (styled as a Major update instead of a patch) would help solve the self-fulfilling prophecy of wait times. It would inject new players into the Competitive base after they try Casual, it would create a new reason for people to queue for Competitive. (At the moment, nobody queues for Competitive because there’s no reason to, which creates the long wait times, which adds to the reasons nobody wants to queue).
In closing, I want to play Casual 6s so that I don’t have to fight 3 medic + heavy combos in casual or in competitive. Thanks.
I've posted this here in case you had feedback; is there some big flaw I'm missing or should it be added?

posted 2 days ago
#41 My Story With Dashner: A Thread in TF2 General Discussion

he was coerced by an authority/mentor figure while under the influence

posted 4 days ago
#220 BTS TF2 insanity in TF2 General Discussion

posted 4 days ago
#3 New to Comp LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

Hi, welcome to Comp TF2,
if you want to play Engineer or Sniper you're going to have to find a Highlander (9v9) team, as those classes aren't typically run in a 6v6 team.
Since this forum is mostly used by 6v6 players, if you want to find a HL team you can check out these two leagues:
Both of those sites should have their own LFT forums, but if you do want to play in a 6v6 team your thread will still be valid here, and there are also 6s leagues w/ forums on UGC and RGL
In the meantime, while you search for a team in a league, you can get familiar with the 6s format with pick up games.
Newbiemix runs coached games every friday at 6pm PST / 9 EST, so check those out.
Have fun!

posted 1 week ago
#26 overwatch 2 announced in Other Games
Daffodil-mman itd be sick to play a game professionally and then just have them announce a sequel ~2 years into it

im sure they have some kind of plan but thats gotta be really annoying

It's a second shortcut for the same exe

posted 1 week ago
#3 candy tier list in Off Topic
Happy Halloween!

posted 1 week ago
#8 Thoughts on new steam UI? in Off Topic

i appreciate that they tried to give us more organizational capabilities but they made it look just gray and plasticy.

posted 1 week ago
#4 why don't we host MGE tournaments? in TF2 General Discussion

2v2 ultiduo is more fun than 1v1 mge because it requires team work instead of just being an MGE lord.

posted 2 weeks ago
#10 Aim trainers as training for TF2 in TF2 General Discussion
Mouldidk if it's just me but even a week of playing an aim trainer for a whole hour a day sounds fucking miserable, I wouldn't even get past day 3

every 30 second drill on aimtastic is misery, but so is missing shots on targets standing still in tf2.

posted 4 weeks ago
#29 Valve should remove ingame competitive in TF2 General Discussion

Everybody queue for ingame competitive on September 20th, 2020
They can't not-find-a-match for us all

posted 4 weeks ago
#4 Aim trainers as training for TF2 in TF2 General Discussion
dippidykovaaks has an infinite amount of scenarios to try, and in my experience the aimtastic ones aren't that great

yes but aimtastic is free

posted 4 weeks ago
#1 Aim trainers as training for TF2 in TF2 General Discussion

Do you believe using aim trainers like aimtastic or kovaaks actually help or are they just drills that don't translate to real skill?
Would it benefit me as a Scout main to grind an hour in aimtastic every day?

posted 4 weeks ago
#54 Non tf2/cs fragmovies thread in Other Games

I really like frag videos that tell a story, so last year I made this

and I think it tells a good story about how bad overwatch is

posted 4 weeks ago
#4 2019 TOTH Appreciation Thread in TF2 General Discussion

Job well done to everyone involved, but extra love to:
Shoutout to the entire post-production team (Tagg, Kurt, others I don't know), loved Dane's car crash thing and Ma3la's pop ups.
Dota Fortress was fantastic, so shoutout to all the players who took the time to play it, Dubthink for making cp_chad, everyone who donated money to see cp_chad + 2fort, and also to erynn for making the pick screen!
Loved the minecraft segment! Extra appreciation to that.

posted 4 weeks ago
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