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#12 pipeKING LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

i give him a lot of shit for sure but he's definitely able to hold his own on medic and to a lesser extent the fragging classes

find him a decent team

posted 4 days ago
#8 On NATF2's Future in TF2 General Discussion

id give you 100 upfrags if i could

posted 4 days ago
#15 tresh lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

mcdonalds drivethru comms

posted 4 days ago
#125 Announcing RGL.gg Sixes - Season 1 in TF2 General Discussion

kinda dont agree with the offclass thing simply because i know people who offclass in lower divs because they're just not as good at those classes as they are on their mains

this is definitely something that needs to be handled on a case by case basis because not everyone is the type of person to switch back to their main and its pretty unfair to them for just wanting to play in a div where they actually should be playing on that class

there are a lot of people who do switch back, but there's just as many who actually just want to round themselves out and finish the season as they started and that's not something that should be overlooked

posted 6 days ago
#50 Announcing RGL.gg Sixes - Season 1 in TF2 General Discussion

so wait, if rgl chooses to cast say... ascent vs froyo for example, i'll never be able to watch the stv demo myself even after the match ends or am i missing something?

please tell me that's not the case because that's pretty dumb

posted 1 week ago
#1321 best pub quotes in TF2 General Discussion

kool_aid_man : blu team makes me wanna commit tide pod in mouth

posted 1 week ago
#9 Slap Bass teacher in Off Topic

just watch a bunch of Seinfeld

posted 1 week ago
#32 pcmag.com's incredible review of tf2 in TF2 General Discussion
StylaxI think this sort of reveals the game's problem

The incredible depth and learning curve is obscured for newer players behind tricky mechanics/bad signposting, and its not instantly accessible and straightforward like games such as overwatch.

no, its obscured behind 100 lerp and poorly optimized graphical settings

posted 1 week ago
#32 May Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion
RandomTF2Every weapon in the game is balanced to itself. Each has their own ups and downs. There is no "magic gun" that can guarantee your win. Fact is, if you would have watched any RGL match with b4nny (for example) you would come to realize what I now know for ages.

i wish there was a "magic gun" that stopped you from making posts

thats one weapon unban i could get behind

posted 2 weeks ago
#1303 PugChamp in Projects

There's a bug that's keeping stv demos from being uploaded on demos.tf (for NA atleast, idk about EU). Do you guys think you could fix it?

posted 3 weeks ago
#11 Moof LFT For the Finale... in Recruitment (looking for team)

mooflasaur owns

posted 1 month ago
#17 Apt LFT S31 in Recruitment (looking for team)

no longer looking

posted 1 month ago
#5 RGL Traditional 6s in TF2 General Discussion


posted 1 month ago
#16 Apt LFT S31 in Recruitment (looking for team)

bmp, really REALLY want to play the last season

pls hit me up

posted 1 month ago
#25 Is comp tf2 w/ no whitelist plausible? in TF2 General Discussion

All this 0 restriction talk is getting pretty redundant. Valve really doesn't seem to care about what we're doing. If they're going to support us they'll probably do it whether we play 6s the way they envision or not because they know we'd drop everything we're doing in a heartbeat to play it their way if they announced a major tournament with a substantial prize pool.

At this point we shouldn't be trying to make 6s more accessible. That's their job, not ours. Our job should be to keep our gamemode fun enough to survive the eternal wait for Valve's helping hand, which, by the way, is nowhere in sight.

posted 1 month ago
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