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#12 EU Newbie Mixes - Powered by & TF2IsPwn in Projects

Still looking for coaches and maybe another admin or two to help out with drafting/organising on the EU side.
If you meet any people who are trying to get into 6v6 we'd also really appreciate it if you suggest to them, these mixes are pretty known in NA but not that many players are aware that we also do this for EU now, so newbie attendance has been very mixed so far.

posted 1 week ago
#26 TF2 update for 6/22/21 in TF2 General Discussion
BeaterIs this going to fuck up the skyboxes of Snakewater AND Process when you watch back demos from a previous patch?


Does this happen to anyone else or is it on my end? Game restart and different demo didn't help.

Edit: Removed custom folder to make sure it wasn't an issue with a vpk or plugin, made it look even worse as I could now see map entities for some reason without any console commands.

2nd Edit:
Downloads for the old Snakewater and Process versions if anyone needs them:

3rd Edit:
Comparing the two versions the size of the map increased by a lot, triple the original size it seems:

posted 1 month ago
#390 Formula 1 Megathread in Off Topic

Seb chance for podium, but not like this ;_;

posted 1 month ago
#3 If Valve fully discontinued TF2.... in The Dumpster

it's not wednesday yet

posted 3 months ago
#39 What legacy will you leave for TF2 in TF2 General Discussion

Being probably the first EU Anti-Cheat admin who will get banned for cheating and receiving a VAC ban just now...
As the gig is up, I will be honest and admit that I was cheating in this match I was using ESP to see invisible Spies and I got too cocky, I mean who will ever report an AC member? You can actually see it in the demos if you look for it.

I'm sorry to all my previous teammates and friends at ETF2L staff.

Edit: because this post still manages to fool people two months after April 1st
~April Fools!~

posted 3 months ago
#145 faceit tf2 in TF2 General Discussion
CrayonYeeHawanyone have extremely cursed mouse issues ingame, only on faceit servers?had this with my mouse and keyboard today in faceit, and then even when i close faceit anticheat it persisted in my scrims lol :D

That is/was a Steam issue:

posted 3 months ago
#29 astre oh no. in TF2 General Discussion
fygThat being said imo there's a difference between getting vac'd when you're a 14 year old pubber vs getting league banned when you're actively competing and of the age to know that cheating is bad.

That's true. But imo differentiating between who "deserves" to get perma'd and who doesn't because of age, circumstances and so on (did it only happen in pubs, do you believe them if they say it was only in pubs etc.) seems like it could open a whole can of worms with admin bias, community bias and so on.
For the two examples I gave, both of them had already participated in multiple seasons before their ban. If they are reading this: sorry for calling you out, I just saw that you got one year VAC bans on ETF2L way back then and you seemed like the best players to name. Also because this was a funny read:

posted 4 months ago
#24 astre oh no. in TF2 General Discussion
fygFirst offense of a cheating ban should be permanent.

I definitely get why people want cheating cases to be handled like this, but I am curious if this is truly what you want for the game? Applying permanent bans on first-timers would mean that people like amppis (VAC'd 2013) or Thalash (VAC'd 2012) would have never been allowed to play again after their ban. Speaking from an AC admin perspective, it is hard to tell who has the character to stop cheating and come back clean, and who will continue to cause trouble after their first ban. A lot of cheaters now already alt to try and evade their bans, which in turn gets their ban extended, further increasing the time they have to wait until they are officially allowed to play again. Applying a permanent ban from the start might just increase the amount of people alting to evade their ban because they have nothing to lose.
What I want to say is: Permanent bans for first-time cheaters will not stop those who probably deserve them from continuing their BS; but they will stop those who want to come back and try again clean.

Another thing to consider is the community reaction. For this to work, people would have to trust AC teams in their decision even more than now. There will be no doubt if the cheater streamed with cheat overlays on their screen showing or receiving a TF2 VAC, but what if it is not an obvious case and it's known that all TF2 AC teams generally will never share case evidence? People still bring up how they do not trust ETF2L AC because of an overturned ban which happened ten years ago (mostly by cheaters trying to appeal their own ban), with a completely different staff and a different way of how cheating cases were approached.
Most people will probably not care when a Low player gets banned, but what if the ban hits a Prem/Invite player, or a friend? There will be a lot of responses like "There is no way that they cheated, they are innocent, the AC team is wrong" because people don't understand that even if someone plays at the top level and might have good mechanics etc. it doesn't mean that they can't be using cheats in addition; or just because you assume that you know a player well it doesn't mean that they are always playing clean. Hell, you get these kind of responses even without permanent bans anyways. You just have to ignore them, but that doesn't make people very happy.

posted 4 months ago
#3 Stream Request in Requests

I asked to be removed from the stream list some time ago, can I get readded again?

