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La Source TF2 LAN takes place this weekend
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April 26, 2022

It’s a real Spring of Nations in Europe as national communities' LANs are springing up left and right; BundesLAN has already been announced and in Lyon, France this weekend La Source TF2 LAN opens on Saturday. This event also marks the return of LANs to the French soil for the first time since 2017.

The event will take place in the aptly-named La Source eSport center, meaning that computers will be provided for every player, and will see eight teams fight for a shot at the $1200 prizepool, courtesy of mannco.store. The two standout teams are top5rocket, who will be featuring Opti, Corbac, Elacour, Néo, Médico and Glastry, and les chantes sloubi, made up of Nevo, Eemes, mulaa, dwo69, dmoule and ronz. The playing field seems fairly even below them, with almost every team containing people with High divs experience; the full list is available here (scroll to the right).

The tournament will kick off with a round robin group stage on Saturday at 14 CEST from which the top four teams will advance to playoffs while the others will qualify for a B tournament. The playoffs will be Best of 3s and will use a double elimination system. The mappool and ruleset will be identical to the ones used in ETF2L’s Season 41, with one major exception: the 5 minutes round timer, debuted in kaidus’ UNITY cup, will make another appearance after a two-thirds majority of players voted for it. Other changes from the cup like winlimit 5 and continuous overtime will not appear, however. The event will be covered by DuMmTm on twitch.tv/dummtm, with teamfortress.tv potentially streaming some playoff games on Sunday and many players planning to stream their own POV (marked on blue on the google doc).

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going to gerz all the weekend

going to gerz all the weekend
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c big

c big
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shoutout to azn and amarok for baiting

shoutout to azn and amarok for [s]baiting[/s]
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