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#243 cp_reckoner (5CP) in Map Discussion
The map is leaking on both sides here, and if you step close to the window you can see mid.

Another thing is that while you switched the spawndoor models of all the forward spawns, you are still using the door with the two little "see-through" windows for last. That specific model can potentially be exploited by transparent viewmodel users (you can see through the entire door). I'd recommend just using the stock spawndoor model here as well to remove any possibility of exploits, though it's nothing really major.

Anyways, I love your map and I'm happy that ETF2L included it again for S35!

posted 1 week ago
#1 Stream Request in Requests


-majority of stream content will be TF2 related in some way, both casual/comp, maybe TF2 related art streams in the far future (SFM etc.)
-Mid 6v6, Div 1 Highlander experience (ETF2L)


posted 3 months ago
#23 Maps that you wish were still in development in Map Discussion

Reckoner for comp, Cactus Canyon and Asteroid for casual. I "wasted" so much time on those maps in pubs, they were really fun imo.

posted 3 months ago
#17 unban my homies (the song) in The Dumpster
Makwhy did froz get bananad? the ban reason looks really vague, unless its been updated or im just hella stupid

He applied for AC staff and then he leaked confidential information to a currently banned cheater (Ry Ry), who also wrote one of the AC demo test reviews for froz to "help with his grammar", while froz passed it off as his own.
I wish I was joking.

posted 6 months ago
#5 CPG 2019 Photos in TF2 General Discussion

These are great, thanks!

posted 8 months ago
#83 ETF2L player falsely banned for supposedly aimbot in TF2 General Discussion


posted 8 months ago
#68 ETF2L player falsely banned for supposedly aimbot in TF2 General Discussion

Just for the record, our Anti-Cheat team does not have a magical bot or algorithm that tells us if a player is cheating or not (that would be cool though, better VAC detection when Valve?). We look at each reported case individually, which of course means that we do analyse the provided demos and look at any other evidence that is relevant to the case. We don’t share any information about proper ban proceedings or specific case info with the public simply because we cannot alert suspects that they are under review or risk giving cheaters the chance to adapt to our methods. We don’t ban players “on a whim”. No case result is decided on by a single person, it is a collective task of ETF2L’s Anti-Cheat staff.

To Ry:
I don’t know why you are so fixated on what happened like nine years ago, admittedly I haven’t been on the staff for too long but I can still tell you that things have very much changed and improved over that time period. You can’t handpick two single incidents that old and apply them to the current day, especially when the staff-member composition has changed multiple times over the years.

Your point of “they didn’t properly watch the demos because the other team didn’t get a warning for having two Pyros on Gully last!”, well… frankly it’s not our task to provide warnings for that and afaik your team didn’t report the incident to ETF2L’s League Staff either. Your team still easily won that round and the two Pyros had no effect on the outcome of what was essentially a 7-minute Gullywash 5-0 roll, there is no reason to forward the incident to League Admins if your own team doesn't care enough to report it either.
I also don’t know why you go around spreading a rumour that the single reason you got banned was one clip. That is pretty hilarious to be honest. Don't think about saying you don't mean it like that either, we had people approach us asking if the reason for your ban was that single clip.

PS: Your argument of “proving everyone wrong at i65”; even if you do attend LAN and do well there, that does not automatically mean that you have never cheated in the past.

posted 8 months ago
#34 Copenhagen Games 2019 Shoutouts in LAN Discussion

Shoutouts to Mia, daalegaard and the entire production crew, the casters, DCS and Heny for making this event possible.
Shoutouts to gemm and foppish for allowing me to look over their shoulders while producing the stream during HL grandfinals.
Shoutouts to yakkin for being awesome and putting up with the long trip to Copenhagen.
Shoutouts to Löwenzahn for being such a nice person!
Shoutouts to cloudy for having high hopes in me and my Sniper gameplay.
Shoutouts to my other teammates: Kireek, FizzyPug, Jortand, sintyre, sek, Storm and Mia; you guys are cool!
Shoutouts to my S32 teammates Grumpykoi and JLEBS! It was so nice meeting you IRL.
Shoutouts to Aoshi for "secretly" putting stickers on people.
Shoutouts to CeeJaey for being as cool as he is on his stream.
Shoutouts to YYAAAOOOO.

Shoutouts to everyone else I met at LAN; everyone who attended and spectated the matches!

posted 9 months ago
#13 Copenhagen Games 2019 prize pool & format announced in News


posted 10 months ago
#36 Copenhagen Games 2019 TF2 - 6v6 & Highlander in LAN Discussion


posted about a year ago
#171 Ban Pred and Degu v2 in Off Topic
LukasCZNo one cared about these racist things in our officials so why would you care now? Only because its uberchain? That doesnt make any sense at all.

Because at some point you have to start caring or you will drive everyone non-toxic away.

LukasCZInternet isnt the right place to post these private things from your life. I heard uberchain is nice girl and i agree sexual harassment is bad but you cant expect every single person on internet to agree with your situation. Some people make fun of it,some people care about it and some people disslike it. Its just how it is.

Yeah, people can post harassing stuff, and just like they can do that, they can expect the consequences/backlash of doing so too. Your actions aren't free from consequences and I'm tired of how people think saying racist, sexist etc. stuff is normal in any way.

posted about a year ago
#90 Ban Pred and Degu in Off Topic
a good intention to post, but it can only cause further harm.
you can never repent nor indeed apologise enough to satiate (((them)))

posted about a year ago