posted 5 months ago
#97 why dafuqwizat didn't cheat: in TF2 General Discussion
  • It was weird he was banned from TF2Center a year before his ETF2L ban because of an AC admin.
  • It was weird that the Head AC admin made a twitter post celebrating his ban and then streamed immediately after referencing the ban to get more viewers.
  • It was weird that everyone knew they wanted him banned for the last 6 months

1. TF2Center bans are not related to ETF2L bans or ETF2L Admins in any way, unless they mirror ETF2L bans. We shared BlueBunny as a staff member back then, but we handled cases independently. He got banned for not uploading specific demos too often iirc, it's been too long. It was lifted again some time after BlueBunny left their staff and she left ours earlier this year as well.
2./3. I would like to apologise for the Twitter post, however after spending a lot of personal time on these cases having to stay neutral in your entire case work and then making the final decision it feels very good to finally be able to vent after banning someone, because at some point when working on a cheater/alt case (= the very end) you realise all this time was spend on someone who undermines the community. You feel happy to have caught someone and to have the evidence for it, but you also feel like shit because of nagging thoughts like "did we take too long with this?", "how will the community react to it?" etc. Believe me, we were very aware what kind of garbage storm this ban would probably conjure up, we don't do this shit because we enjoy getting shat on, we do this go keep cheaters out of the league.
The tweet I expressed at cheaters/these underminers in general and the stream was there for additional venting/clearing out my mind after my Discord was spammed to hell with negativity. I would like to apologise for it nevertheless.

As for demos, you should definitely bring that up in the ETF2L feedback channel.

posted 10 months ago
#62 tf2 images that precede unfortunate events in TF2 General Discussion

posted 10 months ago
#10852 stream highlights in Videos

posted 11 months ago
#81 Please have S37 in autumn 2020. in TF2 General Discussion

As AC staff I'm not involved with the scheduling or the other League Admin related stuff, but I feel like this should be posted here as not everyone is on the ETF2L Discord and can see the responses in the feedback channel:

31 July 2020
[12:52] charlietf2: whats the chances on next season being this year @League Admin.
[22:05] charlietf2: i am not trolling and the question is not pointless because hundreds of people agreed on tftv and nobody gave a response from etf2l
1 August 2020
[10:00] Löwenzahn: It's not a troll nor is it a pointless question to ask. I understand your frustration and you have every reason to feel that way. Some of us have been very busy with work, uni and real life recently, so we haven't made massive progress or decided anything, thus there hasn't been a proper feedback or answer yet. However, there has been a lot of negative feedback about the proposed schedule, so we have every reason to overthink our schedule. We'll be discussing it and hopefully come to a conclusion and decision in the next couple days. I'm sorry that there hasn't been a proper feedback yet and you all had to wait so long.
posted 11 months ago
#16 place ur money here in TF2 General Discussion

Just wanting to clear some things up as well:

I can assure you that we don't send out people who are not on AC staff (past member or not) with the intent to spread any (mis-)information. If people (smzi pls) make vague statements about future bans etc. they are very likely just memeing.

When a staff member is asked if someone is being investigated, the standard answer should always be something like "We do not give out information like that. Do you want to report that player?"
We don't tell the public who is being investigated, who is going to be banned etc. so that info should never get out, unless the reporter takes it upon themself to tell the world that they reported someone to ETF2L. Of course I don't know what happens in private conversations, and if someone on the ETF2L staff actually does weird shit like that, Aoshi and/or me would want to know about it so we can have a stern talking to / kick that person from the staff. :D

We also don't wait any specific amount of time to ban people, if the majority of the staff believes that they have conclusive evidence that a player is not legit, that person will be banned immediately after that conclusion is made so the cheater cannot play any further officials. Doing otherwise would be unfair to the team because their officials would get defaulted. I think the ban application policy was different in the past though when players only got banned whenever there was a ban post?
Sadly, some cases just take longer to make a decision on because of various reasons. But especially in scenarios like that we don't want any info to spread that an active player is being investigated, because if that player is really a cheater they might attempt to hide their cheats even more in case of future demo requests. Public witch-hunt threads aren't very helpful to us either.

tl;dr: There won't be a banpost on Friday, sorry.

posted about a year ago
#36 ETF2L Website not working in TF2 General Discussion
DuMmTmare we just never gonna see anything of whats gone now cause that would be a big chunk of history missing, atleast some of it atleast still accessible on i suppose but still

I've been trying to download everything I can find that isn't easily accessible via Wayback Machine but that was cached by Google (fixtures, season tables, match pages, newspages). Sadly not everything is cached. If the last attempts to fix the volume should fail as well, we will ask for community help so we can try and hopefully restore the affected seasons and information on the site itself.

posted about a year ago
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