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February 3, 2022

Behind the fear-inspiring name of DEATH AND DESTRUCTION is a team that could be summed up in one word: potential. With a host of experienced players who were all hailed by some (me in my thoughts) as “the next big thing”, the team will be looking to cause trouble in what looks to be one of the most stacked seasons of recent history. There is also the potential for failure as DEATH AND DESTRUCTION’s spiritual predecessor, NeedMoreSwag, dropped out of last season after only managing 5 points in 3 weeks despite their talented roster, so keep an eye out for DEATH AND DESTRUCTION no matter what.

Leading from the Pocket Soldier role is jeven99, who’s had a meteoric rise through the divisions (they are in fact the person on the team with the youngest ETF2L account) and will be looking to wash away last season by propelling their team to victory with their cunning calls and devastating damage. ixy will be looking forwards to reuniting with Matthes on the flank, like in the good old days of Season 32 or throughout GlobalClan.EU’s existence.

A core member of GlobalClan’s European venture, Matthes’s soldier skill does not need to be demonstrated any more, and the English roamer will be looking towards breaking the 4th place curse that is seemingly affecting them. spondbob (Ra’s Al Ghul’s new regeneration) also featured on GlobalClan.EU, but only during Season 38, back when they were known under their human name “flick”. The change of alias has befuddled specialists, with many of them unsure if the new name is even supposed to be funny.

Jorge has been doing honest work in Medic in the bottom half of Prem for many seasons now, but the Iberian healer so far has not had their own big break, and will be looking with hungry eyes at the top 4 this season to try and change that. Finally, after considering the playgrey option throughout pre-season and their Week 1 match against Stevie Wonder's Aim School, DEATH AND DESTRUCTION ultimately picked the more experienced daga, who also featured on the doomed NeedMoreSwag roster last seasons, after two impressive performances on GlobalClan.EU the seasons before.

spondbob offered fair and square to get to the bottom of things :

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : How is the atmosphere like in the team ? Does the fact that some people already played with eachother help in any way ?

The atmosphere is horrible. Every scrim we argue about the most pointless shit. Ixy and matt are the main culprits. The fact that some of us have played with eachother only makes things worse. Im already sick of these players, I wish I had joined yak.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : With what is looking to be an quite competitive seasons, what are your qualities, the things that could give you an edge against others ?

We have no edge, we already lost week 1 to double spy and we all play for logs (mainly jorge). Maybe our stats will look good at the end of the season, that's about it.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : Can you tell us how you ended up picking daga, despite playing week 1 with playgrey ?

I get 10 messages a day asking about playgrey. Enough lies. I will tell u the difinitive truth. Playgrey was a psycho. He went sicko mode in a number of scrims, but it came at a cost. After every game we would all get a beating because of the mistakes we made, it scared me. It was intense. The last straw was when he got personal and made jeven cry. Jeven has a fragile personality, so when playgrey mentioned jevens weight it was over. It was a unanimous decision to bring daga in. We all knew what he was capable of and we knew he was the perfect mix of brain and level headedness the team needed, since losing to the almighty yak. Our only goal now is to defeat zoey, because fuck that guy.

Ready to roll the dice, DEATH AND DESTRUCTION is :

  • Pocket Scout: spondbob
  • Flank Scout: ixy
  • Roamer: Matthes
  • Pocket: jeven99
  • Demoman: daga
  • Medic: Jorge
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Funny. Lol.


Funny. Lol.

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Yeah, it's ixy and matt arguing...



Yeah, it's ixy and matt arguing...


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jeven weighs like 22 stone

jeven weighs like 22 stone
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